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colour me pretty: sky blue

14th June 2013

Very often I’m totally blown away by a fellow blogger’s room makeover (there are some seriously talented bloggers out there!!). I’m not sure if you guys are regular readers of 6th Street Design School, but you should be. Kristen does the most lovely work and her blog is always full of great eye candy! The other day she posted her recently made over playroom. How unbelievably amazing is this room? Total playroom magic.



From all of the polka dots, to teepee, to kitchenette, to craft table, to chalkboard wall, to puppet stage… what’s not to love?!kirstenkrason_0167

Besides the totally sweet little details in this room, I was smitten over the light blue back wall (with those great clouds!).  I have a colour fairly similar to this in my living and dining room, I sometimes tire of it and dream of painting the walls a smokey grey, or white, or something totally different. But then every now and again, I see a room like this and it re-affirms my love of light blue walls.

Some of my other fave light blue rooms? This one is a classic. Check out how the blue is paired with tons of white trim detail and the dark ceiling. That ceiling plays nicely with the dark floors, don’t you think?



This room has a little more edge to it, but still lots of white and wood tones.light_blue_interior_4betterhome.com_thumb


Sky blue is a pretty common kitchen colour. Paired with white cabinetry, it comes across so fresh and clean.kitchen_light_blue_thumb


YHL kitchen


country living kitchen


By going with gold or brass details versus silvers and chromes, it really warms up the space. Check out the use of the gold in the picture frames, sconces, and side tables in this photo. See what I mean?



dana - bedroom


Homebase – a leading home retailer who sell products for the home and garden have vast paint lines (including lots of beautiful blues!), like the Dulux coloured emulsion and their Crown paint offers.



style at home


From a coastal/cottage feeling, to a classic appeal, to quirky rooms, I feel like this hue can accommodate just about any style. What do you guys think? Are you light blue lovers?

This post has been sponsored by Homebase – but opinions about this colour and photo sourcing is all me!

Have a great weekend, you guys! xo – gem

colour me pretty: pink + mint + gold

9th May 2013

Have you guys been noticing the pink + mint + gold colour combination popping up all over lately? I don’t know about you, but I’m swooning over here (I am even going in that colour direction with our nursery – see our plan here).

I love the fresh, airy, and feminine feeling of this colour combo. I think the key is to not have too much of any one colour, otherwise it gets overwhelming and too saturated — with a healthy dose of white or some other light neutral, the combo looks ridiculously gorgeous. 

A few of my faves floating around on the big wide web…













What do you think? Digging it? Hating it? Too feminine maybe?  Love/Hate pink?

colour me pretty: chocolate

25th October 2012

With fall in full swing and lots of oranges, reds, and browns staring back at me on my walks around our neighbourhood, I started to think about brown as a paint colour choice. I have never been a brown or beige gal, always preferring grays, charcoals, or greige tones. Well, after doing my usual browsing around on Pinterest, I think I’m coming around a little. Some of these deep, chocolate-y browns are pretty scrumptious. With a healthy dose of lighter neutrals (white and off-white), some natural textures (like wood tables, woven baskets, etc), and a few little pops of colour here and there, brown suddenly becomes cozy and hip, and not the “boring builder beige/brown” I had always envisioned.

Source: via Natasha on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Rosanne on Pinterest

Source: via Suzie on Pinterest

Source: via Darla on Pinterest

Love it? Hate it? Brown versus Gray? Both? What do you think?

the inspiration files: a hit of neon

15th October 2012

When I was strolling through the aisles of paint in the hardware store the other day (I’ll let you in on my recent paint project shortly!), I came across all of these fabulous neon spray paints. Hot pink, highlighter yellow, acid lime, there was no shortage of hot colours that would makes your eyes pop. I reeeaally wanted to buy a bottle, but I couldn’t think of a suitable spot for something neon in our pad. So I held off, but came home and searched around for some neon inspiration. Of course pinterest provided some fabulous finds. Check out these neon-inspired rooms.

The key seems to be just a hit of neon in a predominantly neutral room (especially great in a white room, or against charcoal gray walls). How fabulous is that lime door in the last photo?

What do you guys think? Digging the hits of neon? I sort of feel like making a trip back out to the hardware store and grabbing a can of hot pink. Still not sure what to spray…

our digs: using colour to inspire

20th August 2012

When we first moved in to our house, I sort of went wild with painting. After living out of our backpacks during our travels, and then in a wee little apartment that we couldn’t paint, I grabbed that paint brush and went for it. I didn’t think too much about the paint colours I chose, and so ended up with colour overload. Although I chose colours in the beginning that I still gravitate to, they were too strong and hard to live with. We have since re-painted quite a few rooms and worked our way towards a more cohesive palette.

That lesson of choosing a palette for the house has sort of evolved over the last few years in our digs. Although I pretty much love all colour, I’m particularly drawn to grays, sea blues, turquoises and “grellows” (green/yellow), with a healthy dose of white and natural elements like wood. Those colours have really inspired the whole feeling of our house. The beachy blues, soothing grays and pops of yellow and lime green have given the house a fresh, airy, natural and light vibe with a dose of fun and whimsy.

I have also learned over time that I tend to like neutrals and lighter versions of these colours on the wall, with pops of brighter colour in the furniture, accessories, and artwork. This makes it easier to change up the vibe of a room when the mood strikes (which for a constant house tweaker like me, is pretty often!).

These colours have totally inspired our pad. Just have a look at some of our recent makeovers…

Our minty mirror which peaks into our beachy blue living room:

Our two-tone grey and white dresser:

Our spa bathroom makeover (with a turquoise/gray on the ceiling!):

Our soft grey hallway that has been jazzed up with a photo gallery wall:

The soothing grey master bedroom with pops of yellow:

And our punchy lime green and white office/guest bedroom:

Benjamin Moore has a whole gallery of rooms by colour palette, which make it really easy to be inspired by colour. I was just browsing through and found a few favourites of my own.

This gallery wall is to die for. I love the gray (coventry gray by BM), black frames, chrome fixtures, and natural elements like the wooden beams and woven baskets. [see more here]

This kitchen is so light and airy and just pretty. The light cabinetry with a darker, punchy ceiling is totally up my alley. [see more here]

The gray-blue in this room (van courtland blue by BM) almost reads as a neutral that you could add any other accent colour to. The pops of lime green, pink and patterned rug give it a really fun vibe. [see more here]

This zingy home office is right up my alley. One accent wall in that lime green (brookside moss by BM) totally makes the space. [see more here]

My turquoise-loving self would be happy in this kitchen. I would probably go for white cabinetry instead of the light wood stuff, but the beachy blues and greens are totally yummy. [see more here]

This teal room is pretty dark for me, but with the light coloured rug, white furniture, and metallic accents, I’m digging the dramatic vibe. [see more here]

Digging any of those rooms yourself? Have you thought about the colours in your own pad in a coordinated way like that, or are you a room-by-room kinda person? Any favourite paint colours you’ve fallen hard for? Do tell. 

*This post has been sponsored by Benjamin Moore, however all opinions and views are my own.

colour me pretty: electric blue

11th June 2012

Happy Monday, folks! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. We spent time puttering away in the garden, hanging out at our local music festival (Westfest, if you’re wondering!), and lazying around the pool with a gal pal. Pretty great. Feeling inspired by my weekend full of bright blue skies, I thought I would do a colour me pretty feature full of electric blue rooms.

Electric blue is so moody and packs a big punch into a room. On the walls, it is daring and fun, and pairs beautifully with white, orange, and pink. In an accessory, electric blue adds a bold colour hit into any room.

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

What do you think? Into the bright blues? I love blue and white together – such a classic combination. Throw in a bit of orange and you’ve got yourself a pretty happy chic space. 

colour me pretty: gray + orange

23rd April 2012

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was fab – we went on a little long weekend to Washington DC. Dan was there for work, so we took a few extra days and went on a mini-holiday. Lots of walking around, seeing the sights, eating good food, and enjoying some no-internet/phone time. Will post some photos soon!

Now back to our regular programming around here. You guys all know my all-consuming love for gray (turquoise will always be my first love, but gray comes pretty close). In fact, I posted a bunch of ultra pretty gray rooms in a recent colour me pretty feature. This week is all about a fun combo of colours: gray and orange. I often see a lot of gray + yellow rooms out there, but I think gray + orange is just as fun and punchy. With tangerine tango being the colour of the year this year, I have a sneaky feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this combination.

With a mostly gray room, a pop of orange here and there seems to give the room life and fun. On the other hand, having orange walls with smaller doses of gray provides a totally different take on this combination – much brighter and more vibrant. Have a look for yourself at my fave pics that I’ve been pinning away on pinterest.

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

What do you think? Digging this colour combo, like I am? Have this duo already in your pad? Do tell.

colour me pretty: gorgeous gray

13th April 2012

I’m all about soft grays and neutrals right now as we get close to the home stretch of our bathroom reno (I’m thinking I’m going to keep the walls white and paint the ceiling gray, but I may change my mind..). If you happen to follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I’ve been pinning a bunch of rooms in this colour all week. I love gray as my go-to neutral. It can be soft, moody, and have undertones of various different colours (violet, cool blues, yellows/greens, etc). It’s one of those colours that can be really hard to choose, but when you get the right one is oh-so-satisfying and lovely (I have painted our master bedroom three times in search of the perfect gray – landing on Coventry Grey by Benjamin Moore as my fave). I also recently painted a chevron ceiling in gray which you can see here. See what I mean about loving this hue? So, without further ado, here is some pretty pinterest inspiration to feast your eyes on.

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Pretty, right? What do you think? Are you a gray lover like I am? It’s funny how gray is associated with gloom and rain, but totally reads cozy and fresh in a home (in my opinion, anyway!).

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a splendid spring weekend. We are up for more bathroom work, but plan to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Hope you do, too!  

colour me pretty: fine lime

16th March 2012

After adding a pop of lime green to the back of my kitchen shelves (see that post here), my love for all things lime green was re-ignited. It’s one of those colours that can be really overwhelming, but in pops it can be just fabulous. It totally injects some fun into a space. I like it paired with crisp white and warmed up with wood tones.

Check out these beauts that I came across on pinterest.

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

What do you think? Digging the lime? I think it might be one of those love it or hate it colours, and I fall happily in the love department.

Well, happy Friday folks. We’re off to meet our brand new nephew! So. excited. Don’t you just love all things new baby? I definitely do!

colour me pretty: turquoise love

9th March 2012

This week’s colour me pretty just makes me happy. It’s all about turquoise today, folks. Yep – my all time favourite colour. There isn’t a colour I don’t like, but any turquoise/teal/robin’s egg blue/etc just takes the cake in my books. It can be a soothing or invigorating colour and since it has an element of yellow in it, tends to be warmer than usual blues. It’s also one of those colours that looks great in combination – pair it with yellow for something light and spring-y, with orange or fuschia for a little bit of zing, or with lots of neutrals for a really classic look.

Here are some of my most recent faves on pinterest..

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

Source: via gemma on Pinterest

 What do you think? Are you a turquoise-lover like I am? Is it just me, or do you feel like going on a little tropical getaway right about now? Happy Friday, folks!