So you guys remember those white eiffel chairs I bought a few weeks ago from HomeSav? Well, they arrived over the weekend and I am in love. Seriously over the moon. The story of how they arrived is kinda funny. I got home one evening to find the puralator note saying that they had been and I had something to pick up at their outlet. I had ordered a couple of calendars, so figuring that that’s what they were, the… Read more »

After struggling a bit to move in the table (this thing is solid… !), I got to the really fun part – styling. In case you missed it, check back here to see how I used Ana White’s plans to build this table (with help from my Daddio), and here for all the sanding + staining info. Let’s take a little trip back down memory lane. This is how the dining room was looking a couple weeks ago. We liked… Read more »

With the living room upgrades that have been going on around here, we couldn’t just ignore the attached dining room. Girl needed a bit of love too. Here is the dining room on inspection day, even before we moved in (with my ‘Pa and building inspector in tow). And this is how the room looked about a year ago. A bunch of furniture that had been passed down to us from family when we moved in our pad, and a… Read more »