DIY wood slice ornaments: chalkboard style

How to make DIY chalkboard wood slice christmas ornaments. Super easy and a great handmade gift idea!!

Are you guys getting into the season, yet? I know it's still November... but I can't help but let the holiday cheer start to creep in. I'm working on an advent calendar for Maya, and am thinking about getting our faux tree out pretty soon. Bring it on, Christmas! One thing I HAVE already done is to make up a new batch of DIY wood slice ornaments that have a chalkboard style look. Here is what you need to get started: // blank wood slices (I have personally bought from this Etsy seller was pleased with the quality and look of the wood slices) // chalkboard paint // white permanent paint pen // baker's twine (I like black and white, but there are lots of colour options!) Step ... CONTINUE READING

DIY clay jewelry bowls

Make these super cute DIY painted ceramic jewelry dishes - all you need is clay, a cookie cutter, and paint! Beautiful handmade gift idea for under $5.

This is a seriously cute DIY, you guys. I had seen tutorials out there for these little clay ring dishes - from stamped to marbled to painted, and so decided to give it a try. And they turned out so sweetly, I HAD to share them with you. What you need: 1 // air dry clay (or use oven bake clay - either will work) - Sculpey is a reputable brand name of clay: air dry & oven bake 2 // a cookie or shape cutter of some kind (a small bowl edge would work for this) - here is a scalloped set 3 // a rolling pin 4 // some acrylic paint - I have a set like this one so I have tons of colors available 5 // gold foil paint - I use the Plaid Liquid Leaf 6 // modge podge (the tried and true ... CONTINUE READING

DIY watercolor painted napkins

make these DIY watercolour painted napkins - a great handmade gift idea!

I'm a sucker for a beautifully set table, and nice napkins are part and parcel of that setup. My girlfriend Caroline and I had a crafting day a while back and experimented with some painted napkins. We wanted to create ones with an abstract, watercolor look to them... and it totally worked! Keep reading for the full DIY watercolor painted napkins - they are crazy easy, you guys. Materials list:   >> Cloth napkins. I used the Gullmaj ones from IKEA that are a cotton/linen blend. They cost $5.99 for a pack of 2. >> Fabric paint in whatever color(s) you prefer. I use these from the Tulip brand, which work well and are really reasonable at about $10 for a 5-pack of ... CONTINUE READING

DIY fall leaf wreath (for only $5!)

diy fall wreath - square

Now that we have a front door that doesn't have a screen door in front of it, I'm becoming a little wreath-obsessed. Don't be surprised if you see a new tutorial on here for the start of each season. Ha. I'm not sure I can help myself. Up first? A Fall inspired wreath, perfect for the season of reds and oranges and thanksgiving. Plus, this DIY Fall leaf wreath only cost $5 and is one of the easiest DIYs ever. Promise. The supply list? ONE item. That's it. It's a vine of faux Fall leaves from the Dollar store (I got mine at the Dollarama here in Ottawa). It was labelled as "thanksgiving garland", but I think most dollar or craft stores would have something similar. Look in the faux flower ... CONTINUE READING

make these: DIY flower letters

flower letters - square

When I made a bar cart a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to make a little 'BAR' sign to go with it. Ultimately my permanent spot for this whole little bar cart setup will be my third floor loft studio (for you know.... clients?... ha!). I thought it would be really cute to have a little sign to make my bar area, and had the supplies on hand to do it. Here is the scoop on how I made some DIY flower letters out of wire, tape, and dollar store flowers. First up is to create a wire background to use for your letters. We had a coil of wire in our workshop, but you can get some from any hardware store for next to nothing. Use pliers to cut the wire to the lengths you need, and then ... CONTINUE READING

how to: a DIY cedar lined porch ceiling

Step by step tutorial on how to DIY a cedar lined porch ceiling

There have been a lot of outdoor projects on our “to do” list this summer. After (more or less) completing the renovation/build on our home over the winter, once the snow melted, there were so many things in our front and backyard that needed addressing. Grass, for instance. A new driveway. A porch. You know, pretty crucial stuff. You can always close the door on an unfinished room inside your house, but when the exterior is in such rough shape, it is hard to hide! When we were completing the reno of our house, we had our main contractor build the structure of the porch, lay composite decking, install railings, and the columns. I’ll get into more details about those choices in another ... CONTINUE READING

easy DIY rope coasters

DSC_1473 - Copy

I have a really easy little DIY project for you guys today. It's one of those ones where you need very few supplies and can do in front of your fave Netflix show in an evening. Speaking of Netflix, what are you guys binging on these days? We just started Wentworth (like the Australian version of Orange is the New Black). Sans Dan, I'm re-watching all of Party of Five. DAMN I love that show. Loved it when I was 14, love it now. Nothing like a good, angsty teen drama, right? I'm always on the lookout for new good shows to watch though, so give me the scoop. Anyway, back to the project: easy DIY rope coasters. What you'll need: // some thick sisal rope (you can get this from any ... CONTINUE READING

wallpaper hanging tips from a beginner

Want to try hanging wallpaper? Here are my tips as a first time wallpaper-er! Isabelle Blue paper by Graham and Brown.

So I know I said I was focusing on getting our bedroom closer to done, but I got side-tracked with Maya's closet. "Oooop-ieeees" as Maya would say (apparently I say "oopsies" more than I realized...ha!). All of our closets have been pretty much a disaster since we moved in. We made sure there was a rod and a shelf in Maya's closet, but then just shoved things in, including two small dressers we had from the old house. In all honesty, it was still probably the best closet in the house so far - some don't even have shelves in them yet. Mine just has plastic drawer units and some old clothes racks. Anyway, I wanted to do a few things in tackling this closet: 1 // Make it functional. We ... CONTINUE READING

DIY bar cart: an old bookcase transformed


Have you spotted the chic bar carts all over the DIY blogosphere? From IKEA hacks to industrial looking carts made from plumbing parts, there are a huge variety of them out there that have all had me inspired. I recently said yes to being a part of the #LoveYourWood challenge. The scoop? 8 DIY bloggers across Canada were asked to re-furbish or build something out of wood, using two Varathane products and 3 (of 5) "mystery products" that would be sent to them in a challenge box. I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to tackle this project that had been on my wish list for a while, turning an old bookcase into a DIY bar cart. Here is how things started out. I already owned ... CONTINUE READING

how to: frame kids artwork in a shadow box

DIY project - frame kids artwork in shadow boxes - via the sweetest digs

Art is one of those things that totally personalizes a house. I love to walk into somebody's pad and see personal photos, pieces picked up during travels, their own paintings maybe, and artwork that just feels like them. It can really help to turn a bland house into a unique home, you know? We have been slow to put up much in the way of artwork in our house since the reno, because so many of the walls remain un-painted. We're chipping away at it, but I can't wait to get a big gallery wall going up our new staircase and Dan's office covered in some old family oil paintings. One of the things that I'm incorporating more of now (obviously!) is kids artwork. Maya churns out paintings and ... CONTINUE READING

DIY this: gray painted interior doors

tips for perfectly painted doors

Doors aren't really one of those things that you think too much about when you rent or buy a house (unless there is something especially hideous or amazing about them), but when you're renovating or building a house from scratch, doors kinda become a major deal. You usually have to shell out some major dough when there are so many to buy! What style of door are you going to go with, hollow core or solid, doorknob choice, and color. I'll get into why we chose the style of door we did in a separate post, but today I want to chat color: our gray painted interior doors. I knew from the get-go that I wanted our main floor to have totally white walls. I wanted everything to feel bright and ... CONTINUE READING

chic IKEA Vittsjo hack into a gold and marble table

Amazing DIY! turn the IKEA Vittsjo laptop table into a chic gold and marble side table - via the sweetest digs

Guys, I have a seriously good IKEA hack for you today. Probably my favourite ever. I actually did this project a little while ago and hadn't photographed it properly until yesterday... but here she is! The IKEA Vittsjo hack into a gold and marble table. It is easy to do and ridiculously gorge. So here is what you need for the project: 1 // The Vittsjo table from IKEA. It retails for about $25, but I happened to get mine in the scratch and dent section for only $16, so keep your eyes peeled in there. 2 // Gold spray paint. My choice is this Krylon gold spray paint. I really like the deep gold hue it gives (warning: Krylon has quite a few different metallics, so make sure you get ... CONTINUE READING