DIY paper mache bowl - the sweetest digs

Before diving into this week’s crafty stuff – I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for the overwhelming support on my post about my breastfeeding experience on Monday. I was completely surprised about the number of comments, facebook messages, and even private emails that I received from other parents out there who could connect in some way with the post. Clearly we need to talk about this stuff more, and throw all of that judgment… Read more »


The other weekend I was going to a friends’ baby shower (well actually, a “welcome to the world” celebration, as the baby has already been born). My girlfriend has a lot of stuff for baby already and didn’t register for anything in particular, so I decided to have a little fun with her gift. Have you ever seen those “cakes” that people make out of diapers? They are totally cheesy, but I thought it might be kind of fun to… Read more »

easy kids gift idea

You might have noticed a few changes on the blog. After ignoring things for a long while, I have finally started to ‘clean’ it up a little – so I’ll be making some tweaks over the next week or two. Nothing major, just little stuff to make it look better and be more functional. One of the bigger changes has been to switch up the posts to an excerpt view on the homepage. This means that you need to click… Read more »

It’s that time again folks… Pinterest Challenge time! A “kick your butt into gear and stop pinning, start doing”. Last time around I stenciled some curtains, and the time before that I whipped up a yarn wreath. For this summer version, I didn’t have too much time on my hands so I thought I would check off one of those projects I have been meaning to do for ages: spray-painted mason jars. You can see the pink ones I pinned here…. Read more »

One of my latest design projects is a nursery room. Two of our BFFs are expecting a little guy this fall so I’m helping them get the room all ready for the new little dude in their life. I love doing kids rooms – you can have so much more fun with colour and pattern, and people are usually way more up for out-of-the-box stuff! Anyway, I’m chipping away at the room and so won’t have any big before +… Read more »

I was recently asked by a fabulous not-for-profit organization I used to work for (PPO) to do the decor for a big 30th anniversary gala they were hosting. My answer was a very quick yes, and I happily got to work on crafting a few things for the big ‘do. There was a very limited budget to be spent on the decor, so I had to get clever about getting big impact on small bucks. The venue was a room… Read more »

So if you’ve gotten married, had a big birthday, or celebrated any other type of occasion, you’ll know that you can end up with a stack of cards after the fact. Since we got married last August (you can check out all the details of the day here), I have been keeping all of our cards in a drawer. In a big messy drawer, and it just wasn’t cutting it. The cards are lovely and have such sweet messages, so… Read more »

To celebrate valentine’s day this week, I thought I would add a little touch of love to our living room with a sweet little bunting (remember this burlap one I made for our wedding?). I grabbed an old music book from the thrift store for 50 cents and then had the rest of the supplies on hand (scissors, cardboard template, hole punch, coloured paper, glue, and string). I cut out eight triangles of the sheet music (based on my cardboard… Read more »

Last week I posted about a little message centre we put together for our previously cluttered kitchen (check that out here). You may have noticed we also added a little wall-mounted spice rack at the same time, so here’s the scoop. Firstly, let me back up and show you our pathetic spice “rack” (ie. various spice shakers shoved in a corner of a cabinet): Not pretty. It also made all of our travel mugs taste slightly spicy. Ick. So, when… Read more »

Our kitchen (which we haven’t done anything to since we moved in – you can check it out on the home tour here) was starting to get seriously cluttered. We didn’t have any kind of message board or system of organizing cut-outs, coupons or other small papers, so we inevitably ended up with a stack of junk lying on top of the microwave, or lists galore taped up on the fridge. It just wasn’t working. So I figured it would… Read more »