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fall faves on etsy

8th September 2015

It’s officially September and although we are still in a bit of a heat wave here in Ottawa, I know that the days of sweater weather, boots, warm drinks, pumpkin patches, and red leaves are around the corner. And that makes me so happy. I love summer, I really do, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. Especially as I’m starting to get larger with this pregnancy (18 weeks), pregnant + being super hot = not my most favourite combination. There is a reason I’m having a winter baby this time and not planning on being 9 months pregnant at the peak of the summer like I was with Maya (we were lucky this baby and actually were able to get pregnant in our “ideal time”… if there ever is such a thing).

Anyway, with back-to-school happening and my mind shifting toward the fall season, I thought I would do a little round-up of what has been catching my eye on Etsy lately.

fall favourites on etsy

1 // I have a black faux-leather purse right now, and plan on switching it out for something brown for Fall. I love this classic one – the aged leather is lovely and it’s a great deal at under $60.

2 // How clever is this herringbone denim cap, complete with pencil holder? PERFECT for any DIYer or handyman/woman. Such a good gift idea!

3 // A tartan blanket scarf? Can you say COZY? This is currently sitting my shopping cart… I’m obsessed with it.

4 // Nice time to freshen up your phone case. These agate ones are so on-trend.

5 // I have been a lover of ACD’s pencils FOR.EVER. Such a cute back to school idea, right?

6 // I walk to the post office 2-3 times a week to mail off shop orders, so I feel like this “mailing day” canvas tote bag is totally calling my name. Isn’t it cute?

7 // Stacked and mixed metal bracelets is such a fave for me right now. These gold bar ones that you can personalize are all kinds of lovely.

8 // I’m doing the switch over right now in our own living room — out with the pastels and summer colours, and in with the warmer rich tones of fall/winter. This wool tartan pillow (made in Canada, by the way) would look amazing in just about any space and no doubt be all kinds of cozy.

9 // I took a break from yoga and exercise classes over the summer, as we were doing so much outdoor activity. Time to get back into the routine. I’ve been obsessing over these southwestern style yoga mats for ages. Does having a really cute yoga mat translate into going to class more often? If it does, SO worth the investment.

You can check out the rest of the stuff I’m coveting on Etsy over on my tastemaker page.

Are you guys doing any fall/back-to-school shopping? I would really love to get some brown ankle boots… they have been on my love list for a while. That plus a new bag would be totally make my day. We’ll see! Anyone have any good suggestions for budget boots they have come across? 

father's day gift guide -square

father’s day gift ideas delivered

11th June 2015

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I know I need to get my butt into gear. Dan is going to be away over the actual day, but I plan on surprising him with a make-up father’s day when he is back. In addition to some Maya crafts (handmade card anyone?), I want to get him something nice. Thing is, I don’t have much time to go shopping right now, so I plan on ordering something online. After browsing around, here are my favourite father’s day gift ideas that are all easily available to order online and so are DELIVERED to your doorstep. A-to-the-men.

All products via either Amazon or Chapters/Indigo. Most are currently on sale and under $50 (except last one)!

father's day gift guide featuring items you can easily order online - via the sweetest digs

1 >> Leather Grill Mitt by Outset
. This mitt not only looks super stylish, but is handy for a dude who loves to grill. Plus at $10, it’s a pretty wicked steal.

2>> Gastro Grilling: Fired-up Recipes To Grill Great Everyday Meals
. Why not pair the mitt with a great new cookbook for your fella?

3>> Timex Men’s T499059J Expedition Field Chronograph Watch. Dan has a smart watch so he doesn’t need a new one, but I like the classic look of this Timex. Plus, the price point is great!

4>> Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA. At home beer making sounds pretty fun, don’t you think? I know quite a few fellas who would love this kit.

5>> Symphonized NXT Premium Genuine One Piece Solid Hand Carved Walnut Wood Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Compatible with All Bluetooth iOS Devices, All Android Devices and Mp3 Players. I’m really digging this small but stylish bluetooth speaker. Perfect for the back deck or to take with you when you’re travelling. It’s on an amazing sale right now, too!

6 >> Amazeballs – Set of 2. The guy who started this company is actually based in Ottawa! You know I love supporting local businesses. PLUS… the product is cool (they are like re-usable ice cubes that don’t melt and keep your drinks cool and lookin’ sharp), and I happen to say amazeballs all the time (after watching Giuliana Rancic’s reality show a few years ago – guilty!!), so the whole thing just sorta works for me.

7 >> Kobo Glo HD – Black by Kobo. This one is a little pricier, but if the dude in your life doesn’t have an e-reader, you might consider getting him one. We LOVE ours (we have the Kobo Glo’s) as they are so light, easy to use, and amazing for travel.

Got any gift ideas of your own? If you are celebrating Father’s Day, are you already all set? Doing any crafts with your kids? Any Dads out there have some favourite gifts they want to share?

staples photo mug - mothers day gift idea

photo gifts: a mother’s day mug

7th May 2015

Do you guys have any plans for this upcoming Mother’s day? Last year, my first official mother’s day as a mama, I spent with Maya but away from Dan. This year we are all around, and I have made my request very clear: a sleep in, followed by breakfast in bed, plus a handmade craft from my little lady. Pretty much heaven to me.

For my own Mum, I will take her out for a nice tea or something, but I wanted to have a gift for her from Maya. We will make a card, but since Maya is only 1.5, we aren’t really at the point yet of making a nice handmade gift. So? I jumped on the photo gift bandwagon for this year: a mother’s day photo mug.

make a personalized photo mug - a perfect gift for grandma! via the sweetest digs

There are a variety of places where you can go to get photos put onto a product – be it a phone case, mug, mouse pad, canvas, etc. Staples offer this service through their Copy & Print centre. I’m a huge Staples user, since there is one very close to our house and we don’t own a printer. Honestly – the folks at my local Copy & Print know me by name. Ha! They have a bunch of photo gift options and I was tempted by the custom deck of cards (fun idea, hey?), but since my parents already have a zillion decks at our cottage, I didn’t think it was the most practical. A mug on the other hand, despite being a more “cliche” photo gift, seemed perfect.

There are a few different mugs you can choose from – regular, latte, travel mug, etc. – and different photo sizing and placement options. I chose to do a full wrap regular mug, but I got a bit more custom when it came to the uploaded photo. Instead of uploading one photo to wrap the mug, I designed a collage in PicMonkey. I used the ‘design’ option when opening PicMonkey (meaning you choose the size of canvas you want), kept the background white, and then overlayed my photos and “maya love’s nana” text. You put in the overlays by clicking on the butterfly tab, and then click “your own” at the top to upload your photos.

I deleted the collage already and can’t remember the dimensions that you need for the mug – ugh, dumb, sorry! – but you want it to be a fairly long rectangle. If the pixel size isn’t quite right when you upload it onto the Staples site (ie. if your photos are running off the edges or something), then you can re-size in PicMonkey (there is a “resize” option in the first tab).

creating a photo mug - via the sweetest digs

One of the cute options with the mugs is that you can choose an interior colour. Fun, hey? I went with the light pink as it went with the whole mother’s day/heart vibe, but that yellow was a close second.
staples photo mugs A few days later it was ready to pick up at my local Staples, and it turned out beautifully! It really is a sweet little gift. DSC_1196 DSC_1197

It came in a cardboard box, making it easy to wrap up. I wrapped it in kraft paper, and then let Maya have a few foam heart stickers to place wherever the little Picasso in her wanted to. It’s funny – I’m totally having to sit back and let her do her thing when it comes to crafts and stuff. The perfectionist in me wants to say “don’t put all the stickers on top of each other!”, and “colour in the lines!”, and make her use the colours that I like, but then I have to remind myself to step back and let the girl do her thing. Once she placed her stickers on (she wanted to keep going with more, but I did a quick switch to a colouring book – you gotta know when less is more!), I wrapped some ribbon around and used the blank corner to write the To/Love. DSC_1205It’s a small little gift, but a really sweet and personal one. I have a feeling my Mum is going to love it. Oh, and it totally doesn’t break the bank either at $12 + tax.

If you want to have a look at this and the other photo gifts Staples does, head on over here.

What do you guys have up your sleeve for Mother’s day? Any plans? Any gift ideas? Maya’s daycare is hosting a mother’s day tea + concert this afternoon. I have no idea what the “concert” is going to include (how do you get 1.5 and 2 year olds to sing all together?) but it should be hilarious and cute!

*Disclosure: Staples gifted this mug to me for free, but honestly I would have paid for it if they hadn’t been so kind! It’s a really sweet gift idea for less than $20!

mothers day card - via the sweetest digs

mother’s day gift ideas: etsy guide

20th April 2015

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, so it’s time to get planning for any of the mama’s in your life. Last year I was away in England on the day, with Maya but without Dan, so it didn’t feel quite the same. This year I’m excited to be at home and am secretly hoping that Dan will think ahead about some fun little activities. And you know, gifts are nice, too.

I got lost in browsing Etsy and came up with some of my favourite mother’s day gift ideas. Basically just stuff I would love.

Etsy is full of fun cards. This one in particular reminded me of my mother (HI MUM!!). Dan can attest to this characteristic being true, as he and I are 10 years in and I still correct his grammar from time to time. Sorry honey!

mothers day card - via the sweetest digs

You can’t go wrong with jewellery. Dan gave me some darling little gold and turquoise stud earrings for my birthday recently and I love them. Mums of small kids – aren’t you all about the stud earrings? I stopped wearing my larger earrings when Maya took interest in tugging them, and even though she is out of that phase now, I haven’t really gone back. These druzy earrings that come in various colours are darling.

druzy stud earrings - via the sweetest digs

I loooove rose gold. And druzy (clearly..!). So this ring is pretty much heaven to me. rose gold druzy ring - via the sweetest digs

Cute personalized pendants with kids initials is always a popular and well-liked gift.

mothers day personalized gold pendant - - via the sweetest digs What about artwork? You don’t necessarily have to spend much to get a fine art print or even a small original, but what a wonderful gift!

I love the colours in this beauty.fine art print - via the sweetest digsAnd this original acrylic is totally stunning.original acrylic painting - via the sweetest digsThese matching tee-shirts are too much. I absolutely intend to have several matching outfits for Maya and I when she gets a little older. God knows by the time she is a tween she won’t want anything to do with matching her uncool mama.
matching pizza tee shirts for mother's day - via the sweetest digsQuirky gifts with little sayings are always cute. I like this mug for the grandma’s out there. 
mothers day mug - via the sweetest digs And these pencils are so sweet and would make any desk a little prettier. Pair with a handmade pencil holder (good kids craft idea!) and you’ve got a pretty wonderful gift.gentle reminders pencil set - via the sweetest digsDress up your kiddo with a special onesie or tee-shirt for the occasion. This two moms onesie is pretty darn sweet.
my moms rule onesieMaybe something to spruce up the home front? This geometric table runner is a beauty. Kind of has a mid-century feeling about it, and I love the pale pink colour.
pink geometric table runner - - via the sweetest digsOr maybe a new pillow or two? You can find just about any look or pattern on Etsy. I’m digging the aztec and black and white vibe of this guy.tribal pillow case- via the sweetest digsOh and for the new or expecting mamas? How about a fab diaper bag. I have had my eye on these striped ones since I was pregnant with Maya. For me, a good diaper bag has a cross-body strap, is waterproof and easily wipeable, has lots of pockets, and looks good. This one ticks all the boxes.
striped diaper bag on etsy - via the sweetest digsHave you seen those floral kimonos that a lot of bridal parties use for getting-ready pictures? Well this seller has made some mama-specific floral robes. They are super practical – loose and breastfeeding-friendly – but they are also so pretty. I totally want one of these when we decide to have a second baby (assuming we are lucky enough to have one!). So much nicer than the ratty robe I wore for day-in-and-day-out for a few weeks after having Maya.

floral nursing maternity gown - via the sweetest digs

You can find all of my other Etsy faves here. From home decor items, artwork, and gift ideas, I am constantly bookmarking my most loved items.

Got anything in mind for any mum’s in your life? Or handmade gifts you’ve done in the past? There is nothing better than handmade. Would love to hear about them! 

valentines day gift ideas - pink etsy faves roundup via the sweetest digs

making me blush: pink gift ideas

23rd January 2015

I don’t know if it’s because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner or because I’m starting to long for Spring (it’s been a coooold winter so far), but I am having a serious love affair with all things pink these days. Here are some of my favourites from Etsy recently. Any of these would make great gifts for your sweeties on love day! I’m pinning after, oh, everything.

valentines day gift ideas - pink etsy faves roundup via the sweetest digs

1 >> This felt flower box would not only look amazing on a dining room table or buffet, but I love that it’s felt and you don’t have to worry about buying new flowers! I’m too cheap to buy fresh flowers all the time even though I love them, so this would be a perfect alternative.

2 >> This saturated pink photograph of a shop in Ireland is lovely. If you last name is Jordan, or you know a Jordan, that would make it all the more sweet.

3 >> I think I have posted prints from this artist before. This particular giclee print based on original oil painting is vibrant with gorgeous colours. Would be amazing on a white wall.

4 >> Can’t forget the guys. This men’s bow tie has a vintage vibe going for it, and I’m digging it.

5 >> Throwing a party or wedding? This pink sequin table cloth is all kinds of amazing, and would MAKE any table.

6 >> Oh, this pink champagne tie? Love. Plus the pink is really subtle, so I feel like even guys who “don’t do pink” would be into it.

7 >> Wanna go really over the top and make a lady in your life feel ridiculously special? This rose gold diamond ring would definitely do it.

8 >> If the ring is out of the budget, these blush pink earrings in 14K plated gold would be a pretty fabulous runner up.

9 >> I have been using these hair tie style elastics in my hair and they are really soft and don’t damage the hair as much as regular elastics. These pink and floral hair elastics are particularly cute.

10 >> Want to make some valentines at home with your kids (or, let’s be honest, just by yourself)? This DIY valentine’s card kit has everything you need.

11 >> You know I love some fun, budget jewellery. This baby pink crescent necklace is only $10.

12 >> Any little guy would look ridiculously cute in these suspenders and bow tie. Everyone always says how fun it is to dress a girl, and it is, but there are so much cutie patootie boy stuff too.

13 >> This vintage turkish kilim rug has me dying. Dan is actually going to Turkey today for work for a week, and you can bet I showed him all kinds of photos of Turkish textiles to encourage some purchasing while over there. Hopefully I’ll have a post when he’s back about all the sweet finds he brought home.

14 >> I loooove the arrow pattern in this coral throw pillow. Would look amazing in just about any space.

15 >> Wanna add a little something to your outfit? These lace boot cuffs that just pop out the top of your boots are darling.

16 >> Maya is crazy about stuffed animals (and god knows she has enough already!), but this plush monster is all kinds of sweet.

17 >> I don’t know if she’ll go for it, but I reeeeeally want to get this floral infinity scarf for Maya. Maybe in a few years when she won’t just pull it off?

18 >> If you’ve got a little girl in your life who wears headbands, this DIY headband and hair tie kit would be really fun. Maybe as an activity at a baby shower?

19 >> OK, shut the front door. Baby aztec harem pants? DYING. Would look amazing on boys or girls.

20 >> I have some floral jeans for Maya and they are pretty much my favourite pants of hers. These black floral leggings for just $10 are cute and would go with anything.

21 >> And while we’re on the legging trend. These faux leather leggings are pretty fab too.

22 >> Maya has just started playing dress up. Mostly just with my clothes and jewellery… but I feel like a dress up box is in my not-too-distant future. These tulle skirts would make an awfully cute addition.

What do you guys think? Into pink? Making any plans for love day?

etsy gift guide for kids and babies - via the sweetest digs

Etsy gift guide for kids… AND a giveaway!

25th November 2014

Last week I shared my favourite gifts under $30 from various Etsy sellers. Today I’m back with an Etsy gift guide for kids. Browsing around for sweet things for babies and kiddos? Just about my favourite thing ever.

etsy gift guide for kids and babies - via the sweetest digs


1 >> This personalized wood bowling set  is fun. I love wooden toys for kids for so many reasons – longevity, looks, craftsmanship, safety, etc.

2 >> I made a raindrop mobile for Maya’s room that both she and I adore. This hot air balloon baby mobile would make any kids room feel really special I think. Plus she makes them in just about every colour, and also has plane and bird versions.

3 >> Kind of like the bowling set, these personalized wooden stacking rings are so much nicer than the usual plastic version of the same toy. Nothing wrong with the plastic set (we have it!), but this one would make such a nice gift, personalized with the kids name.

4 >> This baby tag blanket teether is perfect for drooly babies who just want to put everything in their mouths. Plus, I think the “mad scientist” fabric is pretty cute.

5 >> How fun would these wooden dinosaur shadow puppets be to play with at a sleepover? So clever.

6 >> Got kids that go a little stir crazy inside during the winter? I think this hopscotch mat could be pretty entertaining, and a good way to burn off some energy.

7 >> Forget putting the tooth under your pillow. This tooth fairy house pillow with secret pocket to tuck in that tooth (or whatever other little prized possession you want) is ridiculously sweet. She makes this house version, and a teepee style one too.

8 >> I am OBSESSED with this cute knit baby hat. I love the colours (she’s got a bunch more on her site, too), the thick knit, the huge pom (!!), and the straps that come down over the ears. Maya is brutal with keeping hats on her head, so those strings to tie it around the chin would be perfect.

9 >> I haven’t seen a toy like this wooden rainbow chalkboard village before. I think it would be really fun for toddlers to play with – great for imagination play.

10 >> These fabric origami sailboats are beautiful. I would use these just as decor in a baby room, but they also double as fun toys for kids to play with. Isn’t there something really simple and gorgeous about them?

11 >> This lacing wooden toy is a montessori developmental toy. The premise is simple, but probably great for kids who are at the age where they are learning to tie shoes.

12 >> How fun is this doorway puppet theatre? I LOVED putting on shows when I was a kid. This would have probably upped the production value of the Gemma Bonham-Carter theatre back in the day.

13 >> Dan’s parents bought one of these black and white striped kids teepee for Maya for her birthday (from a different vendor, who doesn’t seem to have them listed anymore). We have yet to set it up – waiting to get into the new house – but I can’t wait.

14 >> This is also super ingenious. A tablecloth play house? Let the kids turn your dining room table into a fort. Sounds like a pretty fun time to me (plus, probably a whole afternoon of kid distraction).

15 >> Matching/memory games are a classic, and I like the twist of this one – a superhero matching game.

16 >> My Mum gives me a Christmas ornament every year, and I am continuing that traidtion with Maya. I love these personalized wood block christmas ornament, especially for a baby’s first Christmas.

17 >> I can’t wait to play tea party with Maya. This play felt tea set is definitely on my wish list to buy when Maya gets a little older. Check out the shop for other cute felt food – there are some donuts and cookies that are ridiculously cute.

18 >> I met the seller and maker behind these furry plush monsters at a craft fair the other day. The seller was SO lovely, and these little monsters are cute and really well made. Each one has been hand sewn with a lot of love.

19 >> Want to get your kid involved in the kitchen? I bet this chevron toddler apron would help make it a fun activity.

So that’s it! Such great stuff, hey? I just love finding these unique things that people across the world have made. I don’t know if I have mentioned it on here before, but I’m an Etsy “Tastemaker”. Basically it means that I have my own page where I have a curated selection of my favourite things. You can see my tastemaker page here, and follow me if you dig my style!

The other really sweet part of this post? Etsy is offering up a $50 gift card for one lucky reader (thank you, Etsy!). Enter below using the rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to everyone. Closes on Friday, December 5 2014. Good luck!

How is your holiday shopping and prep going, guys? I am about halfway there I’d say. Since we’re not back in our own house yet, I’m doing just about no decorating or holiday themed crafts/projects. Just a few handmade gifts. I am totally not keeping up with the joneses when it comes to my blog buddies churning out gorgeous holiday craft after holiday craft… but it’s kind of lovely just to skip out on it all this year. Bad blogger, right? 

christmas gifts under $30

Holiday shopping: Etsy gifts under $30

18th November 2014

It’s that time of year, you guys. If you partake in any kind of holiday gift giving, you have probably started thinking about who you want to give gifts to, making lists, and doing some shopping and crafting! On Dan’s side of the family we do secret santa (by generation), and on my side we do handmade gifts. It means that things stay pretty reasonable in the expense department, and there isn’t too much pressure to go out and buy or make a million things.

I do, however, LOVE to put together a good stocking. I do one for Dan, one for each of my parents, and for the first time this year, one for Maya. I am so pumped! I think that stockings are so much fun, don’t you? Putting together a package of little items that you have really thought about for that loved one – things that will make them smile, and know that you were paying attention throughout the year – is probably one of my favourite things ever.

Etsy is one of my go-to spots for holiday shopping because not only are items from small business owners, but you can find some really original stuff. Here is my roundup of favourite gifts under $30.

christmas gifts under $301 // I love the chunky and natural vibe of this quartz ring. This would be a favourite in my jewellery collection for sure.

2 // I love the way you can personalize these leather luggage tags. Add initials or a saying to make them perfectly suited to your loved one. Plus, would look way nicer than the paper tags on a suitcase.

3 // I am dying over these temporary gold tattoos. One of my BFFs posted a bunch of pics on Instagram of her using them in Mexico on the beach, and daaaamn they looked good.

4 // What gal doesn’t love an infinity scarf ?? I like the subtle colours in this one.

5 // I throw my hair up in a ponytail probably 2-3 days a week. These aztec hair ties would make that pony look way more stylish, don’t you think?

6 // This jewel soap set is just so pretty. Would be a perfect hostess gift.

7 // I have always loved these pencil sets that have little sayings on them. This particular set of “favourite things” is really cute. I’m thinking they would be perfect in my future office.

8 // These lavender satchels remind me of the south of France. They are darling and are that perfect small gift for someone you don’t know what to get.

9 // I’m looooving the colours in this abstract print. Summery and sweet.

10 // Kind of like the soap set above, this all natural lip balm and bath salt gift set is a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer. Who doesn’t love getting a new lip balm?

11 // These customized spice tins are retro and fun, don’t you think? I’d love them for my spice cabinet. Fill them up for an even nicer gift. Would be great for someone moving into a new house, or a cook.

12 // I’m obsessed with these black 8×10 botanical prints. I love their graphic nature and vintage vibe.

13 // These light weight turkish hand towels are great in a bathroom. Not only are they light weight and attractive, but they are super on trend right now, too.

14 // How glitzy and gorgeous is this raindrop crystal necklace? Come to mama.

15 // I love this retro paint by number art block. A really fun and different art piece.

16 // This mini hanging planter is so sweet, don’t you think? Put a plant in it and add a a few gardening accessories for a more fulsome gift basket.

17 // This long sleeve tee is to die for. Even though I don’t live in the North West (where the shop hails from, and all the sayings are in reference to), it still resonates with me. Got an outdoorsy guy or gal on your list? Check out their shop for more really unique clothing items.

18 // This minimalist wool felt wallet is great for holding business cards or for someone who likes a more slim wallet. I love wool texture.

19 // I have a lace collared necklace like this one and wear it all the time. Really versatile and sweet piece.

20 // I would be remiss not to mention my own little Etsy shop in the under $30 category. I sell art prints (all my original designs) for $15 a piece. Very reasonably priced and I have quite a few up on the site, so there should be a little something for everybody. This one is my ‘you, me, oui’ black and white print. Oh, and don’t forget to enter ‘HOLIDAY’ upon checkout to receive 25% off your entire order (until Dec 1)!!

21 // How gorgeous is this layered druzy necklace? Do I need to even say more?

22 // For any photographer on your list, this camera strap would be such a good gift. They have a bunch of other patterns in their shop, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Well there you have it! A roundup of my favourite things under $30 on Etsy. You totally don’t have to spent too much money to get really great gifts, plus support small businesses while you’re doing it. Dan and other family/friends, feel free to use this as my own Christmas wishlist (hint, hint!).

Do you have a lot of Christmas presents to figure out? It’s funny how everyone feels really differently about it. Some folks hate the pressure of having to buy at Christmas, others love hunting down that perfect thing for someone. Some make all of their gifts, and some just love to go on big sprees and buy for everyone. What do you do at the holidays?


father’s day gift guide + a giveaway

28th May 2014

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you know me, I love to hunt around on Etsy for my favourite gift ideas. Sadly, Dan is going to be away on business in Europe for his first Father’s Day (I was away for my first Mother’s Day too!), so we’ll be making it up for him when he gets home. That buys me a little extra time, but if I’m going to order anything off Etsy I need to do it soon to make sure it gets here in time.

Here are a few things that caught my eye…

Dan loves to fly fish – even though he doesn’t get to do it too often. I thought these handmade wooden rod cases were pretty spectacular!


If the Dad in your life is into music, this is a nice genuine leather wallet come guitar pick holderil_570xN.381531554_hcds

For a dapper dude – some whiskey stones. I could see the guys on ‘Suits’ using these. Do you watch that show? So good.  il_570xN.444311624_3mvp

Maybe more into wine? This wine and glass holder is gorge. I love the reclaimed wood.

Hmm there is a bit of a booze theme going on here. These at-home beer kits are sweet (except be warned that your guy might turn your basement into a home brewery). There are a bunch of options at different price points in the Etsy shop. il_570xN.478639516_acoz

Got a handyman in your life? This engraved hammer is pretty clever. il_570xN.462091190_5ro4

Similarly, some customized BBQ tools are cute if the Dad in your life is into grilling.il_570xN.465589037_gdia

Dan isn’t into sports memorabilia, but I could see this being a sweet gift for a baseball-loving fella.il_570xN.463197447_2x0n

This felt and leather ipad sleeve is pretty stunning.


What about some fun tee-shirts? There is this Dad one


And a ‘Grandpa’ version too. il_570xN.545190862_gpmi

I LOVE this leather passport holder that you can have monogrammed. This might need to go on my future mother’s day list…il_570xN.574264898_rdjj

This watch made out of wood is seriously lovely. Apparently it is light and comfortable to wear – and even water resistant. So neat.

And lastly, this satchel bag is a beaut. Especially for a fella who might bike to work but doesn’t want to use a sporty backpack.  il_570xN.606674986_mn1v

What do you think? Love any of these items? Don’t tell Dan, but I’m definitely thinking of ordering one of these… can’t spill all my secrets on here though in case he checks in!

Okay so the best part? Etsy is offering a $50Cdn gift card to one of you lucky readers to spend however you please. So sweet, right? I wish I could enter! Just submit your entries using rafflecopter below. Open to residents worldwide. Good luck!

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word to your mama: a mother’s day gift guide

30th April 2014

You guys – mother’s day is coming up. My first official one! I’m pumped. The only bummer is that we are going to be traveling during that time and so Maya and I will be away from Dan. He has promised to give me a surprise mother’s day at some point when we’re back from our trip… but still! At least I’ll be with my wee lovebug. Man, the day she can draw me little cards and pictures I’m going to die. I think I’ll probably want to frame every single little thing.

I have been happily browsing etsy mother’s day gift ideas. I think I’ll be sending a few of these to Dan as a bit of a hint. ha!

I think what I love most are the personalized stuff. Jewellery with your kiddos name on it, personalized art work, a throw pillow with the grandparents nicknames, etc. Click on the thumbnail of each item to go to the etsy shop, or check out all of my favourites boards here.


I still need to think about what to get my mum, too. What have you given in the past for mother’s day? Got any special plans for this year? You mamas out there – what has been your fave mother’s day gift? 

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how to make a diaper “cake”

18th February 2014

The other weekend I was going to a friends’ baby shower (well actually, a “welcome to the world” celebration, as the baby has already been born). My girlfriend has a lot of stuff for baby already and didn’t register for anything in particular, so I decided to have a little fun with her gift. Have you ever seen those “cakes” that people make out of diapers? They are totally cheesy, but I thought it might be kind of fun to try making one myself.

First step was to roll up a bunch of diapers. I had some decorative washi-style tape from the dollar store, so decided to use it instead of elastics (mostly because I didn’t actually have enough elastics at my place). I did a test one first to make sure that the stickiness of the tape didn’t ruin the diaper, and since it’s a pretty low-tack tape, it wasn’t an issue.

You want to roll up the diaper like in this pic, and then just wrap a piece of tape around the middle of it.


After a while, you’ll start to have a big stack…


I knew I wanted to make three tiers, so I counted out how many diapers I had and then split them into three groups. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was something like 60 for the bottom tier, 40 for the middle, and 20 for the top.

I took a cardboard tube leftover from a roll of paper towel to use as the middle of the cake. Then I would place rolled up diapers upright around the tube, and tie a piece of ribbon around them quite securely.


After that, it was just a matter of doing another layer on top of another layer, etc etc, until you end up with the size of base that you want. You need to make sure they are quite tightly tied on so that the shape really stays in place, and you don’t have rogue diapers dropping out from below.


I made a second tier on top of that one in the same way, and then the top tier. I stuck a single diaper in the top of the cardboard tube so that it wouldn’t show, and then took a wood skewer and popped it in the top. Cut out a little flag out of cardboard, taped it around the top of the skewer, tied some fancy ribbon around the three tiers to dress it up, and it was looking cute and festive!DSC_1084


I wanted to include a few other goodies as well, so squeezed in a few of my favourite baby products around the cake.


A piece of cardboard from the recycling bin cut to size made the perfect tray to hold the cake on. DSC_1092


It ended up being a big hit! And hopefully all of those diapers will hold her over for a little while. Diapers are one of those things that are so annoying to constantly buy, so getting a bunch for free is always nice.

Ever made a “diaper cake”, or received one? Any other favourite creative baby gifts?