Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you know me, I love to hunt around on Etsy for my favourite gift ideas. Sadly, Dan is going to be away on business in Europe for his first Father’s Day (I was away for my first Mother’s Day too!), so we’ll be making it up for him when he gets home. That buys me a little extra time, but if I’m going to order anything off Etsy I need to do it soon to… Read more »


You guys – mother’s day is coming up. My first official one! I’m pumped. The only bummer is that we are going to be traveling during that time and so Maya and I will be away from Dan. He has promised to give me a surprise mother’s day at some point when we’re back from our trip… but still! At least I’ll be with my wee lovebug. Man, the day she can draw me little cards and pictures I’m going to die. I… Read more »


The other weekend I was going to a friends’ baby shower (well actually, a “welcome to the world” celebration, as the baby has already been born). My girlfriend has a lot of stuff for baby already and didn’t register for anything in particular, so I decided to have a little fun with her gift. Have you ever seen those “cakes” that people make out of diapers? They are totally cheesy, but I thought it might be kind of fun to… Read more »


You guys… it’s almost February. And besides more cold days to look forward to (ugh.. just don’t tell me if you live somewhere warm… so jealous!) there is valentine’s day. I know a lot of people think of it as a cheesy “hallmark holiday”, but you know what? I love it. A day to just celebrate love. Love for your partner, friends, family, kids, whatever. A little reminder to do something sweet and special for someone. And you guys know… Read more »


We are officially into December… time to really start putting on those holiday pants (remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe wears Santa pants as “maternity” pants? Man that cracks me up. I also wish I had a pair…). I have teamed up with some of my fellow Ottawa bloggers to bring you a ’613 holiday special’ series (613 is the Ottawa area code – ottawa gals up in the house!). Every Monday in December we’re going to be jointly… Read more »


Ever since Maya came along, I have been spending money in two places: the coffee shop (for you Ottawa folks out there, I’m a diehard Bridgehead lover) and Shoppers Drug Mart. Lucky for me, there is a block in my ‘hood that houses both of these shops. My routine? I pack Maya up in the stroller, walk down, grab my decaf Americano, and more times than not hit up Shoppers to grab bottle supplies, vitamins, shampoo/deodorant/toothpaste/etc, or some quick groceries…. Read more »

Our second wedding anniversary is quickly approaching (it also happens to be my due date – I’m secretly hoping Baby Sprout doesn’t actually come that day… it would be nice to keep those two events separate!), so I’m starting to think about some gift ideas. Cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift. Apparently it is supposed to represent durability and the ability to adapt? I’m not always a traditional kind of gal, but I sort of like the idea of… Read more »

Happy Monday, guys! Hope you had a good weekend. Ours was filled with social evenings with family and friends, and two days of work around the house. Yesterday it was gorgeous here (so sunny and warm), so we were out in the garden and cleaning out the garage. I may have even got a bit of a tan! Happy days. Anyway, here is a super simple idea that I thought I would share. A few friends of ours bought their… Read more »

Valentine’s day is just a few weeks away, so thought I would go check out etsy and see what little sweet goodies crafters had brewing. I know a lot of folks aren’t into Valentine’s day – that it’s a “hallmark” created holiday with no significance that just forces buying of mass produced junk. But you know what? I love love, and I love celebrating it. Whether it’s a love note for your partner, a sweet gift for your best friend,… Read more »

My family is all about the homemade gifts. Since there are a lot of us (including 14 nieces and nephews – and we’re not even talking about Dan’s side of the family!!), going homemade just makes sense. Not only is it much more reasonable on the purse strings, but the presents are always fun and thoughtful. This year, I did two pressies for everyone. The first? Cookies for santa. Mason jar styles. First up was to find a good recipe…. Read more »