There have been all kinds of lovely things popping up on etsy lately that are all spring-y and easter themed. I love this time of year, when everyone gets so happy with the warm weather and lack of heavy winter coats and boots (finally!). Especially after this seriously long winter we’ve had in Ontario, everyone has seemed extra chipper these last few days. On that happy note, I have rounded up some of my favourite things that I have been… Read more »

easy easter wreath - via the sweetest digs

So I know we are still a few weeks out from Easter, but I actually got on top of things and did some decorating ahead of time. For once, I am like those organized bloggers who post well in advance, instead of the day-of (or week after!) the holiday. Winning! I’m a big Easter fan.  So many good things – chocolate (!!), spring weather, setting up egg hunts (we do ones with elaborate clues in my household), and pretty pastel… Read more »

DIY wood slice ornaments - the sweetest digs

Every year I like to make Christmas ornaments. I grew up getting one from my parents’ every Christmas, and I usually did a handmade one or two (or five!) too. I have quite the little collection, as you can imagine. Anyway, I have continued the tradition on in adulthood, and am now super psyched to start giving Maya ornaments and eventually having her make them too. Before I left for Florida, I wanted to whip out some ornaments for this… Read more »


I love Christmas trees. Going and picking the perfect one out from a tree farm, the yummy smell, and the warm glow once it’s all decorated. I have, however, started to develop a little soft spot for white trees. Obviously they aren’t the real deal, but I like their light and bright look. These ones that stick to a metallic colour scheme are gorgeous. via here via here And mixing in one colour with the metallics is a nice look too. I’m… Read more »


Okay so I have a little confession to make. Maya and I have jetted off to sunny Florida for the month! This is the year of Christmas with my in-laws (we rotate each year) and they do Christmas in Sanibel, FL where they own a home near my grandmother-in-law. Since I’m on maternity leave, I figured I would be crazy not to come down early to get some extra time in the warm sun. My parents came down with me… Read more »

christmas card 2013 final

Are you guys Christmas/Holiday card people? My Dad is super diligent about it – always getting them printed in early December, sits down one Sunday and writes them ALL out. Like probably 100 cards? And not the exact same message in each, either. Then he hand writes all of the addresses, and mails them off before most people even have their decorations up. I have (not surprisingly) developed a deep love for holiday cards – getting them in the mail,… Read more »

DIY clothespin wreath

Alright you guys, I have something fun for you today. I’m part of the ‘great canadian wreath hop 2013′. A bunch of us blogger gals got together to all DIY some holiday wreaths. I had tons of fun putting together my wreath, and I’m pretty pumped to check out what everyone else got up to! Here was my criteria for this year’s wreath: not super time consuming, no need to shop for materials, and something fresh and fun. The result?… Read more »

advent collage-final

Okay, so my 3-month old daughter probably isn’t going to have any concept of the holidays this year (as much as I am itching to start traditions and DIY her all kinds of Christmas presents!)… so in lieu of making my own advent calendar for her, I thought I would round up some of my fave DIY ones I found on Pinterest. I love all of these different ideas. Some are a little more complex than the others (there is… Read more »

christmas stocking collage-final

Happy Friday, you guys! Hope you all had a good week. The weather here is starting to officially get cold and I can feel winter right around the corner. I’m a little anxious about it this year as I am loving getting out of the house and going on daily walks with little miss Maya and don’t think I’ll be able to once the snow really hits. I’ll probably start going to more indoor activities with her, but I can’t… Read more »