When I was in Vancouver the other week, I was apartment-hopping among my girlfriends’ places. Actually, you’ll remember one of them from this apartment tour I did a few years ago (last time I was in Vancouver). This time around, I got to peak into my pal Emily’s apartment and was totally wowed. Emily is a designer – she has a super awesome job of designing the stores for Lululemon (Canadian-based yoga clothing company). So if you’ve ever been into… Read more »

We’ve got a new house to crash this week. I love house crashing… it’s so fun to see other people’s design style and pick up tips and tricks. And extra fun? This beauty belongs to my brother, his wife, and their two darling kiddos. This house renovating thing must be genetic! My brother and his wife bought this house in Kingston last year. It had seen better days, but had great bones and is located in a fabulous neighbourhood (which was… Read more »

Let’s start this week off with a little house tour, shall we? I’m back with another brother-and-sister-in-law tour (remember this one a few weeks ago?). What can I say – I have a seriously stylish fam. Their semi-detached pad is in one of Toronto’s hip neighbourhoods – full of cool little shops, parks and friendly folks. The whole house was gutted and re-done a few years ago and now has a nice open concept layout. The living room has a layered neutral… Read more »

Alright fasten your seatbelts folks, we’re going on a little house tour. Enter the lovely apartment of my brother-in-law, Doug and girlfriend, Ginny. Their apartment is located in a trendy Toronto neighbourhood and is packed with charm. For me, the beauty of their place is in all the little details. First thing upon entering are these vintage keys hanging up on the wall. So sweet. For their dining room, Ginny found an old booth seat from a bar that was… Read more »

The first major renovation we did to our house (and the biggest one we’ve done to date) was our basement. We took it down to the studs, put in a lot of sweat equity, and transformed it from ultra dingy to a cozy one-bedroom apartment. The ability to turn our house into a duplex was one of the main reasons why we bought our pad in the first place. Just to refresh your memory, here are the before and afters… Read more »

I’m not sure if I’ve confessed my absolute love of all things Amy Butler on the blog yet. In case I haven’t: I. Love. Amy. Butler. She does some of the most fun, colourful and sweet fabrics around and also has wallpaper, stationary, bedding, art pieces, a range of books and loads of other stuff. Anyway, apartment therapy posted a tour of her house the other day and it did not disappoint. Light, airy, colourful and fun. Exactly how I… Read more »

We’ve got an eclectic, super hip pad to crash today. Alana (one of my oldest and best friends!) has kindly let us peek into her one-bedroom Vancouver apartment. We’ll start off in the heart of the apartment — the living room. It’s a really well put together room, made up mostly of neutral-coloured furniture and complemented by bright pops of colour from accessories and a picture gallery. A lot of Alana’s things are from IKEA, HomeSense and Pier 1, but… Read more »

We’re back with another fabulous house tour. This time we’re getting a sneak peak inside an elegant Georgian house from the 1700s, situated in a charming little village of south-west England. The grand 4-bedroom house is amazingly only 1/3 of the original home, which only makes me wonder how much space people actually thought they needed when the house was first built. Come on… let’s go in! I love the black and white checkered floor in the kitchen. It’s a… Read more »

So we’re back with another pad to crash in our house tours series. This hip apartment belongs to an old colleague and good friend of mine, Courtney, and her partner Richard. They snagged this great two-bedroom apartment in downtown Ottawa, and quickly put their painting and DIY skills to the test. They’ve turned it into a seriously sweet pad, so let’s have a look! You can see already from the hallway the place is full of character. Check out the… Read more »

Almost exactly 4 weeks ago we moved into our new London digs. The process of actually finding and renting a flat in London was a bit of a nightmare – days and days of going from one end of London to another to view apartments that once I got there, had been rented out a few hours earlier (the rental market is incredibly busy and competitive at the moment). But after a few weeks, I stumbled onto the perfect pad for… Read more »