Do you guys remember the Reverie couch I won from EQ3 last year? Well, I thought I would give you a bit of a status update after living with it for over a year. The short story: We love it. The colour hasn’t faded, it’s become a little bit softer (which we like), the cushions have remained really plump so they aren’t doing that sagging thing that happens over time, and the “body” of the couch is still in great… Read more »

I just recently got my hands on this beautiful new book by Annie Sloan… Have you guys heard of Annie Sloan? If not, she’s the brains behind Chalk Paint - a decorative paint developed for furniture, floors, and walls. The paint has a super matte—almost chalky—finish. I had a fabulous time sitting in the backyard devouring this book. There are tons of inspiring projects that I happily browsed…  There are 40 step-by-step projects showing how to use Chalk Paint to create… Read more »

As with fashion, interior design tends to go in trends. Some things are classic and ever-lasting (I’m thinking herringbone floors, beautiful moldings, linen anything, etc), and others are more trendy. I have definitely been known to embrace the trends – whether it’s a pattern like chevron or ikat, colour trends like the recent mint and coral obsession (love!), or lighting trends like industrial pendants. I think with trends you just want to make sure it’s something you do genuinely love,… Read more »

Happy Friday, guys! Thought I would do a little roundup of a trend that I am totally in love with today. There is nowhere in our little pad where I could squeeze one of these in, but one day (maybe if/when we put a second storey on our house?), I would love, love, love to install one of these. Sliding barn-style doors. Rustic, a bit industrial, and totally a feature in any room. What do you think? I love the… Read more »

A friend forwarded me an email recently with all kinds of examples of stuff being re-used for new purposes. Of course we see examples of upcycling on blogs and pinterest all the time, but a few of these struck me as being pretty fun and original! Here are a few of my faves for your Friday reading pleasure. This bike-in-the-bathroom is amazeballs. I’m sooo in love and can picture it in a fab apartment in Paris or something. Dreamy.  … Read more »

With the weather starting to get frosty and December right around the corner, my mind is wandering towards cozy and warm winter decorating. Over this next season, we spend so much time indoors (at least we do here in Ontario!), so it’s nice to have a welcoming and snuggly pad to come home to. My favourite things to do at this time of year are to pile on the knit throws and pillows (it’s all about layers and textures!), add… Read more »

So the other weekend when I met sherry & john in Toronto (you can read about that here), I had a great couple of days in Oakville with one of my BFFs, Jenn. We had some fabulous meals and browsed around the little shops on the main street. Jenn (who has known me since high school), casually mentioned that she had to take me into Bluboho — a boutique jewellery shop. As much as I love jewellery, I was a… Read more »

One thing I always look out for when I’m thrifting/flea market’ing is an old library card catalogue. Any size, any condition. I looooovvvee them. They have those little drawers, perfect for storage all sorts of treasures, history behind each piece, and an endless number of ways you can use them. One of my absolutely favourite spots when the hubs and I lived in London was this coffee shop/bakery that was housed in an old apothecary shop. It had exposed brick… Read more »

Surprise! We just got back from a fabulous extra long-weekend in Boston. It was great. Full of sight-seeing, eating, walking around, and just enjoying the city (and some of the small towns outside of the city too). It was my Mum’s birthday, so this was a ma + pa + daniel + gemma getaway. I’ll get to the details of what we did, what we saw, favourite spots, and tons of photos in the next week or so, but in… Read more »

So with zero time to take any half-decent photos of my IKEA goods (+ the subsequent room re-arranging) that I brought home the other night, and a bunch of projects that are half-way finished, I’m left without much to post about today. I have no free time over the next few days to get my act together, so a full update and photos of all of my living and dining room tweaking is just going to have to wait until next… Read more »