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So you know how we used peel ‘n stick black and white tiles to spruce up our “needs to be renovated eventually” kitchen (see that post from way back when here)? Well Gillian (who you can check out at did the same thing – stripes and all! – and sent me in a few pics. Here is the before: And here is the after! Such a simple and budget-friendly solution that totally makes the space feel fresh and fun…. Read more »

There has always been this somewhat secret spot in our kitchen that I tried to avoid getting in any photos. Not because it’s an ugly space, but because I had never taken the time to organize it. It housed our cookbooks, loose recipes, our drill (?), and our too-small recycling bin. And, there would often be a recycling-overflow situation going on in the bottom two shelves. See what I mean? Well, after doing our mini kitchen makeover (see that here),… Read more »

black and white striped vinyl floor tile

To cap off our kitchen mini-makeover (check out how we painted the cabinets and added hardware here and here), we knew we had to do something about the floor. Enter: vinyl black and white floor tile. Here is the before… Remember that ultra-boring beige vinyl tile? It was clean and in fine condition, but it was just so dated and dull. Since we are saving up our pennies for a major kitchen rehaul (probably won’t happen for at least another year… Read more »

So, we started our mini kitchen makeover the other day by painting out the dark wood trim of our cabinets (see that here). The cabinets didn’t have any hardware – you pulled them open at the bottom (the area we just painted). Since we didn’t want to get fingerprints all over the new white paint and since we wanted to make these cabinets somewhat more attractive (they’re never going to be beauties, but they can get a bit of a… Read more »

So after finishing our office/guest bedroom mini-makeover (check that out here), I was all gun-ho to get going on another room in our house. Our kitchen has been screaming for attention since we bought the house, but we kept putting it off because it just seemed *too* big. This room needs a major gut-and-reno job (and therefore some serious dough). However, as I stood in the middle of our kitchen looking around, I realized that there were a few things… Read more »

Last week I posted about a little message centre we put together for our previously cluttered kitchen (check that out here). You may have noticed we also added a little wall-mounted spice rack at the same time, so here’s the scoop. Firstly, let me back up and show you our pathetic spice “rack” (ie. various spice shakers shoved in a corner of a cabinet): Not pretty. It also made all of our travel mugs taste slightly spicy. Ick. So, when… Read more »

The kitchen. So this was really one of the biggest changes to the layout of the basement. We decided to turn what had been a grotty laundry room/storage area into a kitchen, and move the laundry out into a shared area at the bottom of the basement stairs. This made the most sense as it left the large bedroom and living room area, put the laundry into a shared space, and turned dead space into usable space. Here’s what we… Read more »

Today, on my daily blog/web perusing, I saw the coolest DIY project. If you have an old, grubby fridge or just a a fridge that you want to add a little pizazz to, keep reading. Apartment Therapy featured a project where the reader used contact paper (yes, the stuff that you can line drawers with that costs a couple bucks a roll!) to make one stylish fridge. She cut out pieces of the paper that fit together to make a… Read more »

One thing I would really love to have in our kitchen is a breakfast bar or island. Folks tend to congregate in the kitchen, and it is such a hub of activity. To be able to sit and help with food prep or just chat with the cook, would be just fab. Unfortunately due to the layout of our kitchen, even after we renovate it I don’t think there is any way we will be able to finangle a breakfast… Read more »