Do you guys remember the Reverie couch I won from EQ3 last year? Well, I thought I would give you a bit of a status update after living with it for over a year. The short story: We love it. The colour hasn’t faded, it’s become a little bit softer (which we like), the cushions have remained really plump so they aren’t doing that sagging thing that happens over time, and the “body” of the couch is still in great… Read more »

Notice anything different around here? Yep, not only do I love to tweak my own pad, I like to switch up the look here on the blog every so often! I’m still working out some kinks, so bear with me over the next few days. I’m going for a super clean and fresh look, with better galleries for DIY projects, better general readability, and ability to navigate. Back to the regular programming. With the changes and small upgrades we made… Read more »

As we finish up the nursery around here (two more weeks until my due date!), I also wanted to make a few switcharoo’s to our living room. Remember how I mentioned in my “before baby” post that I wanted to get the two small dressers on either side of the TV painted? They were two slightly different off-whites, and one was pretty badly banged up. This one was very much a cream colour… And this one had loads of chips… Read more »

Remember when I went and checked out IKEA’s new collection a few weeks ago (see that here)? Well, as you can tell from the photos of our updated living room yesterday, I came home with a few new goodies. When you look back at our living room from a few months ago there are a few major things to notice. One is that white standing lamp beside the couch. It was something that I had carried from place to place… Read more »

I’ve been hinting that there have been some major changes to our living and dining rooms lately (like here, and here), and I finally got a chance to snap some photos. Carving out some time to take pics while it is still light out gets tricky when you’ve got a day job and are away on weekends. Sorry for the delay, guys! But before we get to the latest pics, let’s take a look back at the evolution of the… Read more »

So yesterday this happened, and totally made my day. Yep, John and Sherry from the seriously popular blog, Young House Love, featured our bathroom reno in their reader redesign series. OUR bathroom! I think it took a good 10 minutes of just looking at the post before I even believed it was real. Not only have I been following YHL since 2008, but it was the very first blog I ever stumbled upon. The first blog that inspired me to… Read more »

I love lots of things about IKEA. The affordable furniture. The sleek designs. And with their upholstered pieces, the ability to remove the covers to wash them or change them up. Last fall we got a new-to-us Karlstad sofa (you can check that out here). It was in great shape, but I never really loved the dark gray cover. Usually I’m a big gray fan, but this one was just a bit too navy blue/denim for me. So when Comfort… Read more »

So after talking about all the shopping and planning we did for the condo redesign project (see that here), let’s get to some after pics. Those are always the best part, right? Remember the living room before (see the rest of the before pics here)? Well here it is looking much brighter, more contemporary, and well, finished. What do you think? The colour scheme is pretty neutral, but mixed with pops of colour and pattern throughout. We started off with a… Read more »

After getting a new or “new to us” sofa, TV, artwork and table lamp, the last thing on our little living room makeover project was the coffee table. Until now we have had an IKEA one that we bought used for about $10 for our first apartment. We had never loved it, but it was the right size, right price, and did the trick. It’s okay, but pretty b-o-r-i-n-g and a bit on the small side in our current living room:… Read more »

A little while back, I posted about our new living room goodies (see that post here). To add to our little living room transformation, we were desperate to get rid of our futon and replace it with a more substantial couch. I have had this beige futon since I was 15 — yep, it was in my teen basement hangout pad, and has followed me in my various apartments since. Well futon, thanks for more than a decade of service,… Read more »