So here is the not-completely-finished-but-we’re-going-to-take-a-break-from-this-room final reveal of our office/guest bedroom makeover. Back in November I started off the project with a coat of paint and a stencil. Since then we have built a desk, added shelving, DIYed a chandelier, built some custom storage solutions, DIYed a headboard, and added some fabric artwork. Remember how crazy bright and totally cluttered the room was? Oh man, that hurts my eyes. Well, here is the new and improved room. With our super… Read more »

So after DIY’ing our office desk and adding shelving, I wanted to make sure that there were smart storage spots (say that three times fast) for all of our office stuff. We had a bunch of pens, pencils, markers, and ribbon that I really didn’t want to shove into a drawer. See that blank bit of wall to the left of the window? Well we figured that would be a perfect space to add some functionality. Our house is pretty… Read more »

Earlier this week you saw how we added some DIY artwork to our office/guest bedroom as part of its recent makeover. If you looked closely, you may have wondered why we hung the frames so high in relation to the bed… well it was because we were also in the midst of making and installing a headboard. Since I wanted the bed to look more like a daybed (remember it’s a dual purpose room), I figured a length wise headboard… Read more »

So once we got a bunch of the big stuff in our office/guest bedroom makeover out of the way (check out our stencil project and DIY desk here and here), it was time to get to the more fun little projects. First up was to get some artwork up on the walls. I wanted to keep it light and colourful and since I had a bunch of cute scrap fabrics, I thought framing some would be just the ticket. I… Read more »

After painting and stenciling the office walls (check that out here), next up was to start to move some furniture back into the room. The original desk was not only less than beautiful to look at, but was way too deep for our double-duty office/guest bedroom. We needed something that would be nice and narrow, offering plenty of desk space for our computers but not overtaking the room. So we checked out a few options (the besta burs desk at… Read more »

One room that we have neglected up until now has been our office-slash-guest-bedroom. Our house is 3-bed/2-bath, but since we rent out the basement as a 1-bedroom apartment, that second bedroom upstairs has to do double duty. Here’s the room (sorry- ultra messy) pre-makeover. It had been the place for all of our old furniture (think leftovers from University days) and a too-bright turquoise paint colour. I wanted to do some wallpaper in this room and started looking through tons… Read more »

My last few weeks have been completely taken over by schoolwork — spending hours thinking and reading about epidemiology, health economics, statistics, health policy and the like have me day-dreaming about decorating, designing and crafting. I’m definitely in DIY withdrawal. For now I’ll just mentally plan my future office/studio nook. Maybe something like these…?  

So I’m doing something a little different this week. Instead of profiling one of my favourite etsy finds, I am instead going to profile etsy itself. I stumbled across some pictures of the etsy office headquarters in NYC and I couldn’t help but share them with you. This seriously creative and fun office space was designed by the Hangar Design Group. I would love to grab my coffee and walk into this building every morning. Productivity soars when you are… Read more »