One thing that has come along with our new little lady has been a lot of stuff. You know, the baby gear. I don’t even feel like we have tons of gear at this stage, but boy does it ever seem to pile up. And I know it’s only going to get crazier as this kiddo grows and more actively wants to play with things! In case you didn’t realize it already, I’m not one that likes things to be… Read more »

One of the projects on the “before baby” list that we did manage to check off just before Maya arrived, was a bit of a garage clean up. It was bad you guys. SO much stuff and no system of organization. We had just continued to shove things in, and it was getting seriously out of control. Here it is, after we had moved out a bunch of furniture (that we sold/moved/got rid of). So this is already looking about… Read more »

As my due date approaches (tomorrow! I think the little lady is pretty cozy in there!), I think I fall more deeply into nesting mode. Dan says I’m a “nester by nature” – and I agree – but I think my nesting tendencies have definitely upped a notch or two in recent weeks. Besides getting things checked off the to-do list, purging stuff, and organizing baby things, one of my little nesting moments recently was to deal with our coffee/tea… Read more »

I have been chipping away at our front entryway for a long time. First there was the chevron ceiling, then the mint mirror, then the thrift store light fixture, and then replacing all the hangers with wooden ones. There are still a few things on the to-do list though. Here is the prettier angle of the entryway. And where we left off from the other (not so great) angle. See those mismatched woven baskets? Well, I always was a bit… Read more »

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a bit of a magazine hoarding problem. I usually recycle the not-so-great ones right away, but then let my faves pile up thinking I’ll crack them open again at some point. Well, with the recent influx of baby things at our place, I am really wanting to get rid our house of any unnecessary clutter. And these magazines? Well, they were getting unruly (that is just pile #1 of 2). We… Read more »

I mentioned on Monday that we were on a bit of a roll with the nursery – maybe it’s because I’m officially now into my third trimester (28 weeks!) and feeling a major urge to get the house ready? I’m kind of a “nester” by nature, but I think it has started to kick into overdrive a little bit. Over the weekend I was waking up at 5am because all I could think about is what we need to get… Read more »

With all of the organizing happening lately (like our newly decked out basement storage), plus my influx of new maternity clothing, my closet was in need of a bit of help. Remember a few months ago when I made the switch from our mis-matched hangers in our front hall closet to all-wood ones? And remember how much better it looked and functioned (and how happy they made me!)?! Well, it was time to do something about the situation in my… Read more »

After working away in this little corner of our pad for the last month, we can finally call this spot done-zo. And let me tell you, this nook works harder than any other spot in our place. Here is what we started with. So much wasted space, so little organization, and just plain uuuugly. We cleared out the space, painted the turquoise wall, invested in our IKEA Algot system and Aneboda wardrobe, some storage bins, and got to installing and… Read more »

So the last time we left off on Project Basement Organization, we had just installed the IKEA Algot shelving/drawer system. This past weekend was a nice, quiet one at home, so it was the perfect time to get cracking on organizing down there. Just to recap, we need to keep everything that was originally down there (paints + supplies, home improvement stuff, brooms, vacuum, etc), and then add in a whole more. Like, for instance, this entire closet from the… Read more »

Alright guys, back down to that basement. Maybe now it makes a bit more sense as to why we are tackling our storage problem? We need to clear out our office/guest bedroom to make a nursery for baby sprout! So not only do we need to better organize what was already down in that storage space, but we need to add a lot to it, too! So you saw how we planned and then cleared out and painted the space at… Read more »