I wanted to share the latest photos with you guys at our renovation site. Everything on the interior has been demo’d as you saw in-action in this post, and now that the debris has been removed (two huge dumpsters worth!) and everything cleared out, we were able to really get an idea of what this new ground floor space is going to feel like. It’s totally crazy to see it like this. The house already feels completely different. No more… Read more »


If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you might have noticed that in addition to the new mirror in our bedroom from last week’s post, there was also a switch up with our lighting situation. For quite a while, we have had two task lamps on either side of our bed. I still love those lamps, but the bases were really quite big and when the baby made her arrival, we realized we really needed the… Read more »


When EQ3 got in touch recently and selected me to be their December “blogger of the month” I was ridiculously flattered. I’m crazy for the Canadian store – did you know it originated in Winnipeg and they still manufacturer most of their products (including all upholstery pieces) there? Love that. And don’t forget the EQ3 Reverie sofa that I have been so pleased with. I was gifted an accessory from EQ3 as part of this series, and I quickly chose… Read more »


Remember back in this post when I lamented over our front door colour? And then bit the bullet and painted our screen door black? Well, with the now-black screen door, my colour options were now wide open. I could go with any of my original contenders (yellow, red, or navy), or could get a little creative. First step was to tape off the door. I used an “exterior surfaces” painter’s tape from ScotchBlue that I hadn’t tried before (this is… Read more »

Notice anything different around here? Yep, not only do I love to tweak my own pad, I like to switch up the look here on the blog every so often! I’m still working out some kinks, so bear with me over the next few days. I’m going for a super clean and fresh look, with better galleries for DIY projects, better general readability, and ability to navigate. Back to the regular programming. With the changes and small upgrades we made… Read more »

As we finish up the nursery around here (two more weeks until my due date!), I also wanted to make a few switcharoo’s to our living room. Remember how I mentioned in my “before baby” post that I wanted to get the two small dressers on either side of the TV painted? They were two slightly different off-whites, and one was pretty badly banged up. This one was very much a cream colour… And this one had loads of chips… Read more »

You may have noticed in the last nursery post, a glimpse at the new closet door we have in there. Well, a closet curtain actually. We started out with a door on the closet, but quickly realized that to maximize the space in there and get a nice long dresser along the far wall, we were going to have to lose the door (there wasn’t enough room for it to swing in and out). I have always liked the look… Read more »

It was time to tackle one of the pretty obvious pieces of furniture we were going to need for baby girl’s nursery: the crib. Like many things I’m finding lately, this took a bunch of research. Is it just me, or do other folks do SO much research for every single baby/kid product they buy? If I researched the stuff we buy for ourselves this much, I would have to make it a full-time gig! Here were the most important… Read more »

Okay, so you guys know that painting our front door is on our ‘before baby‘ list. It’s not like it’s a huge priority, but our chipped white door is seriously lacklustre. Frankly, the whole front door/steps area needs a major revamp, but since we are planning our second storey addition (we’re meeting with someone to start the drawings next week!), we don’t want to put any cash into this part of the house right now. It’s doubtful that we’ll re-use… Read more »

Back in my original nursery moodboard (which you can see here), I mentioned the Chasing Paper wallpaper we were going to be using in this room. Every now and then, I am contacted by companies who are willing to send samples of their product for me to try out. A lot of time though, the product isn’t really something I’m interested in, or is something that I don’t think will be relatable to any of you lovely readers, but when… Read more »