Remember that bathroom we just gutted and re-did? Well, in case you didn’t know, that’s the only bathroom in our little pad. Yes, there is technically a second bathroom downstairs, but it’s in the basement apartment that we rent out to a tenant… so although it’s “ours”, it’s not really ours. Luckily it’s just the hubs and I – no kids, roommates, or other family/friends living with us, but still, being a one-bathroom household has it’s challenges. Case in point?… Read more »

So after proclaiming that the time had come to do something about our dated and dull bathroom on March 26th, we have done a complete overhaul of this small-but-important room in our pad. One month, a lot of elbow grease, a few dolla dolla bills, and we can (almost) call this one officially done-zo. The *almost* refers to still having to install the overhead fan and put in the floor transition (both on handy hubby’s to do list!). In case… Read more »

We’re coming up to the finish line, folks. Painting the ceiling and switching out the light were more or less the last things on our “to do” list for this bathroom renovation. There are still a few small maintenance things – like adding the floor transition, sealing the tile, etc, but those don’t really affect the big “after”. After painting all of the walls white, I was left wanting a pop of colour somewhere in the room, and you know… Read more »

So, I bet you thought it wouldn’t get any more exciting than patching walls on Monday’s post? Well, get ready, we’re going to talk about trim. Yep, this is a week of thrilling blog posts here on the sweetest digs. Anyway, just bear with me. Adding trim actually made a huge difference to our in-progress bathroom reno. Here is how this half of the room was looking pre-trim. The doorway was pretty rough and there was the lack of transition… Read more »

Doing corners and filling holes. Not one of the more exciting steps in the reno process, but I’m just keepin’ it real folks. This step always seems like it’s going to take all of 20 minutes and somehow becomes a multi-day project. We had a variety of patching to do in our wee little bathroom – fixing existing walls, working on the new areas of drywall, and filling some big gaping holes. Let’s take a look at what we were… Read more »

After we built our custom vanity (which you can read about here), it was time to install that sucker. Goodbye, teeny-tiny wall mounted sink with no storage! Remember how the Lillangen sink was practically bang on for measurements in our little nook? Well, once we held it in place with the vanity it just felt too close to comfort for us (like the door was *almost* scratching it as it opened/closed). So, we decided to knock out the drywall and… Read more »

So after demo’ing the bathroom and installing the tub, next up was tiling the tub surround. Like all of the projects in our casa, we are doing this on a budget. We looked around a bunch at different tile options. I knew carrera marble somewhere in the room (a girl can have a bit of luxury, right?). So after humming and hawing at many different options and laying all kinds of tile out on the floor at Home Depot (we… Read more »

Step one in project bathroom reno? Demolition, baby. We need to still be able to use the bathroom during our re-model (we only have one, after all!), so we didn’t rip everything out all at once. We knew the bathtub had to be the first thing to tackle (messiest and biggest job), so that’s where we started. Let me tell you, that grimy old tub of ours was cast-iron and reeeeally well installed. It took a whole lot of hammering,… Read more »

The bathroom. A room in our pad that has been at the top of the “to do” list ever since we moved in. I have showed this shot below of the room in our house tour, but have tried to avoid any other pictures at all costs. Want to see why? This grungy, old, doesn’t-get-clean-no-matter-how-much-you-scrub tub is why… Ickity Ick Ick Ick. See why it has been at the top of our list? Not only is the tub grimy and… Read more »

It’s taken a while to get here, but here we are — the final reveal of our big bad basement renovation! Let’s go back for a sec. You’ve seen how we’ve: ripped out the flooring, demo’d the whole space, expanded the two windows, did all the framing, re-insulated the ceilings and walls, drywalled, installed a new floor, gave the bathroom a face-lift, added a made-over electric fireplace, designed and installed a new kitchen, and finished up the odds ‘n ends…. Read more »