So in follow-up to the post I wrote the other week with tips on flying with a baby, I thought I would give you guys the scoop on what we packed. Like I said before, we are by no means experts, but having done two trips with the bambino now, us newbie parents have learned a couple of things.   >> For Sleeping A surprising number of hotels or apartment rentals actually have pack and plays available, so it’s definitely… Read more »


So now that we have done our trip to Florida over Christmas when Maya was 3 months, and our recent trip to Puerto Rico for my girlfriend’s wedding when Maya was 6 months (we got lucky with hot vacay’s this winter!), I feel like I can pass on some tips and tricks for flying with a baby. I’m definitely no expert, but both were long enough travel days and used different airlines, so I feel like we had a bit… Read more »


The weather here in Ottawa has been ridiculously cold (colder than I can remember for a long while!) and it has me seriously missing warm, sunny Florida. We had such a great time there in December. Here is a little recap – also known as, photos of maya everywhere we went. Maya and I headed down with my parents, and spent two weeks just the four of us. It was lovely. We took it easy – going into town for… Read more »

Okay, so time for the full scoop on our trip to NYC!! We stayed with Dan’s aunt and boyfriend who live in the Upper West Side (uptown Manhattan neighbourhood that is just west of Central Park).  It was so nice to stay with family – not only to get all caught up and do lots of visiting, but it was so comfortable, fun, in a great location, and good on our pocket books! We had great weather while we were… Read more »

Hubby and I are off this week for our babymoon! Heading to New York City for a week of visiting with family, eating, strolling around the city, and relaxing. source I’ve been to New York a couple of times but it’s like London or Paris – there is a never ending list of things to do and see. I can’t wait to do some more exploring! If you have any favourite spots in the city (restaurants, shops, neighbourhoods, sites, etc),… Read more »

Surprise! We just got back from a fabulous extra long-weekend in Boston. It was great. Full of sight-seeing, eating, walking around, and just enjoying the city (and some of the small towns outside of the city too). It was my Mum’s birthday, so this was a ma + pa + daniel + gemma getaway. I’ll get to the details of what we did, what we saw, favourite spots, and tons of photos in the next week or so, but in… Read more »

As you know, I recently got back from a girls trip to Nicaragua. It was amazing. Firstly because the country is lovely (more on that below) and secondly because I just love my girlfriends. They are two of my most favourite people in the world, and it was so good to reconnect with them and get them all to myself for 10 days (they live out on the west coast of Canada, so I rarely get to see them). I… Read more »

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, the hubby and I had a mini-holiday in Washington D.C. last weekend. Neither of us had been there before, so it was a full three days of strolling around, eating tons of great food, sitting in cafes, seeing the monuments and just taking it all in. We started off with the most obvious Washington site: The White House. It was actually really sweet – in the “backyard” when we were there, there were beekeepers… Read more »

One of the things I’ve really missed about London since we’ve been back in Ottawa are the beautiful, bright houses we’d walk by on a near-daily basis. My favourites were the ones in the Notting Hill neighbourhood, but you could spot them dotted all around the city. The houses back in Ottawa just aren’t the same. Sure there are lots of stunners, but they usually come in the beige/brown/brick variety. Well similarly to my rainbow coloured doors post of yesteryear, here is… Read more »

So Dan and I went on another little adventure last week. I know — we’re totally travel spoiled right now (check out our other recent trips to Italy, Spain and Morocco) — but since we only have a few months left living in London we have to take advantage of all the amazing nearby places to explore! Plus, this trip was extra cheap as it was connected with a work trip for Dan. He had some training to go to… Read more »