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project reno: the main floor layout

17th February 2015

When we decided to build up on our bungalow, it made sense to take down all the walls in the main floor to get an open concept living space. We didn’t need the bedrooms down there anymore since we would have plenty upstairs, and we didn’t want it to feel pokey or like it had been added on to.

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

I need to film a house tour for you guys soon, to give you a better sense of how everything flows. Here is a totally-not-to-scale floorplan of what the bungalow used to look like:

rowanwood - floor plan

And here it is on our design drawings. Way more profesh. It looks a lot more square now, thanks to the garage added onto the left side.

main floor layout


As you have seen, the kitchen stayed in the same spot but we moved the front door over to get more of an entryway area. What had been the living/dining room in the old house, is now our dining area. Down the road, we would like to have a bigger table in that space — something that would seat 8 or 10 people. And obviously once we have curtains, a rug, and other decor, it will help define that space better. Right now it’s a little bit like a table floating in the middle of the house, covered in reno junk.

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

Across from the dining area is the side wall that used to be part of our hallway. It houses the side entrance (that leads to the basement and the garage), our main floor bathroom, and a new broom closet on the left. This photo was taken a while ago (pre-door hanging), but you get the idea.

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

Then moving down into the back of the house, in what was our master bedroom, we now have the new living room. We put in a patio door – the biggest we could afford – to help maximise the connectedness to the backyard. We would have loved an accordion style door that opens right up in the summertime, but those cost some serious dolla dolla bills. Having this door to the backyard is a huge game-changer for our house, as you used to have to exit through the side door and then walk around to the backyard. There was no patio or deck back there, so we really didn’t make enough use of the space. Now with this doorway leading out onto a deck (we will be building that in the spring), we hope to spend way more time outside.

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

We pushed out from where Maya’s nursery (slash office) had been and moved it over into the new attached garage. That space will eventually become our home office (right now it is acting as a put-the-junk-in-there-and-close-the-door kind of space).

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

The new staircase is in the spot where we used to have a linen closet and partly into where Maya’s room used to be. We looked at having the staircase in other spots so that our living room could be a bit more open, but none of them quite worked or made as much sense. Staircases take up a surprising amount of room. It means that we have this nook at the back of the living room, which we will utilize as a little play space. We’re making a mini door under the stairs to hold toys. Maybe eventually make it a little secret hiding space? Wouldn’t that be fun?

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

And then let’s turn around again to that living room. We REALLY wanted a gas fireplace in the house, both for the cozy factor and to help with heating, so we worked that in to our plans from the very beginning. We had it installed by a local fireplace company, and then I drew up some plans for built-in shelving around it.

house reno: main floor layout ideas - via the sweetest digs

Now that this has all happened, it’s crazy to stand on the main floor and think that this space had been our entire house. Although it did feel as though it was getting small for us, it had clearly been really well designed and made such efficient use of the space.

I’ll be back later in the week to give you an update on the fireplace built ins. They are really coming together and I’m in loooove.

Hope you guys had a good weekend! It was “family day” here yesterday in Ontario. Dan didn’t get it off work sadly, but I had a chance to hunker down for the day with Maya. We are over some serious cold/flu viruses we had been battling, so it was nice to relax and play together. I’m totally ready for winter to be over though. This deep freeze we have been in is depressing. Come on, spring!


2014: year in review

1st January 2015

Holy smokes, how is it 2015 already? Feels totally crazy to me. Time seems to be whizzing by at lightning speed. Well, happy new year, you guys!! Just as we are saying goodbye to 2014, I thought I would take a little look back at the year on the blog.

I have a bunch of favourite posts and projects from 2014. In no particular order …

These DIY gold and white jewellery stands were easy to do and continue to look gorgeous. I still love gold and still love swiss crosses… can’t get me off those trends yet. 

Unfortunately this stair runner using IKEA ‘soften’ throw rugs hasn’t made it through our renovation, which is terribly sad because I loved it. Definitely a favourite project from 2014.  make-a-gorgeous-DIY-stair-runner-using-IKEA-rugs-and-upholster-nailsI had so much fun making over this nursery for a friend/client. It’s full of handmade touches and clever ideas, like this little nook where we used IKEA Ribba picture ledges for kids books. nursery-bookshelves-using-IKEA-Ribba-picture-ledges-via-the-sweetest-digsAnd the bunkie! This was definitely one of *the* projects of 2014 for me. A major makeover transforming a tool shed into this nautical retreat at my parents’ cottage.


Although I thought this was going to end up as a major craft fail, this burlap ribbon table runner ended up being quite darling.


And this was a recent one, but these felt pennants are all kinds of cute. I’m ready to whip out a dozen more because they were so easy and fun to do.


One new thing I did this year was style a few weddings. I rent out vintage stuff for various weddings and events, but I hadn’t ever taken on an official stylist role until this year. Let me tell you — it was so my jam. I can’t see myself ever doing it full time, but I do have a few weddings lined up to style for 2015 already. Fun.

This gold + pink wedding was glitzy and gorgeous.


And this more vintage-inspired wedding, full of greenery, was a beaut. Plus, it was my girlfriend Courntey’s wedding – so double fun.


Continuing on the event trend for a sec, one of my favourite events of 2014 was definitely Maya’s 1st birthday party. It was full of friends, family, and fun. We did a time capsule, smash cake, and this polaroid wall of ‘firsts’ at the party.


I also posted a little about parenthood in 2014. My post on my struggles with breastfeeding ended up being hugely popular with a lot of readers. Obviously this is an issue that deserves more discussion!


Other popular parenthood posts this year included my follow up post about pumping, and my top 10 tips to support a new mom (or generally, new parent).

top-ten-tips-to-support-a-new-momAnd obviously – the most major thing that we took on in 2014 has been our whole house renovation. We had been dreaming and planning this large scale renovation for several years and decided it was the right time to pull the trigger. It has been a whirlwind 6 months living out with my parents and managing this reno, but we are in the home stretch now and it feels amazing.

I did a last tour of the bungalow, which makes me all kinds of sappy. As much as I’m excited about our larger, more family-friendly home, I did love our little space.


This pretty much sums up our 2014.

What a great year! We also had lots of personal fun things like travelling to Puerto Rico and England, spending several weeks in the Adirondacks, re-branding my shop and starting to sell in craft fairs and in retail, Dan continuing to enjoy and be challenged by his work, and lots of fun with our now walking and talking toddler. There were a lot of firsts in 2014 for our little lady!

In terms of the blog, I hope to make this coming year my best yet. Heck – I have a whole house to do – there is going to be a serious amount of DIY and decorating projects! I have like 10 moodboards floating around in my head at all times and new ideas popping up constantly. I can’t wait to really get started. I’m going to need your input, guys! I also hope to continue to weave in stories of our family life, of parenthood, and maybe a little more “lifestyle” stuff like food, fashion, etc. Thank you so much for coming by this little corner of the internet. I so appreciate you guys — you’re the best!! It’s why I love blogging so much and continue to do it. Seriously, if it weren’t for all of you reading and commenting, I wouldn’t be here. So thanks. Happy new year, darlings! Let’s make it a great one. xo.


getting a house Christmas present with RBC Rewards

10th December 2014

I have chatted before about my experience with RBC – well, with a seriously tight budget for Christmas this year, I thought about those points that we had been accumulating. It seems like the right time to put them into use.

The house is getting really close to the move-in point, which has me all kinds of excited. Is it weird that I kind of want to get the house a Christmas present? I’m all, “Hey dream house, merry christmas! welcome to the family!”. I told you – a little weird.


We usually use our points for travel, but RBC Rewards also has a big selection of products that can be purchased using their points, too. Think Kate Spade, KitchenAid, Apple, Future Shop and Best Buy items, and so many others. Here are some of the things that I have on my house christmas present wish list this year.

I love these fizzy water machines.

ProductImage (1)

This kettle is a classic and way cuter than the white plastic one I have. I love the cheery colour, don’t you?ProductImage

Now that we have more floors + rooms, my one Tivoli radio won’t quite do it. This bluetooth Bose speaker looks pretty snazzy and Dan says it has amazing sound.

ProductImage (2)

And if I was gifting myself? This rose gold and white watch by Michael Kors is a stunner. Is giving yourself a Christmas gift a thing? I’d like to start.ProductImage (3)

Maya isn’t quite old enough for it yet, but I’m totally digging this workbench by Melissa & Doug. Gotta get her DIY skills underway so she can help mum and dad around the house.ProductImage (5)

You can check out everything RBC has to offer through points here through their holiday destination guide. And I mentioned it before, but if you shop through the RBC Rewards eMall, you earn bonus points on every item purchased. More points = more presents or travel, which sounds pretty sweet in my books.

Are you guys points collectors? Ever used them to purchase gifts? Am I the only one who wants to get my house a Christmas present? Probably, huh?

This post was brought to you by RBC Rewards, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit RBC Rewards.


thrift store makeover: chalkboard paint + a globe

10th November 2014

When I had my black chalkboard paint out the other weekend – remember how I gave this tray a makeover? – I did another quickie DIY project on a globe I had picked up at the thrift store. Apparently I was on some kind of chalkboard paint kick?

Here was the globe pre-painting. I really liked the vintage colours of the globe itself, but wasn’t so crazy about the faux wood base. It doesn’t look too terrible in these photos, but in person it was definitely erring on the side of tacky. Plus it was all scratched up.

IMG_20140928_102731 IMG_20140928_102800

It took two coats of black chalkboard paint that I applied with a small brush. No sanding or priming necessary. I was careful so I didn’t need to tape anything out. Then as with any chalkboard paint application, after it has dried, you want to cover the paint in a layer of chalk for a few mins, then rub off. This “sets” the chalkboard paint so that the first message you write on doesn’t leave an imprint forever. I usually try and do this with the side of a piece of chalk, but this base was tricky to get at so I just had to lightly draw all over it.

DSC_0010After I rubbed off the first layer, I decided to write a little message. Ideas included “adventure”, “travel”, “see the world”, “oyster”, etc, but in the end settled on “Explore”.

Nothing fancy – just my handwriting and an arrow to loop around.


The fun thing is that you can totally switch up the message over time, or just leave the base black. Kinda has a cool library vibe, don’t you think? It’ll definitely be making it up onto the built in shelves that we are planning in the main floor office.

Have you used chalkboard paint on unconventional items? I have been on a total kick. I just love the matte texture, even if you don’t use it to actually write on. Now, what to paint next ….


giving thanks

14th October 2014

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and in our neck of the woods, it lived up to its expectation of a beautiful Fall weekend. Leaves have turned into bright reds and oranges, the sun was out, the air was crisp, and it was just a gorgeous weekend to be outside. Unfortunately our little girl had a fever for the first two days of the long weekend, so we were house-bound, but on Sunday we got out to our family cottage for one day and night. And were we ever glad we did…

DSC_1074 DSC_1078

We have so much to be thankful for. Our happy, growing girl, our health, wonderful family, amazing friends, a home that we are making perfectly ours, jobs that we enjoy, and each other. It is nice to have a holiday that makes you reflect on the larger picture. It is easy to get wrapped up in the small struggles of the everyday sometimes, but when you take a step back, it is so easy to see how amazingly lucky we are. DSC_1105Sidenote, have I ever mentioned that Maya is super strong? Like if I’m trying to take something out of her hands, it’s a major tug of war. And I don’t always win.

This pumpkin? Totes no big deal. She’s all, “What, this? No biggie, ma. Now what?” DSC_1133



Taking inspiration from the outdoors, thanksgiving table decorations were easy to put together.

A palette of wood tones + gold + white candles + linen = perfection. Throw it on a black tablecloth for some drama like I did, or use a burlap table cloth for an even more earthy vibe.
DSC_1159 These leaves were cut out of a copper coloured aluminum foil, but you could also just grab leaves from outside and place them down the middle of the table. Really simple, but creates a beautiful, warm table, don’t you think?

DSC_1162Sources: ‘Thanks’ napkins, Script Bowl, Round Wood board, Stoneware Plate. All from Chapters Indigo. They have gorgeous stuff, hey?

Oh and do you follow me on instagram (I would love it if you did!!)? Anyway, I posted the latest house pic last week. Beginnings of a porch! Stone along the front bottom of the house! Progress is happening.

IMG_20141009_135448And while I’m going on about thankfulness, I should also just mention how grateful I am for all of you who pop in here. Your support, comments, “likes”, and emails are what make this whole blogging thing so much fun. I really (really!) appreciate all of you. Thank you. 


DIY cardboard tube crafts via the sweetest digs

Viva paper towels + cardboard tube crafts!

13th October 2014

Since Maya started eating solids at 6 months, it has progressively become a more and more messy affair. We went from feeding her purees in a neat and tidy way, to finger foods which she loves to squish into her high chair and occasionally drop on the floor, and now we are at the stage of letting her have at it with her own spoon. A bath is usually pretty necessary every evening around this place.

This was at the beginning of a meal. I’m pretty sure some of that yogurt made it into her hair by the end…


I had been using a wet washcloth to wipe down the high chair tray, but it always got all full of squished food and I was having to throw it into the wash every other day. So I started to get into the routine of using paper towel to wipe down the tray first and pick up all of the bits, and then usually go over it again with a washcloth quickly afterwards. Are you guys paper towel users? We actually almost never used them until our little monkey showed up. But how can you get mad at that face?


I tried out the new Viva(R) Vantage* Choose-A-Sheet* Towels with V-Flex* Weave  recently and was super impressed.


The sheets are nice and thick and are more textured than the paper towel we had been using previously. I found that I didn’t even need to go over the high chair with a washcloth after using these towels. Anything that makes clean up easier for a parent of a messy toddler is a win in my books.


The nice thing is that they have this stretch capacity, so it can really make it over any surface. Like into all of the nooks and crannies of the high chair. And the thickness means that it soaks up everything in one go. You don’t need multiple sheets for a cleanup.

Oh, and the other fun thing? All of the crafts you can make with leftover cardboard tubes! Seriously, who knew, right? I so want to make those colourful fish.

DIY cardboard tube crafts via the sweetest digs

Sources: 1. japanese flying carp (ie. fish), 2. castle 3. advent calendar, 4. cardboard tube christmas ornaments, 5. DIY Honeycomb wreath.

Viva paper towels are available at most large grocery and department stores. Keep your eyes peeled for them, and head on over here to get a $1 off coupon!

This post was brought to you by Viva® Vantage*, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit

DIY vintage window seating chart - the sweetest digs1 (small)

DIY wedding: vintage window seating chart

22nd September 2014

Do you remember that old 6-pane window that I turned into a picture frame, and then painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint and gifted it to my brother and sister-in-law for their nursery? Well, before it ended up on baby Mae’s walls, it also moonlighted as a vintage window seating chart at my girlfriend’s wedding.

DIY vintage window seating chart - the sweetest digs1 (small)

Here it was after my original makeover (see that tutorial for how to add wire for hanging photos). DIY vintage window turned picture frame

And then where it ended up in baby Mae’s nursery. DIY vintage window picture frame - the sweetest digs

But let’s back up to the seating chart. My girl Courtney was getting married, and had decided on elements like vintage blue mason jars, old hardcover books, and beautiful succulents for her wedding decor. I knew the vintage window would fit in perfectly. I pretty much forced myself as her wedding stylist along with another pal, Caroline, so I took over the seating chart duties.

To make the little sheets that would hang in the window panes, I grabbed some cream coloured cardstock and downloaded the “Travelling Typwriter” font. Instead of doing a sheet of paper per table, since there weren’t 6 tables, I organized all of the names alphabetically and then identified the table number beside their name. So it looked like this: “Name…………………. Table No”.


Then it was just a matter of printing and cutting out the sheets of paper and clipping them onto the wire. Here is a pic I snapped on my phone that night. You’ll see I also made a “Name & Table No” piece for the top, and a “Find your seat” sheet to sit on the wine barrel. The whole thing took very little time to make and looked pretty darling. DIY vintage window seating chart - the sweetest digs2

And here is a much more beautiful photo, care of their lovely photographer Findley FotoDIY vintage window seating chart - the sweetest digs1

More photos of their gorgeous day to come later this week!

Okay seriously, vintage windows … you can use them in so many different ways, hey? Don’t hesitate to ever grab these on the side of the road if you ever see them in someone’s garbage. Junkyard gold. 


Getting sleepy

1st May 2014

**This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Carpetright**

Let’s have some pillow talk today, guys. I’m curious – what size of bed do you guys have in your bedroom? Single, twin, double, queen, king, california king?

I had a single bed until I was about 14 and then changed rooms and graduated to a double. I did the double bed thing all through University, and in my first post-Uni apartment with Dan. In that little apartment Dan and I had, you couldn’t have fit anything bigger than a double, and since we are both fairly tall and really like our space when we sleep, we couldn’t wait to upgrade. Our very first purchase after we bought our house was a king size bed. Go big or go home, right? And let me tell you, it’s ah-mazing. When you just want to get some good sleep and not feel your partner tossing and turning, or get away from some snoring, a big bed is the best. I totally commend couples who sleep in small beds, but man, I like my uninterrupted sleep. If I go to bed early, Dan can come in hours later and totally not wake me up. As a light sleeper, this has been amazing. And plus, there is so much room to bring Maya in and have a good family snuggle! I can totally imagine her, and a future brother/sister, coming in on weekend mornings and jumping on the bed to wake us up.


We bought a medium firmness pillow-top mattress and it has made the bed so ridiculously comfortable. Even when I’m at a hotel, I usually still can’t wait to get home to my own bed.

Carpetright, a leading UK retailer for floor materials and beds, has a huge selection of mattresses available online. From memory foam, to orthopaedic, to ones with temperature control, there are a ton to choose from. The only thing I wish we had done differently when purchasing ours was to go for something made with more natural, organic materials.

Okay so tell me – what size of bed do you have? Do you love it? 

**This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Carpetright**

easter egg- edited

repost: an easy easter garland (with paint chips!)

15th April 2014

The fact that I’m very much a “real time” blogger means that on weeks like this, when the baby has been sick for 6 days and I have been bogged down with trying to get permits and paperwork in order for our reno (+ taxes, etsy business, and other regular life stuff), I just don’t have any content to post. Ugh – sorry guys! My poor monkey has had a fever, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, and a crazy terrible diaper rash. She is on the mend, but it’s been a doozy.

As you can imagine, I haven’t done much to decorate for Easter this year. But I did pull out my easter egg garland that I whipped up last year using leftover paint chips. It’s so simple and still one of my favourite little holiday decorations. Check out the full post here for the tutorial.

easter egg- edited

Have you guys done any leftover paint chip projects? Doing anything to get ready for Easter?


we’re baaaack!

11th March 2014

Sorry to have totally dropped off for the last 10 days or so, guys! Can you guess where we were? Puerto Ricooooo (for some reason I always need to say this with my terrible spanish accent and lots of emphasis on the “oooo”! Ha)! One of my best girlfriends was getting married and I was in the wedding party, so it was a fabulous excuse to jet off for a week of fun in the sun.

I had full intentions of publishing some blog posts last week, but completely forgot my power cord to my computer. In the end, that was probably a great thing as it meant I could only occasionally check my email via phone, and instead did a whole lot of this.


Not too shabby.

Today I am getting life back in order here – groceries, laundry, etc – but will pop back in later this week with a post or two! Catch you then!

Oh and in other news, I entered East Coast Creative’s “Crafting with the Stars” series here. There is no way I’ll make it to the top 12… but you need to head over and check out the other entries. There are SO many amazing projects you guys. Seriously. But if you want to show this girl some love, head on over and click on my entry — #144, plus also enter yourself for their giveaway for a Punta Cana vacay. Uhhh hello! Amazing giveaway, right?