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collin’s condo redesign: the after part 2

Alright folks, you saw the after pics of the living room of my recent condo redesign project earlier this week, so I’m back with the rest (check out all the before shots here).

Here is the kitchen in all it’s after glory. Not too much changed here (the cabinets and finishes were already great), but we needed to amp up the cozy factor. I added artwork (photos, a Homesense find, and notice the chevron canvas which was a recent DIY project?). The canvas actually covers up an ugly electrical box on that wall. If you have a feature like that in your place, a canvas is a great custom way to mask it (you can find all sorts of sizes at your local arts shop).

The barstools were a favourite find of mine. I love the pop of white and chrome, and they are oh-so-comfortable (purchased for $118 on sale at Blueprint Home). The leather also means that they are easy to keep clean and will age well.

There is a small den in a nook off the main living room. I put in a sleeper sofa and this bookcase to make it feel more like a library. By day it is a sweet reading space, but at night can be turned into a guest suite at a moment’s notice.

Collin (the condo owner) didn’t have a lot of things to display other than books, so I went out to our local thrift shop, spent $30, and came up with a bunch of “chachkies” (the globe, vases, candle holders, etc). They add some interest to the bookcase styling, and he can replace them over time with more meaningful items.

The bedroom was a sore spot when we started. It was an icy baby blue that didn’t add any warmth or maturity to the space, and all of the furniture was hand-me-down and ready to be donated. See what I mean?

I kept the space fairly minimal and more masculine than the living room, but the end result is nice and crisp. I went for a warm gray on the walls, replaced the old furniture with IKEA pieces, added cozy bedding, some artwork including the big piece above the bed (again from HomeSense – hello, affordable!), and some bookshelves.

The bathroom (which leads right off the bedroom) had been originally painted the same icy blue. Again it felt cold, especially with the black floors in that space. We wanted to add a pop of colour, so an earthy lime green was just the ticket. It adds the pop, some warmth, and just makes the bathroom feel more fun.

So there is it – a redesigned condo. I think I can safely say that the owner loved the end result and feels much more at home now in his new space. I can also attest to the fact that it is a fab space for entertaining (a few dinner parties have already taken place!).

If you are looking to re-decorate your space, feel free to drop me an email to thesweetestdigs@gmail.com. I’d be happy to help!

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  • I love the bedroom! The artwork is perfect in there. Very dramatic.

    • gemma

      Glad to hear that – it’s what we were going for. Thanks!


  • Ginny Gonneau

    Love the bedroom too! We have the same duvet cover :)

    Space looks very warm and well put together. Great job!

  • I really like the cushions on the bed, and am so jealous you found a cheap globe – we have been looking everywhere for one of those. xox

  • this looks wonderful. Great job!

  • love the green in the bathroom! I always feel that is a modern color. Great work with the whole condo!

  • Wow it all looks so fantastic! Great finds :)

  • Kim

    The condo looks amazing now! Great job! I really love the lime green in the bathroom.

    • gemma

      thanks kim!! I love that green too :)


  • Bradley

    I’m 99% sure that’s my copy of the End of Poverty on that shelf.

  • Lisa Dolson

    It turned out so well! I can’t believe that this was the result of your own hard work, amazing!