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holiday decorating: an oldie but a goody

Okay so I have a little confession to make. Maya and I have jetted off to sunny Florida for the month! This is the year of Christmas with my in-laws (we rotate each year) and they do Christmas in Sanibel, FL where they own a home near my grandmother-in-law. Since I’m on maternity leave, I figured I would be crazy not to come down early to get some extra time in the warm sun. My parents came down with me to keep me company for these first two weeks, and then Dan and his family head down later in December (and we are having folks house-sit our place). So as much as I love doing all the holiday stuff and decorating the house, I’m taking a break from it this year and doing a little bit more of this…


Maya’s first time in the pool (we have been taking her around dinnertime to avoid the sun). She was a little unsure, but didn’t make a peep and just bobbed around!

I am still smitten with one of my holiday crafts from last year though, so I thought I would re-post it this year. It’s one of those simple, cheap, but oh-so-sweet decor projects.  Here it is…

<<from 2012>>

I saw some mason jar snow globes floating around on Pinterest lately and was totally swooning. Love of mason jars + love of christmas + love of all things crafty = a lot of love.

So I thought I would try my hand at these bad boys to amp up the festiveness around here. I decided to take the easy route and nix the real snow-globe with water and all that jazz (I did see tutorials out there for those though), and just decided to do little winter scenes.

First step was to do a trip to the dollar store for supplies. I grabbed some gold mini christmas trees, two different white ‘fillers’ (beads and styrofoam balls), and some little animals.

I wasn’t really sure if the animals would fit, but grabbed them just in case.

After I had a chance to test everything out, the only things that fit into my mason jars were the christmas trees and the small Bambi. The polar bears and other guys are going to have to be just decorative (unless I find some gigantic mason jars!).

So time to do some assembling. I decided to try doing the mason jars two different ways. First way was to put some hot glue on the bottom of the item (like the Christmas tree below)…

… and then place it in the mason jar, right way up.

My second approach was to hot glue the item onto the bottom of the mason jar lid. This way the jar would be sitting on its top and be more snow globe-y.

Before screwing the lids back on, I poured in some of the vase filler (either the beads or the balls – doesn’t matter which you use) as the snow. And here is how they ended up! Aren’t they sweet?

I think I like the ones that sit wrong side up as they seem more like true snow globes and are easier to see into. I’m totally loving this project. It took all of 15 minutes, cost less than $10 for all 3 (and I have leftover supplies), and adds a little injection of holiday sparkle (in a not-too-over-the-top kind of way).

Cute, right?

Today’s post was part of the 613 holiday special series (613 is the Ottawa area code – hey ottawa peeps!) – all about holiday decorating.

613 holiday special

Now join us five Ottawa bloggers as we set our tables, deck our halls & try to survive the holiday season with style & cheer. Grab your eggnog and toast to the season with us every Monday until Dec 23rd. Happy Holidays! 
Meredith & Sue @ newberrysykes.com
Gemma @ thesweetestdigs.com (me!)


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  • Best. Confession. Ever! It’s snowing here today and that pool looks like an oasis! What a great sounding vacation. And cute snowglobes. I tried to upgrade mine this year with water and well, I added too much gelatin and now I have pretty solid snowglobs. #snowglobefail!

    • gemma

      Hahah oh dear!! Yeah I didn’t want to attempt the real deal… the gelatin had me nervous!


  • I’m totally going to make some of those with my kids, they’ll love them! And I’m so jealous that you are in Florida. It’s snowing in the 613 today! p.s. love Maya’s bathing suit – my Regan had a couple of navy & white ones when she was little and they were so cute :)

  • Such a sweet picture of the two of you! Enjoy Florida – lucky, lucky! :)

  • andrea

    cuuuuuuuuute swimsuit ;)
    you look like you’re enjoying the sun! can’t wait to see you all in the new year. xo

    • gemma

      Hahah I love that suit! One of my fave hand-me-downs from two special little gals :)


  • Wow, that looks wonderful, especially as we are watching the white stuff come down here in Ottawa today. These little snow globes are so cute, I think they would be perfect for the kids to help out with. Adorable!

  • jackie

    uh, i’m choking with envy so i didn’t notice the rest of the post! i can’t think of a better way to be on mat leave than avoiding what for us, has been blizzards and -40 weather out west. BOO! (but have a blast!)

    • gemma

      Oh no!! That does not sound like fun weather. Hope it warms up a bit soon, Jackie!


  • Catherine

    GOOD FOR YOU!! Enjoy !!! I’m so envious!!

    Léa had the same first bathing suit! So cute!!

    • gemma

      Oh my goodness I love it – it was one of my favourite hand me downs :)


  • God Bless the dollar store! Love this adorable project. I hear ya, that baby needs mama love and take advantage of the maternity leave. Just let me know when I can pack my bag for Florida ;)

    • gemma

      Haha you are welcome anytime, A! If only I could stretch this out to cover the whole winter… not looking forward to Jan + Feb!


  • That project is worth a repeat :) Have fun in Florida!

    • gemma

      Thanks Jen!!