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house tour: it’s all in the details

Alright fasten your seatbelts folks, we’re going on a little house tour.

Enter the lovely apartment of my brother-in-law, Doug and girlfriend, Ginny. Their apartment is located in a trendy Toronto neighbourhood and is packed with charm. For me, the beauty of their place is in all the little details.

First thing upon entering are these vintage keys hanging up on the wall. So sweet.

For their dining room, Ginny found an old booth seat from a bar that was closing down and snagged it for pennies. Then she hunted down some durable fabric and had it professionally reupholstered. It is definitely one of those pieces that makes the room – it’s super funky and provides tons of seating space.

Ginny has a thing for jewellery (she’s a stella + dot stylist!), so there are gorgeous bobbles all around their pad. So pretty.

Their kitchen is a totally cool space. Yes it’s small and none of the fixtures are great, but by adding the chalkboard paint to the wall (aren’t those drawn-on frames cute?), the red mirrors, and the hanging pot rack, the space becomes so fun and inviting.

The bathroom is another space full of sweet little touches. They added the chandelier and the pops of orange to what was a boring blue bathroom. Those two canvasses are simply covered in fabric that Ginny picked up – making inexpensive but effective artwork.

The living room is mostly white and gray and feels super light, bright and airy. The two big bookshelves flanking the couch is a great way to add some storage without overpowering the room. And those cubes that are acting as a coffee table can double as extra seating when they’ve got a bunch of  people over. Smart ideas for small spaces!

They have also added a small desk on one side of the room, which allows the space to do double duty as an office.

I was kinda digging this old retro vanity and chair of Ginny’s — again, full of cute bobbles and hats and all sorts of goodies. Notice how she uses little china tea cups to hold her jewellery? Cute, right?

Thanks for the tour, you two!!

What do you guys think? Haven’t they done a nice job of injecting their personality into the space with fun details? Their projects are definitely affordable ones, and are mostly things you can easily do in a rental space. Have you guys been painting any chalkboard walls or DIYing some art lately? 

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  • Courtney

    Great home, Ginny & Doug! You’ve made it into a very cozy and cute place! :)

  • Wendy

    I had a chance to visit Ginny and Doug last summer. Their rooftop bbq deck area was pretty special as well. They have done a lovely job and so have you in depicting it so well. I enjoyed the revisit. Keep up the good work everyone!!!! An old decorator and Aunie…Wendy

    • gemma

      Yes, their rooftop is definitely a great outdoor space! Unfortunately this photoshoot happened in the middle of winter, so the patio was out of commission… next time!


  • Irene Gonneau

    Love the visual narrated tour. You picked out all the DEATILS i love about their house. Ginny and Doug are masters at over hauling their homes into quaint environments. Every house they move into get’s a new design with an added touch of lessons learned from the previous home:)
    P.S Gemma i read your website all the time and i enjoy what you write about and how you write about it. Thanks for adding a touch of design flare to my life:)

    • gemma

      I couldn’t agree more, Irene! So glad to hear that the sweetest digs has added a touch of design flare to your life :) That made my day!


  • Auntie Lori

    What an absolutely charming space you two have made…..thanks for the tour….Auntie Lori

  • Maranda

    Wow! You two have done such great work with your pad. gorgeous. :)

  • Debi

    Just loved the tour! It is after midnite at the moment, but I want to take out all my teacups and saucers to place here and there….Also would like to retrieve the chandelier that went to the dump!! So many wonderful ideas that just pull together to make a beautiful and comfy home for the two of you! Congrats on having such a wonderful talent!

  • I have the best family! Thanks so much for all your comments. I love you guys.

    A few interesting notes, the beautiful upholstery fabric on the booth seat was given to me by my Auntie Wendy (she’d been saving it for years for a special project and gave it to me!). Also, the gorgeous 3/4 size antique bed frame in our bedroom was given to me by my Auntie Lori (it was her partner Niel’s bed when he was little!).

    Doug and I could not have done what we did with our apartment without the love and help from our families who both have helped us out a ton since we moved in (and who also lifted a ton!). As always, my sister-in-law’s Gemma and Alexandra are huge source of inspiration.

    Thanks again Gem for touring our place xo

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