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DIY painted driftwood hanger

I’m always on the look-out for eye-catching ways of hanging necklaces, scarves, and other favourite things. So much nicer than stuffing them in a drawer, right? I had a piece of driftwood laying around from a previous project, that I was dyyyying to do something with, so I put together a DIY painted driftwood hanger. It’s a crazy easy DIY… I promise that any of you could pull this off no probs.

First step is to find your piece of driftwood. Got kids? Make it an activity on your next walk in the woods! “Who can find mummy the best piece of driftwood?” Ha!

Once found, next up is to smooth out your piece with some sandpaper, if necessary. Mine had a few gnarly, flaky spots, but turned into a lovely soft piece after some sanding.

1 driftwood hanger

Then you want to use some painter’s tape to tape off some stripes. I did different widths and wasn’t too careful about where I was placing them. It’s nice if it looks a bit random.

I started out with white and gold paint, but you can totally customize to whatever colours suit you.
2 driftwood hanger

Once you remove the tape, you’ll be left with some stripes. Then you can free-handed a few more stripes (in between two painter’s tape ones is good so that you have straight lines to conform to), and then add some triangles and/or a zig zag. You don’t need to be too perfect…. just have fun. I stuck with a colour scheme of white/gold/black/pink/teal.

Next up is to screw in your hooks (purchased in a pack at the hardware store) by hand. You need to apply a bit of force, and use any cracks in the driftwood to your advantage. I had one long crack down my piece, so I used it as a guide for my hooks. Just maybe hold the piece of driftwood up against the wall before screwing in the hooks, to be sure that it can still lay flat.3 driftwood hangerThen it’s just a matter of hanging it up. I used a simple string looped around both ends of the stick and then hung it from a finishing nail, but you could also screw the stick into the wall or hang using whatever method you prefer. It might vary a bit depending on how sturdy you want it to be.

9 driftwood hanger

5 driftwood hanger

Rather than just being storage, it totally turned into a piece of artwork!

7 driftwood hangerDIY painted driftwood hanger

Easy project, lovely result. Those are the best kind, don’t you think?

FYI – this project will be featured in the spring/summer issue of Merry Mag, which is hitting the internet on Monday!! Stay tuned … it’s going to be PACKED with loads of amazing ideas and inspiration from a group of amazing bloggers (seriously, I’m in incredible company…!).

If you’re looking for other jewelry organization ideas, you might want to check out the DIY gold and white jewelry stands that I still use and LOVE, the industrial style necklace holders I made out of pipe, and the chalkboard tray for organizing your smaller baubles.

How do you guys organize your jewelry at home? Ever done a project with driftwood?


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  • Lauren

    Super cute idea, I have a ton of long necklaces and nothing is long enough, but this would work. Did you also DIY the aqua and gold drawer unit?

    • Yes this would totally work! You could also do regular hooks on a barn board or something for super long necklaces – I’ve done that in the past as well.

      And yes, I did! It was a yard sale find that I transformed. Will be posting about it on the blog shortly!!


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