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master bedroom mini-makeover: final update

So over the last month or so I have posted about some of the small updates I was doing to our bedroom to give it a bit of a makeover, getting it closer to what I ultimately want it to look like. I started off by painting the room (twice!), which you can read about here. Then I added some super budget DIY artwork (see that post here). The next thing I did was install some blinds and curtains here. The last item on my “mini makeover” list was to change the seriously awful lighting. It was really harsh track lighting from I don’t know how long ago. Not soothing, not pretty, and certainly not romantic. I would have loved to dish out for a big beautiful pendant light or something else extravagant, but the budget was meager, so onto craigslist/kijiji I went. I wasn’t thinking of doing another chandelier, but when I saw this one on kijiji for $30, I just couldn’t resist.

I picked up my new light, brought it home and went straight for my can of spray paint. Before I could get too spray-happy, I had to remove all the little crystal bobbles and lightbulbs. It took quite a few coats of black Krylon spray paint to get everything covered, but it was so easy-peasy.

My trusty man (“handyman dan” I’ve been calling him), helped me take off the old light and hang the new one up.


I couldn’t be happier – the new light really makes a huge difference to the feel of the whole room.  The first night it was up we kept looking up at this fancy-shmancy chandelier and thinking we were in a luxurious hotel room!

And there you have it, the last of the mini-master bedroom makeover series which turned our bedroom from THIS:

.. into THIS:

Of course I still have other things on the list — a headboard, bigger and more colourful night-side table lamps, and a rug — but for now, I am sleeping soundly in this cozy room.

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  • nadinethornhill

    Gemma, your mad DIY skills never cease to amaze and inspire!

  • LOVE your new chandelier, Gemma! It looks absolutely stunning — what a find!!

    • Thanks Amanda — I love your blog! Will be popping by often…


  • Laura

    This looks lovely. I’ve been poking around your site since you started posting wedding stuff, so I thought I should finally leave a comment ;).

    I’m just being paranoid (how can I not, after living in Christchurch over the past year and a half), so take this with a grain of salt, but I noticed your pictures over the head of the bed. They do look really nice, but if you’re living where I think you are, you’re on an active fault line too. If you want to keep the pictures there, be absolutely sure they’re super secure on the wall. Ditto for any crown moulding you put up – our friend’s came down on his pillow after he’d jumped out of bed. If you get woken in the night by a tremor, the last thing you need is to get bonked in the forehead with the corner of a picture frame! Those of us in Christchurch have discovered that blue tack is wonderful for keeping things in place. We stick it under vases and candle sticks to stick them to surfaces even when the surfaces wobble, but you could put it over the picture hook to help stick the picture frame down. Just don’t put it directly on the wall if you care about leaving grease spots. Here’s to hoping my paranoia is unnecessary!

    Love the blog!


    • gemma

      thanks for the earthquake-friendly tips, Laura!!! we’ll do some blue-tacking for sure.