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my take/her take: thrifted tray gone cute

My pal Tanya, blogger extroadinaire from Dans Le Townhouse, and I have done a little bit of thrifting lately. We decided it would be kinda fun to do a “my take/her take”  on something we could find two of in the thrift shops. We looked around for frames, lamps, or other tchotchkes but were coming up short-handed. Luckily though, Tanya found two metal trays in a “free” pile when she was out garage sale-ing, and snapped ’em up. I popped over to her place to pick mine up and brought it back home for a little DIY action.

Here is what I was starting with.

Although I love Nova-Scotia and was kinda digging the plaid around the edge, it was time to give this bad boy a little makeover.  I debated a few different options – chalkboard tray, stenciling on a pattern, turning it into a little message center, but since I have been working on a friend’s nursery, I seem to have baby rooms on the brain. So, I figured I would do something a little kid friendly.

First up was to prime and spray paint the tray. I used the same primer and cornflower blue colour that I used recently in this mason jar project.

Then I traced and cut out some shapes from leftover scrapbook paper. One in a circle shape for the center of the tray, and the other in a moose. Just a little bit of Canadiana fun.

I used decoupage to glue the pieces of paper to the tray. You want to put a very thin layer on the back of the paper, press it down, and then do a few thin coats on top. Too gooey and you’ll end up with bumps and lumps in your paper. I also did a quick spray of an acrylic sealer, just to make sure it was all set for use.

And this is how it ended up! Just a little fun, with a pop of colour and pattern.

The tray could be used on top of a dresser to corral small little knicks and knacks, or could easily be hung on a wall as artwork.

So, if you have a tray kicking around or see one in a “free stuff” pile, pick it up and do a little decoupage! Easy peasy, with a fun result. Now go on and pop on over to Tanya’s blog to see what she did with her tray… !

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  • Looks great, what a difference!

  • LOVE how yours turned out! The moose is adorable, and still in keeping with the Canadian theme of the tray :)

    This was such a fun idea!! We have to keep our eyes peeled for more goodies for a round two.

  • Looks amazing!

    • gemma

      Thanks Amy! :)


  • So cute! Love the moose. And who doesn’t love a FREE project that also happens to be practical?! Well done. And it was fun to see what you both did.

    • gemma

      Thanks Erin!! It was fun – especially because Tanya and I went in such different directions :) thanks for stopping by!!


  • You two did a great job! I did something similar with Carol from Design Pages, I bought two end tables and she ended up buying one from me and we each painted it differently AND blogged about it!

    • gemma

      Nice!! Great minds think alike, right?? :) Tanya and I may have to branch out to bigger things like side tables too at some point!! Such fun!


  • This is adorable!! I love the moose!! Free is always good too :)

    • gemma

      Totally! Forget the owl and octupus trends, I think the moose is the next big thing! :) ha ha


  • Love it! Simple but such an adorable project! The pop of yellow is pretty awesome! Great job Gemma :)

    • gemma

      Thanks! Yes, I think the pop of yellow is what makes it fun (the more colour the better, when it comes to kids stuff!) :)