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21st November 2014

I thought I would start writing a “friday recap” each week on the blog. What do you guys think? I feel like there are always a million things happening in our life outside of DIY tutorials and room makeovers, and I don’t always remember to tell you folks about them. Also, I would love a more structured spot to share some more favourite links/articles/products that I come across. So anyway, let’s see how it goes, mm’kay?

As always, there has been a flurry of activity happening over at #projecthousereno lately. Some of this week’s highlights?

The James Hardie siding is more or less finished. This pic doesn’t do it justice… you know, with the dumpster on the lawn and unfinished porch and everything… but it gives you a sense of how the house is looking. I’m pretty thrilled with the dark grey + stone combination. We’re getting a white garage door installed, and the porch will have white railings and tapered white columns. Coming together, non?


The drywall is complete in the main, 2nd and 3rd floors (just some left in the basement to do). The drywall guys are actually just getting ready to spray prime it as I type this. I am jonesing to get painting and decorating.


I posted this pic of my future loft studio Instagram this week (loft? dreams do come true!!). Follow me on there if you don’t already (@thesweetest digs) for the latest on house progress and other fun stuff.IMG_20141113_152849 IMG_20141113_153220

We are still hopeful that we will be moving in around Christmastime. Dan has 2 weeks off of work around the holidays, so we figured it would be a good time to get settled back in our home. Bathrooms and things like that won’t be complete, but we’re cool to live in mid-project spaces. Plus, then we are actually THERE on a regular basis and able to work on the finishings.

I am constantly out picking up and choosing items for the house (the latest has been doors – SO MANY DOORS – and tile). Anyway, on one of my trips this week I happened to stumble on the rugs at Home Depot and came across this guy. Those wide black and white stripes on a flatweave? Can you say love? I have it mentally bookmarked on my wish-list.


Maya got over her “hand, foot and mouth” disease that she had recently (I didn’t even know that was a thing?!). Luckily she had a pretty mild case, but it meant we had to keep her out of daycare for over a week as it’s super viral. As you can imagine, my emails and work totally piled up as a result. I think I have a few late nights ahead of me next week to get through things.

Despite feeling a bit under the weather, the girl is all kinds of stylish. Of course she would not keep those sunglasses on her head for a second this summer, but now that it’s winter? The girl loves ‘em.


Oh, and tomorrow I’m participating in the Heart, Home, Handmade craft fair in Ottawa, selling my prints. If you’re local, drop by and say hello. The admission is free!

craft fair

Speaking of my Etsy shop, just a reminder that I still have my 25% off holiday promo going on. Just enter coupon code ‘HOLIDAY’ when checking out. If you’re ordering any prints as a Christmas gift, make sure to get them ordered by December 1st!!

the sweetest digs co etsy shop - 25 percent off art prints with promo code HOLIDAY

Have you guys seen Merry yet? It’s an online magazine that Melissa launched. It is FULL of amazing holiday themed projects and ideas. Seriously brilliant and so, so pretty. Check the whole thing out here. (and congrats, Melissa! xo).

merry mag

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any special events going on? 

christmas gifts under $30

Holiday shopping: Etsy gifts under $30

18th November 2014

It’s that time of year, you guys. If you partake in any kind of holiday gift giving, you have probably started thinking about who you want to give gifts to, making lists, and doing some shopping and crafting! On Dan’s side of the family we do secret santa (by generation), and on my side we do handmade gifts. It means that things stay pretty reasonable in the expense department, and there isn’t too much pressure to go out and buy or make a million things.

I do, however, LOVE to put together a good stocking. I do one for Dan, one for each of my parents, and for the first time this year, one for Maya. I am so pumped! I think that stockings are so much fun, don’t you? Putting together a package of little items that you have really thought about for that loved one – things that will make them smile, and know that you were paying attention throughout the year – is probably one of my favourite things ever.

Etsy is one of my go-to spots for holiday shopping because not only are items from small business owners, but you can find some really original stuff. Here is my roundup of favourite gifts under $30.

christmas gifts under $301 // I love the chunky and natural vibe of this quartz ring. This would be a favourite in my jewellery collection for sure.

2 // I love the way you can personalize these leather luggage tags. Add initials or a saying to make them perfectly suited to your loved one. Plus, would look way nicer than the paper tags on a suitcase.

3 // I am dying over these temporary gold tattoos. One of my BFFs posted a bunch of pics on Instagram of her using them in Mexico on the beach, and daaaamn they looked good.

4 // What gal doesn’t love an infinity scarf ?? I like the subtle colours in this one.

5 // I throw my hair up in a ponytail probably 2-3 days a week. These aztec hair ties would make that pony look way more stylish, don’t you think?

6 // This jewel soap set is just so pretty. Would be a perfect hostess gift.

7 // I have always loved these pencil sets that have little sayings on them. This particular set of “favourite things” is really cute. I’m thinking they would be perfect in my future office.

8 // These lavender satchels remind me of the south of France. They are darling and are that perfect small gift for someone you don’t know what to get.

9 // I’m looooving the colours in this abstract print. Summery and sweet.

10 // Kind of like the soap set above, this all natural lip balm and bath salt gift set is a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer. Who doesn’t love getting a new lip balm?

11 // These customized spice tins are retro and fun, don’t you think? I’d love them for my spice cabinet. Fill them up for an even nicer gift. Would be great for someone moving into a new house, or a cook.

12 // I’m obsessed with these black 8×10 botanical prints. I love their graphic nature and vintage vibe.

13 // These light weight turkish hand towels are great in a bathroom. Not only are they light weight and attractive, but they are super on trend right now, too.

14 // How glitzy and gorgeous is this raindrop crystal necklace? Come to mama.

15 // I love this retro paint by number art block. A really fun and different art piece.

16 // This mini hanging planter is so sweet, don’t you think? Put a plant in it and add a a few gardening accessories for a more fulsome gift basket.

17 // This long sleeve tee is to die for. Even though I don’t live in the North West (where the shop hails from, and all the sayings are in reference to), it still resonates with me. Got an outdoorsy guy or gal on your list? Check out their shop for more really unique clothing items.

18 // This minimalist wool felt wallet is great for holding business cards or for someone who likes a more slim wallet. I love wool texture.

19 // I have a lace collared necklace like this one and wear it all the time. Really versatile and sweet piece.

20 // I would be remiss not to mention my own little Etsy shop in the under $30 category. I sell art prints (all my original designs) for $15 a piece. Very reasonably priced and I have quite a few up on the site, so there should be a little something for everybody. This one is my ‘you, me, oui’ black and white print. Oh, and don’t forget to enter ‘HOLIDAY’ upon checkout to receive 25% off your entire order (until Dec 1)!!

21 // How gorgeous is this layered druzy necklace? Do I need to even say more?

22 // For any photographer on your list, this camera strap would be such a good gift. They have a bunch of other patterns in their shop, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Well there you have it! A roundup of my favourite things under $30 on Etsy. You totally don’t have to spent too much money to get really great gifts, plus support small businesses while you’re doing it. Dan and other family/friends, feel free to use this as my own Christmas wishlist (hint, hint!).

Do you have a lot of Christmas presents to figure out? It’s funny how everyone feels really differently about it. Some folks hate the pressure of having to buy at Christmas, others love hunting down that perfect thing for someone. Some make all of their gifts, and some just love to go on big sprees and buy for everyone. What do you do at the holidays?

burlap and ribbon DIY table runner - the sweetest digs

pretty in pink: DIY burlap and ribbon table runner

14th November 2014

I have been wanting to make a table runner for a while now and thought that leading up to Christmas would be the perfect time. I was feeling totally bored with the usual Christmas, or generally winter, colours though, so I went with my current favourite: sweet pink! Keep reading to see how easy this DIY burlap and ribbon table runner was to make.

burlap and ribbon DIY table runner - the sweetest digs

These are all the materials you need:
-Ribbons (all of mine are from May Arts)
-Burlap table runner (I bought from Michael’s, but you could easily just purchase a piece of burlap elsewhere and trim to size)
-Hot glue gun and gun


Don’t mind the terrible photos here — I was doing this project at 9pm. Seems to be the only time  these days when I can ever get any kind of project done?! #ParentingProblems ;)

I rolled out the table runner and discovered that it was hugely long. I cut it in half and rolled up the other half to save for another project. So remember that about the Michael’s burlap table runner – makes two!

Then I pulled out my various ribbons from May Arts and laid them down until I got the spacing and colours right. I wanted a mixture of pink and creams/white. Really sweet and feminine.


Then it was really simple. Just a matter of hot gluing the ribbon down onto the burlap.

A word of warning: Since it’s burlap and therefore hole-y, the hot glue does seep through. In order to deal with this I took some old towels and laid them out on the ground and did all the work on top of them. Then I would lift the table runner up off the towels periodically so that it wasn’t getting stuck. It seemed to do the trick!


I realized quickly that with some of the more satin and light ribbons, you could see the hot glue underneath. I decided that I didn’t really mind that look – kind of adds to the whole shabby chic thing – but if it did bother you, then you’d want to stick with thicker ribbon. That pink velvet one and the lacy one with opaque center line were perfect. DSC_1252 DSC_1254

I set the table with my Mum’s lace tablcloth underneath and all over her lovely silverware and dinnerware. I really wanted it to feel sweet and shabby glam (is that a thing?). Anyway, I think I got there. I would love to sit down to this table for a Christmas lunch!DSC_1256 DSC_1261

Okay so now for the fun part. I teamed up with some of my Canadian blogger friends for a whole Christmas series. You guys, there are some ridiculously good project ideas in here!! I’m feeling totally like I the GPA down in comparison to this group. Ha! Go check them out…Christmas

Santa Cookies from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
Deer Head String Art from Clean and Sentsible
Vintage Door Advent from The DIY Mommy
Rag Ribbon Christmas Trees from Craftberry Bush
Rustic Christmas Tree from Fynes Designs
Christmas Window Box from Echoes of Laughter
Ribbon Napkin Rings from Suburble
Vintage Table Setting from The Sweetest Digs (me!)
Twig Stars and Snowflakes from The DIY Dreamer
Pretty Gift Wrapping from The Sweetest Escape
Rustic Wreath from North Story
Wood Block Presents from The Happy Housie
Winter Swag from Satori Design for Living

A big thank you to May Arts for sending the ribbon to be used for this project. They really have some goooorgeous stuff!


the white bedding dilemma

13th November 2014

Are you guys white bedding people? I definitely am. I looove a crisp white bed – white sheets, white pillow cases, white duvet cover. There is something just so crisp and lovely about that – reminds me of a plush hotel room.

white bedding via houzz

Designed by i3 Design Group, via Houzz

From a design perspective, it also makes it really easy to add different colours to change your bed’s look whether it be for a different season or because you are giving your room a makeover. Adding colourful and patterned  throw pillows, shams, and blankets can totally change the look of the bedding while still maintaining that white base.

white bedding via houzz3

Designed by Capital Building, Photographed by Sue Murray, via Houzz

white bedding via houzz44

Cheney Brothers Building & Renovation, Photography by Katie Kaizer, via Houzz

The only downside to white bedding? The yellowing. I can’t be the only one that this happens to, right? I find that our duvet cover takes a while to look yellowed, but it happens quickly to pillow cases. I put various lotions and potions on my face every night, so I wonder if it has to do with that rubbing off on the linens? Either way, that whole “crisp white bed” feeling goes out the window when I’m hopping into bed with sheets that look like a cat peed on them. Not good. Like I’m pretty embarrassed to even post this picture right now. (I pulled off the top 2 shams so that you can see the really yellowed one underneath)


Reeeeeally doesn’t look appetizing, huh? These twin beds at my parents’ place have the blogger favourite IKEA Ofelia Vass duvet covers. And in case you’re wondering, yes, Daniel and I have been sleeping in twin beds since we’ve been crashing with my parents’ during our renovation. Kinda adds to the whole “we feel like teenagers living with our parents again” kind of thing.

It was time to pull that bedding off and do something about it.


Luckily, through a bit of trial and error, I have found a solution for this white bedding problem – Clorox bleach.  Seems obvious, right? Well, I just haven’t been much of a bleach person. Never really used it in my regular laundry.  Didn’t feel the need to. But that white bedding of mine (and white towels too, actually) were seriously transformed when I used some Clorox bleach. Like back to their pure white days, straight out of their packaging. Apparently 1/2 cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach whitens 2X as much as bargain bleach, and I believe it. It really worked, guys. Here are some more tips on using Clorox bleach to get stains out. DSC_0005The proof? Check out these bright white beauties! Seriously, it was such a treat to hop into my bed last night.


Those particularly bad pillow cases? Totally transformed.


And the other trick to making your bedding feel seriously luxurious? Ironing the sheets. Definitely one of those things that doesn’t make it onto my regular to-do list, but there is something ridiculously lovely about ironed sheets. My relatives in England do this regularly — they actually SEND OUT all of their bedding to get ironed. How amazing is that?

Ironing the sheets might be a rare occurrence in my household, but getting the bedding back to its bright white glory days using Clorox is now a regular event. Do you guys have any cleaning tips or secrets to share? Who does the laundry in your household?

**Disclaimer: This post has been brought to you by Clorox. However, as always, all opinions about this product are totally my own! 



photo black white and gold christmas cards with shutterfly

christmas cards from shutterfly

12th November 2014

I am trying to stay ahead of the holiday craziness this year and get some of the items checked off the “to do” list. So far I just have Christmas lists brainstormed for loved ones and some DIY projects pinned, but our Christmas cards from Shutterfly? They have been designed and ordered. Boom. They arrived the other day, and they are g-to-the-orge.

I spent way too long going through all of the options on Shutterfly, but was pretty sold when I came across this beauty (called ‘All Stripes New Year’s card). Black, white and gold, with some stripes, and lots of room for pics and text? Perfect.

They have whole coordinated collections now, so I grabbed some matching address labels at the same time (these ‘Glamorous Season’ ones) to create a stylish little package. Makes the whole thing so easy as you get the envelopes too.

photo black white and gold christmas cards with shutterfly

To design the card, I picked some of my fave pics from our beach photoshoot this summer for the front and back, and then made up a quick collage of other memorable 2014 moments for inside the card (I made the collage in PicMonkey).

I really love the ability to add the text. I wrote a quick summary of our year which kind of doubles as the whole “Christmas letter” idea. Now we can just do a small note and signature in each card, and not have to take hours and hours to write each one (annoying when you pretty much just want to say the same thing in all of them!).

photo black white and gold christmas cards with shutterfly 2

Shutterfly always has sales on the go for all of their various products. You can check out their special offers page to see them all. Right now you can save up to 40% on cards, 40% on calendars, 50% on photobooks. See what I mean about good sales?

Are you guys holiday card people? I always have been, thanks to my Dad who hand writes about 100 every year. I love getting them and dotting them around the house. It’s like getting a little present in the mail every time one comes.

*Disclamer: Shutterfly has sponsored this post, but all opinions are, as always, my own!*


thrift store makeover: chalkboard paint + a globe

10th November 2014

When I had my black chalkboard paint out the other weekend – remember how I gave this tray a makeover? – I did another quickie DIY project on a globe I had picked up at the thrift store. Apparently I was on some kind of chalkboard paint kick?

Here was the globe pre-painting. I really liked the vintage colours of the globe itself, but wasn’t so crazy about the faux wood base. It doesn’t look too terrible in these photos, but in person it was definitely erring on the side of tacky. Plus it was all scratched up.

IMG_20140928_102731 IMG_20140928_102800

It took two coats of black chalkboard paint that I applied with a small brush. No sanding or priming necessary. I was careful so I didn’t need to tape anything out. Then as with any chalkboard paint application, after it has dried, you want to cover the paint in a layer of chalk for a few mins, then rub off. This “sets” the chalkboard paint so that the first message you write on doesn’t leave an imprint forever. I usually try and do this with the side of a piece of chalk, but this base was tricky to get at so I just had to lightly draw all over it.

DSC_0010After I rubbed off the first layer, I decided to write a little message. Ideas included “adventure”, “travel”, “see the world”, “oyster”, etc, but in the end settled on “Explore”.

Nothing fancy – just my handwriting and an arrow to loop around.


The fun thing is that you can totally switch up the message over time, or just leave the base black. Kinda has a cool library vibe, don’t you think? It’ll definitely be making it up onto the built in shelves that we are planning in the main floor office.

Have you used chalkboard paint on unconventional items? I have been on a total kick. I just love the matte texture, even if you don’t use it to actually write on. Now, what to paint next ….


a house and life lately update

7th November 2014

Happy Friday, you guys! Any big plans for the weekend?

I am going to be at Handmade Harvest craft fair in Almonte on Sunday with my Etsy shop, the sweetest digs co. If you live around Ottawa, you should pop by! There is an amazing line up of vendors (different ones for both days), and Almonte is a super sweet town to check out.


In other news, the house is going well. The trades (plumbing, HVAC, electrical) have finished up on the main and upper floors and so the boarders were able to come and start putting on the drywall this week. Hallelujah! This is totally my favourite part of a reno as it all of a sudden becomes a home again.

IMG_20141106_141040 IMG_20141106_141059 IMG_20141106_142247

The basement still has quite a bit of work ahead — trades need to get down there and finish some things up, drywall, etc etc. but it’ll come. It was important to us that the main floors get finished and keep moving along quickly up there, as the earlier it gets done, the sooner we can move back in. They will be mudding and sanding the drywall next week, and then we move on to really fun stuff like paint, mouldings, tile, kitchen (!!), and floors. As you can imagine, I have been spending a serious amount of time lately checking out options and prices on everything. So many decisions!

Although I’m not always great about blogging 3x a week (my goal), you can catch glimpses of what I’m up on instagram. I would love it if you would follow me – @thesweetestdigs – so that we can stay in touch.

A new print up in the shop that I love (“you got this, girl“).


My little lady getting in tune with her musical side. Also, can I point out the teeny tiny ponytail? Hello, heart melting.


There are some amazing sales on at Old Navy right now. I shouldn’t have even gone in, but I was passing by and couldn’t help myself. I ended up with A LOT of plaid. Two plaid shirts and two plaid scarves. You can now spot me from afar as the girl with tartan overload.


A quiet moment last weekend (also known as: Maya naptime). Decor mag + hot choc? Heaven…


That’s about it! Hope you guys have a great weekend. I have been working on a few DIYs that I’m excited to share — just need to find the time to photograph them. This whole work + daycare + commuting 2 hours a day + house reno + parenting thing has me officially swamped.



DIY this: jewellery tray makeover with chalkboard paint

5th November 2014

I’ve got a really simple DIY project for you guys today. And although it might be easy, it’s super chic – a black chalkboard tray.

DIY jewellery tray makeover with chalkboard paint

I’m always coming across trays at the thrift store. Often they have been painted or are some kind of plastic or tin, but when I came across this one – bare wood and perfectly primed for a makeover of some kind – I grabbed it. No prep necessary? My kind of project. Plus it was only a buck. No big loss if it didn’t work out.


I hummed and hawed about doing a pattern of some kind, but in the end I just wanted something simple to put my jewellery on. I made these gold stamped jewellery stands a few months ago which have been great for earrings, but I have my bracelets and some rings just haphazardly sitting on a dresser.

I decided on black and initially gave the tray a couple coats of matte black spray paint. It looked terrible. It turned out really quite blotchy, you could see a lot of the wood grain through it, and it felt rough to the touch even though I had given it a sand.

Before calling it a #ProjectFail, I thought I would break out my chalkboard paint. The paint is so thick and I LOVE the matte texture of a chalkboard. I put two coats on with a regular paintbrush….

and….? Totally gorge.  Has that matte look I was going for and is the perfect backdrop for my baubles.


I threw a few felt furniture pads on the bottom of the tray so that it doesn’t mark any table or dresser that it sits on.DSC_0050

I didn’t seal the paint or anything because I really wanted to keep that chalky look, so I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up. You could totally do this same project and actually write on it with chalk — could be cute if you wrote out the different foods or drinks you were serving.DSC_0048That’s it! Super simple, hey? Keep your eyes peeled next time you are out thrifting!

How do you guys store your jewellery? Have it hanging up on a wall somewhere? In a box? Have little trays for everything? When we move back into our house, I’m thinking of taking one of the walls in my closet and putting hooks all over it for necklaces, scarves, etc. Would be so nice to have them all on display in one spot.


craft project: toddler hand and foot prints

#mamacraftfail, or hand and foot prints with a toddler

3rd November 2014

When Maya was first born – almost 15 months ago – I thought it would be sweet to get her hand and foot prints. I think I have my footprints in my baby book somewhere. Just so teeny tiny and sweet. Well, you know what this procrastinating mama did? Leave it and leave it and leave it, until last weekend when I realized she would be 16 before I knew it and I needed to get my butt into gear and do this little crafty project.

I don’t have pictures of the scene because we needed all hands on deck, but it went a little something like this: Dan sitting on the toilet (we did this in the bathroom for proximity to sink – very important), holding a naked Maya down on his lap, me grabbing a foot trying to put black paint on it, while Maya kicks her other foot and wonders what is going on. Foot prints actually go OKAY (not perfect, but okay), but black paint gets on Dan’s clothes. We wash feet. Now hands. Maya getting very tired of not being able to be let loose. I’m holding her hand (Dan holding other one so there is no clapping action), and I start to paint it black. Maya wonders what on earth I’m doing to her hand and starts to cry a little. Thinks hand is going to be black forever? Starts flailing. Dan freaking out that he is going to get more paint on his clothes. Should have thought of this earlier and changed into grubby clothes. I try desperately to press Maya’s hands down on multiple pieces of paper. Maya flailing around more, and hand prints go everywhere. Maya tries to bite me to get her hand free. I yelp. Disaster.

So my lesson learned? There is a reason people do this project when babies are BABIES, not toddlers.


Maybe I’ll just call the hand prints one abstract? My little Picasso?

This set of foot prints, which happened to be the ones on the canvas I had lying around, are actually a bit of a success. Will be making it up onto the wall.

If you’re going to tackle this one at home, you don’t need much in the way of supplies. All you need is paint, paper, and a cooperative little person. I used black acrylic paint (washable!) and some watercolour paper and one small stretched canvas I had from the dollar store. I chose black because I knew I could always scan and digitally edit the colour afterwards. Plus, I like the graphic impact of the black on white.

Not my finest parenting moment. Hopefully we can try this project again when Maya is actually into doing crafts?

blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

a blue and purple nursery for Meredith

29th October 2014

My favourite part of any decor project is install day (ohhh, the accessories!) – it’s the moment when it all comes together. Well, install day has come and gone, and we can officially call this nursery for sweet baby Meredith done-zo. What we ended up with was a blue and purple nursery that feels soothing and personalized, with a little dose of whimsy.

blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

Even though we didn’t do much to the actual room (same paint colour, existing crib, dresser, light fixture, etc) the space feels like a far cry from where we started:

IMG_20140414_122620 IMG_20140414_121926Let’s start in the reading corner. We used IKEA Ribba picture ledges to maximize the small amount of wall space. I love that the outfacing shelves turns books into artwork.
blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

I love kids books, don’t you? Snuggling up for a story has got to be one of the best parts of parenthood. Maya is starting to sit more still when we read her books, but I still think her favourite part is just turning the pages and “reading” herself (ie. chatting as she points at the page). Funny girl.

blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

I hung this darling little felt bunting. It (and some other accessories) came handmade from the Blue Without You Etsy shop. Let me just tell you – this seller is AMAZING. She will use custom colours to match your room’s decor, and is just a total pleasure to work with. Highly highly recommended!

blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs Moving onto the next corner of the room, we have the used-to-be-green dresser. I knew a two tone application of grey and white paint would totally transform this bad boy.

blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

Okay and see that cute change pad cover? It came from another Etsy seller – ButtercupForrest. We actually bought two different covers so that they can be switched out when there are certain blow out issues going on. This shop has pretty much every fabric you can imagine, so you’re bound to find something that works for your room scheme.

Can I just say, I was such a naive new mama when I was pregnant and thought that just one change pad cover would be sufficient. I was all “why would I ask for/purchase TWO of these and waste money on this? Money can be put to way better use”. Ahhhh little did I know the amount of …. well, pee and shit .. that would occur and go everywhere in those early months. So the lesson? Just buy two (or more) change pad covers. You won’t be sorry.

blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digsBack to the room makeover. There was what my friend/client Sarah titled “The Great Ottoman debate” when we were doing the nursery. I initially had bought one from Target that had some pattern and hits of yellow in it — this was when I was going down the initial path of a more colourful, eclectic vibe in the room. When I got a better sense from Sarah and Jeremiah that they wanted a more soothing room staying true to the purple and blue scheme, I returned that ottoman and we decided to go ottoman-less. A few weeks later, Sarah was doing some browsing and came across some knitted aqua beauties at Restoration Hardware and started having second thoughts on the ottoman debate. She sent the link to me, and I quickly totally encouraged her to hit the “buy” button (come on, Restoration Hardware? LOVE). And that’s how we ended up with this vibrant blue guy in the room. I think it goes beautifully, don’t you? 
blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

Okay, so now moving on to the other side of the room. Here is the little gallery wall I hung up (okay, Dan hung up – love that handy hubby of mine). White Ribba frames from IKEA (mattes turned around so that they are a crisper white), the ‘Sweet Pea’ sign from Target, a mixture of photographs and artwork (the LOVE you print is from my shop!), and some handmade goodies. blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

The ‘Be Brave’ embroidered hoop and felt flowers are from this Etsy seller (the one I raved about above). So cute, right? blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

And the decal!! I love this part of the room. The impact it makes behind the crib on a wall that otherwise might have been left blank, is amazing. The grey is warm (duh, the colour is called “warm grey”) and it works perfectly on the blue. You can find the heart decal here, but warning – you may end up browsing Urban Wall’s shop for hours. It is FULL of sweet decals. I may or may not have already ordered some for Maya’s room in the new house (can you guess which one?). blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

Another darling handmade piece from Blue Without You. We custom requested the violet colour to match with the egg chair on the opposite side of the room – it really helped to integrate that colour into the space.
blue and purple nursery decor for a baby girl - via the sweetest digs

Some labelled pics, specifically for Pinterest. PS. Do you follow me on there? I would love it if you did (@thesweetestdigs)!
decorating a nursery in pastel blue and purple - via the sweetest digs nursery bookshelves using IKEA Ribba picture ledges via the sweetest digs

All photos in this post are care of Jeremiah Soucie – client/friend/Father to baby Meredith. Thanks J!

And now for the big long list of where everything came from.

Source list:
-Paint colour: Rainwashed, Sherwin Williams
-Drapes: Varenna Ash from Tonic Living
-Mobile: Blue Without You Etsy Shop
-Felt bunting/flags: Blue Without You Etsy Shop
-“Be Brave” embroidery hoop art: Blue Without You Etsy Shop
-Felt flowers: Blue Without You Etsy Shop
-Large heart decal (in ‘warm grey’): Urban Walls
-Throw pillow on chair: Fabric #3 in this collection
-Pouf: Restoration Hardware (in aqua)
-Change pad cover: ButtercupForrest on Etsy – Fabric selection #3
-‘Love you’ art print: My etsy print shop! 
-White side table: Wayfair
-Frames: IKEA
-‘Sweet Pea’ sign: Target
-Rug: Overstock trellis rug (in grey)
-Crib sheet: Target
-Crib: already owned
-Dresser: DIY project
-Egg chair: already owned

It’s going to be a sweet space for Meredith to grow up in, don’t you think? And most of the items in there should be able to grow with her. Maybe the egg chair will eventually come out and a little desk or something go in. In any case, I know Sarah and Jeremiah love it – which totally makes my day!