a day in the life

I love the “day in the life” type posts that I read from time to time on other blogs – it’s fun to get a glimpse into the regular life. Not the instagram life, or the blog life, just the typical everyday. Curious to know what a day might look like at casa sweetest digs? I documented one of our regular weekdays here: 6:55am >> Start to hear little sounds coming out of the nursery. 7:00am >> Major chatter happening now. I can hear her talking about her “boo-boo” (she got a mosquito sting on the weekend that swelled up and is very proud of her war wounds). 7:15am >> After a few “Dada!!!”s, Dan goes in to get her, changes her out of her diaper, and brings her into our room. We let her stomp around our room getting into all kinds of things as we lay in bed and [Continue Reading…]

maya’s room: pink and mint nursery design

Maya’s nursery was the last room in the bungalow (our house pre-reno) that we re-did. She was born in August and we started our renovation in July the following year, so she lived in her first room for just under a year. It was a sweet little space that I had loads of fun finishing while my belly grew bigger and bigger. Some snapshots of that room: That last photo was the day we started packing up our stuff to move out. Where did that little baby of mine go? With Maya’s new room, I have carte blanche to start over again. Thing is, I really loved the pink + mint + white scheme and the DIY projects I had done. So, without replicating the room entirely, I have decided to do her room as the 2.0 version. It’s already a nicer room in terms of the bones: bigger, more windows, a waaaaay [Continue Reading…]

ottawa giveaway: handmade harvest & blondie apparel

Last fall I started venturing into the craft fair world with my small shop of handmade goods, THE SWEETEST DIGS CO. The first craft fair I participated in was organized by my now-pal Emily Arbour, and damn, it was spectacular. Amazing vendors, tons of folks out shopping and having fun, and just a great vibe. Well, Emily is back at it this spring and is putting on ‘Handmade Harvest‘ this upcoming weekend! There will be 140 makers from across Ontario (and I have even heard some from other provinces). If you are anywhere near Ottawa, it will definitely be worth checking out. Plus, you can come say hey to me and my hubby, Dan! You better believe I have a booth. Wouldn’t miss this one. I have been working with Emily behind the scenes, and we have put together a giveaway for a lucky local reader! Up for grabs? – 4 free passes [Continue Reading…]

some news: graham & brown collaboration

So I have a bit of fun news! I have been chatting recently with the folks over at Graham & Brown, and am going to partner with them for the rest of 2015 in a Brand Ambassador role. So who are Graham & Brown? They are a UK-based, family company that make the most incredible wallpaper, along with other home products and accessories. I have admired their wallpaper for AGES. They have a huge variety of patterns, with an undeniable UK influence. I have been going to England ever since I was a kiddo – I think my first flight ever as a baby was over to London. Want a little throwback thursday? Here is my Daddio with me in the carrier (hello, old school babywearing!), out exploring the English countryside. My Dad was born and raised in England, and my Mum spent a large part of her childhood there while [Continue Reading…]

DIY industrial pipe jewelry stand: make this!

I’m always on the lookout for good ideas to store jewellery. I’m a bit obsessed with necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and don’t ever seem to have enough places to hold them. If you’ve been reading for a while, you will have seen other jewellery holders that I have made. Waaaaay back when (2011! seriously? I’ve been blogging for that long? yikes!), I made this fabric covered bulletin board to hold necklaces: And then more recently I made these gold and white jewelry stands, which are perfect for small things, like rings and earrings: Bracelets, though, usually end up piled high and my one board for necklaces doesn’t quite cut it (told you, I have a necklace problem…!). So, I thought I would make another stand. This time I wanted an industrial chic kind of look, so used pipe and pipe fittings from the hardware store. This tutorial is dead easy guys. Like [Continue Reading…]

life lately: a pop up shop + toddlerhood

The spring has been a busy one so far, so I thought I’d catch you up a little on what’s been happening in my neck of the woods. After a few months of quiet on the craft fair front earlier in the year, they are all starting up again and so I have been busy prepping and spending time in various shows. I love doing this, as it’s a great way to meet all kinds of fun people (some of whom recognize me from the blog, which always makes me go a little red and awkward..!!) and make a bunch of sales without dealing with shipping. I try to be careful though about how many I take on, as the fairs are usually on the weekends – my only time with Maya and Dan – so I want to make sure we have lots of time to do fun family stuff. [Continue Reading…]

photo gifts: a mother’s day mug

Do you guys have any plans for this upcoming Mother’s day? Last year, my first official mother’s day as a mama, I spent with Maya but away from Dan. This year we are all around, and I have made my request very clear: a sleep in, followed by breakfast in bed, plus a handmade craft from my little lady. Pretty much heaven to me. For my own Mum, I will take her out for a nice tea or something, but I wanted to have a gift for her from Maya. We will make a card, but since Maya is only 1.5, we aren’t really at the point yet of making a nice handmade gift. So? I jumped on the photo gift bandwagon for this year. There are a variety of places where you can go to get photos put onto a product – be it a phone case, mug, mouse [Continue Reading…]

choosing pendant lights for a kitchen

Guys, I owe you the scoop on our kitchen lighting (lots of you have been asking – sorry!). In terms of the lighting in our house, we had to come up with a plan with our electrician in the early reno stages. Of course we were putting potlights throughout, but I’m really not one for going potlight crazy. Have you noticed that a lot of new homes these days have a zillion potlights everywhere and no other types of lighting? What happened to some good old pendants or sconces? I am a big fan of layered lighting in a room, and find that light fixtures can add so much to the overall design of a space, so I really wanted to think through our plan carefully room-by-room. Here is how we created our kitchen lighting plan, including choosing pendant lights. We decided on a three light source scheme for our kitchen: [Continue Reading…]

kitchen subway tile backsplash: a classic

Between the etsy shop, prepping for spring craft fairs, my contract work, chipping away at the house, getting our apartment rented, and you know, regular life, finding time to take photos and write up blog posts about our renovation and latest DIYs has become a challenge. Sometimes I feel like I’m not keeping you guys up to date enough! Forgive me? Let’s get back to the kitchen today, k? I never gave the scoop on our backsplash tile. As our kitchen was coming together, I really hadn’t settled on a backsplash. My dream backsplash is one large slab of marble (like this, and this). I love the strong veining and the impact it has on a room. The cost of that option though, was totally out of the budget. In the earlier stages of kitchen planning, I kept flip flopping between either going with a marble tile backsplash (more affordable than one big slab) and [Continue Reading…]

easy french toast recipe

Since we moved back into our house in January, we have so enjoyed slow weekend mornings. After busy weeks, we are just never in a rush to go anywhere. I have never loved cooking or being in the kitchen, but I have to admit that I really dig being in our new kitchen. It’s bright, not cramped, and the space just makes me happy. As a consequence, I have actually liked putting meals together lately. Case in point was last weekend. A classic Sunday breakfast with an easy french toast recipe. It’s an absolute fave of mine. Since we stick to healthy breakfasts from Monday to Friday (fruit + veggie smoothies), it’s nice to have a treat on the weekends. My easy-peasy version of french toast included: -thick, pre-sliced bread -free range eggs -milk -maple syrup -berries -cinnamon –Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Spreadables (this stuff from Gay Lea is the jackpot.. cinnamon + brown sugar + [Continue Reading…]