dinner ideas: easy burrito recipe 3 ways

I always love to hear about people’s go-to dinner recipes as I find that they can be great inspiration. I know that Dan and I can get so stuck in a rut sometimes, eating the same meals week after week, and it’s nice to switch things up. I thought I’d post about one of our go-to dinners today: easy burrito recipe, done three ways.   The basic prep for these burritos (or tacos, if you prefer to use hard shells) is the same: -A meat or veggie filling done in the crock pot or on the stove (see our 3 filling options below) -Soft burrito tortillas or hard taco shells -Sour cream (we use Gay Lea’s Premium Gold Sour Cream… super creamy and delish!) -Guacomole -1 Lime (to squeeze juice onto your burrito) -Grated cheddar cheese -Chopped cilantro -Salsa (we use canned salsa from the grocery store) -Washed and chopped lettuce For guacamole, I make it on [Continue Reading…]

DIY this: gray painted interior doors

Doors aren’t really one of those things that you think too much about when you rent or buy a house (unless there is something especially hideous or amazing about them), but when you’re renovating or building a house from scratch, doors kinda become a major deal. You usually have to shell out some major dough when there are so many to buy! What style of door are you going to go with, hollow core or solid, doorknob choice, and color. I’ll get into why we chose the style of door we did in a separate post, but today I want to chat color: our gray painted interior doors. I knew from the get-go that I wanted our main floor to have totally white walls. I wanted everything to feel bright and airy, and super white walls were the way to get that feel. Once we started to put the doors in though, I [Continue Reading…]

DIY abstract artwork

Artwork is one of those things that can totally MAKE a home. Inject a room with artwork that you love, and all of a sudden it will feel so much more personal and like you. It brings the life to a space, you know? The hump that people sometimes face is that it can be expensive. Thing is though, if you look around and get creative, there are so many budget-friendly ways to bring interesting artwork into your home (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to collecting DIY artwork ideas). I recently needed a piece for above our mint and gold buffet, and had a very specific colour scheme and look in mind (and a zero budget). The solution? Paint my own DIY abstract art. What you’ll need: -A stretched canvas, whatever size you want (you can get canvases from any art/craft store like Michael’s, Joanne’s, etc). A white or [Continue Reading…]

chic IKEA Vittsjo hack into a gold and marble table

Guys, I have a seriously good IKEA hack for you today. Probably my favourite ever. I actually did this project a little while ago and hadn’t photographed it properly until yesterday… but here she is! The IKEA Vittsjo hack into a gold and marble table. It is easy to do and ridiculously gorge. So here is what you need for the project: 1 // The Vittsjo table from IKEA. It retails for about $25, but I happened to get mine in the scratch and dent section for only $16, so keep your eyes peeled in there. 2 // Gold spray paint. My choice is this Krylon gold spray paint. I really like the deep gold hue it gives (warning: Krylon has quite a few different metallics, so make sure you get the one that you love). 3 // “Instant Granite” in Italian White Marble. It’s a peel and stick paper – not the [Continue Reading…]

nursery hack: IKEA picture ledges as bookshelves

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have used IKEA ledges and spice racks as bookshelves in most (all?) of the kids rooms I have designed. In Maya’s new room, I used the IKEA picture ledges as bookshelves and they worked perfectly. Here are the reasons why I love doing these outward facing “libraries” in kids rooms: 1 // Books as art. Kids books have such fun covers and I love being able to put favourites on display. These shelves are perfect for that, and they help to maximize a narrow wall space that might have otherwise been left blank. I like doing at least 3 shelves (4 or more is better, in my opinion) to create height in the room. 2 // Budget-friendly and easy to install. Who doesn’t love IKEA prices? And there is no major assembly required – just drilling into the wall and bob’s your [Continue Reading…]

designing our open concept dining room

I haven’t really given you guys the full scoop on where our dining room currently stands since our renovation, so I thought I’d give you a peak today. Designing an open concept dining room is new for me, and it is by no means finished! Let’s rewind for a sec. Here is the main floor space, once the walls had come down and the new drywall was up. The space at the back of the house (which had been our bedroom) was the to-be living room, and the middle section would become the dining room. See that big 3-pane window on the right above? Well, it’s actually the same window that was in our previous dining room. Remember that space and all of its’ walls? Man it feels like a blast from the past! Here was what things were looking like once we had our floors in, kitchen semi-installed, and [Continue Reading…]

IKEA hack: latt table and chairs

A few weeks ago when I was garage sale-ing, I came across an IKEA “LATT” table and chair (it was missing one chair from the set). The family was only asking a couple of dollars, and although we already have one table for Maya to draw/craft/play at, I figured it would be nice to have a second (one for her room, one for the main floor). The set was looking pretty worse for wear though, so I knew I would need to pull the old “IKEA hack” on this LATT table. This month with Graham & Brown (the wallpaper company I’m working with) the inspiration is ‘Popsicle’. Aside from sunny summer days at the lake, the idea of popsicles conjures up bright rainbow colours, pattern, and fun. I fell head over heels in love with this floral wallpaper, which I thought embodied the trend pretty spot on. It’s called “Isabelle Blue” and it’s part of [Continue Reading…]

easy 5-minute canada day dessert

Canada Day is just around the corner, and so is Independence Day for my American friends. If you’re going to be throwing a BBQ or having people over, here is a super easy (seriously, it took me 5 minutes to make) canada day dessert idea. I love a good homemade cake just as much as the next person, but this ain’t that. This is for those moments when you need to whip something together quickly that tastes and looks great. My ingredients list? -store bought angel food cake (obviously you could make one if you had the time… something I did not have and frankly, the store bought variety is delish!) -strawberries, sliced -whipped cream (I used Gay Lea’s Real Whipped Cream in a can – basically my favourite thing ever. There might even be some leftover that you can spray in your mouth after your guests leave. Not that I ever do that?!) [Continue Reading…]

re-finishing 101: a mint and gold dresser

In our dining room (which I’m going to give you more deets on later this week), there was this nook next to the window that had been left bare. Between it looking un-finished, and the fact that I had been in desperate need of storage to unpack things like our table clothes, napkins, candles, etc, I was keeping my eyes peeled for a piece of furniture we could use as a buffet. The one that we had used in the bungalow was too long for this space, and also broken. Womp womp. Enter, a perfect opportunity to make over a yard sale find! I came across this solid wood dresser at a garage sale in my neighbourhood. The asking price? $15. Oh, and that $15 also included a wooden coffee table and a round table that I plan on eventually using as a kids craft table. So basically, it was [Continue Reading…]

how to: DIY embroidery hoop art

Time to dive in to some of the projects you spotted in Maya’s nursery reveal. First up? DIY embroidery hoop art. I have been wanting to do this project for AGES, and finally had the perfect spot – a corner of Maya’s nursery dying for a little colour and pattern. Here is what you need: -white paint + paintbrush (if you choose to paint the hoops like I did) -fabric scraps -scissors –wooden embroidery hoops of various sizes (buy them at your local craft store, keep your eye peeled for them in the thrift store, or order online – here are some from amazon that are a great deal!) It’s a super straightforward project. I wanted a bright and crisp look to mine, so I decided to paint my hoops white rather than leaving them wood. I used basic white acrylic paint – two coats. And remember – the smaller hoop [Continue Reading…]