mother’s day gift ideas: etsy guide

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, so it’s time to get planning for any of the mama’s in your life. Last year I was away in England on the day, with Maya but without Dan, so it didn’t feel quite the same. This year I’m excited to be at home and am secretly hoping that Dan will think ahead about some fun little activities. And you know, gifts are nice, too. I got lost in browsing Etsy and came up with some of my favourite mother’s day gift ideas. Basically just stuff I would love. Etsy is full of fun cards. This one in particular reminded me of my mother (HI MUM!!). Dan can attest to this characteristic being true, as he and I are 10 years in and I still correct his grammar from time to time. Sorry honey! You can’t go wrong with jewellery. Dan gave me [Continue Reading…]

off to mexico: tulum travel guide

This is the year I turned 30. Some of my very best girlfriends also hit this same milestone this year, so we decided that rather than sending each other gifts back and forth across the country, we would organize a 30th birthday trip. One big present to ourselves and each other. We debated on where to go, but when one of my friends mentioned that she had had a pretty magical time the year before in Tulum, Mexico it didn’t take long to convince the rest of us that it was the perfect spot to spend a week all together. And you guys, it did not disappoint. We sent out the invite to a big group of friends, and in the end it was 6 of us + Dan (the only hubby who was able to join!). Don’t feel too sorry for him – he was getting major props from [Continue Reading…]

catching up…

Hi guys! Sorry for the radio silence on here for the last little bit. If you follow me on instagram, you probably noticed that Dan and I went away for a week to Tulum, Mexico (a birthday present to ourselves!). We got back last week but I have been playing catch up with emails and work (and taxes… ugh), and then we threw a birthday bash back here at our place over the weekend. I also have 4 craft fairs and a pop-up shop I’m trying to prep for. Things are busy, yo! Promise to be back here later in the week to spill more on our trip and party, and of course, have more updates on the house and other things. Until then… what have you guys been up to? Any fun spring activities going on? Travel? Puddle jumping? House cleaning? Fill me in.

maya’s first easter egg hunt

I can remember Easter really clearly last year. I didn’t do much in the way of decorating, but I did put my baby girl into a little Easter outfit and did an impromptu photoshoot in our living room. #matleaveafternoons I can’t believe how much that little lady has grown up. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that we are currently enjoying an adults-only vacay, and Maya is at home with my parents. We’ll be getting back during Easter weekend, so we thought it would be fun to do an Easter egg hunt with her before we left. My supplies included: Treats: Cadbury Mini Eggs, Cadbury Creme eggs, a chocolatey bunny And other Easter goodies: stickers, a book, bunny ears, bunny paw prints, a basket and plastic eggs. I think it’s fun to mix up the hunt with a variety of stuff. Want to see how she [Continue Reading…]

DIY paper flowers

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed a recent trend toward pinning paper flowers – there are so many ways to do them, and they are just so pretty. With spring in the air, I finally got my act together and actually made some. I choose one of the simplest methods I could find, because let’s be honest… simple is good. I might work my way up to watercolour painted flowers with torn, beautiful petals, but these little rosettes turned out quite sweetly and were so, so easy to do. Supplies needed: -cardstock paper in colour/pattern of your choice -scissors -hot glue gun & glue -flower picks (or something to use as your stem – I found mine at my local Dollarama) -Real Housewives playing on your computer .. you know, an integral part of any craft project It’s pretty straight forward in the photos, but I’ll take you [Continue Reading…]

freezer meals: do you?

It’s only been in the last several months that I have mostly taken over dinner-prep duty. Dan used to do ALL the cooking in our household (including pre-Maya days), but with our current work schedules I’m now the one that it falls to. With a hungry toddler at my feet, I often don’t have much time to spend on cooking, so I have been trying to figure out ways that make it easier and more manageable. Some weeks I’m good with meal planning, others I totally fudge. With our new Frigidaire freezer, I’m really trying to get a handle on the whole freezer meal thing because it really does save me so much time if I have great food to pull from the freezer. You can see we still have to build in the shelves next to our freezer to create the “pantry” we are hoping to do, but just the freezer [Continue Reading…]

the recipe box: gluten-free chicken parmesan

I’m not under any illusion of being a great chef and I definitely ain’t no fancy food blogger, but I’m always curious about what others “go to” dinner recipes are. Things that are going to be easy and relatively quick for a busy family. Here is one that I started making a little while ago, and it is firmly now a regular meal in our house: quick, easy gluten-free chicken parmesan (note: we aren’t a gluten free household, but I try and cut down on the carbs where I can cause it definitely does a number on my waistline). There are tons of recipes out there for chicken parmesan that look amazing, but you have to make the breading with a bunch of different herbs and things, make an egg mixture to dip the chicken in, do your own tomato sauce, pan fry the chicken, etc etc. I’m sure they [Continue Reading…]

kitchen files: finding the right gold cabinetry hardware

I’m all about the gold and brass and copper – are you guys? When I was a teenager, I was a silver gal through and through, but I slowly migrated over to the warmer metal tones over the last decade+ and especially during these last few years, when all things gold have become on-trend again. So, it’s probably no surprise that when I was choosing the finishes for our kitchen, I immediately gravitated toward gold cabinetry hardware. With the dominating grey and white scheme in our kitchen, I knew that bringing in a bit of gold would warm up the room and add a little bit of glam. I knew I wanted something with clean lines (nothing too ornate) and a pull style rather than knob (just a personal preference thing). I searched around and fell in love with a few different options – like these and these and these. Ultimately though, some sleek gold [Continue Reading…]

living room updates: wingback chairs + black trim

So when I gave you guys a look at our new moroccan rug, you must’ve spied a few other updates going on in the living room. I’ll fill you in on those today! First up are the major pieces of furniture. The layout came pretty naturally once we had the built-in’s done. We used to have two sofas in our old living room, but knew that they wouldn’t both work in this space as one would cover the patio door leading to the backyard. Here we are, pre-built in’s… but you see what I mean about the couches? Not working. So it made sense to have our better couch stay in the space, facing the fireplace, and get two new chairs to flank it on either side. The only chair we had ever really had was an IKEA Poang back in the day (didn’t everyone?!), so we were starting fresh. [Continue Reading…]

life lately: work, events + a giveaway

Time for one of those posts where I blab on about a bunch of things that have been happening around here of late. It’s Friday and I don’t have any project updates, but I do feel like there are a bunch of life updates… so here goes. Things have been a bit all over the map. In terms of work, I’ve got a bunch of things on the go — new product lines for THE SWEETEST DIGS CO. and branching out more into retail/wholesale, a short term contract in my “day job” realm of work (public health + development), writing my 5-article series for the Globe & Mail newspaper (last article published yesterday!), doing some website and decorating work for a few clients, and (slowly) trying to chip away at finishing up more of the house (remember how I’m doing ALL of the painting myself? Yep, well… it’s a lot). You [Continue Reading…]