easy 5-minute canada day dessert

Canada Day is just around the corner, and so is Independence Day for my American friends. If you’re going to be throwing a BBQ or having people over, here is a super easy (seriously, it took me 5 minutes to make) canada day dessert idea. I love a good homemade cake just as much as the next person, but this ain’t that. This is for those moments when you need to whip something together quickly that tastes and looks great. My ingredients list? -store bought angel food cake (obviously you could make one if you had the time… something I did not have and frankly, the store bought variety is delish!) -strawberries, sliced -whipped cream (I used Gay Lea’s Real Whipped Cream in a can – basically my favourite thing ever. There might even be some leftover that you can spray in your mouth after your guests leave. Not that I ever do that?!) [Continue Reading…]

re-finishing 101: a mint and gold dresser

In our dining room (which I’m going to give you more deets on later this week), there was this nook next to the window that had been left bare. Between it looking un-finished, and the fact that I had been in desperate need of storage to unpack things like our table clothes, napkins, candles, etc, I was keeping my eyes peeled for a piece of furniture we could use as a buffet. The one that we had used in the bungalow was too long for this space, and also broken. Womp womp. Enter, a perfect opportunity to make over a yard sale find! I came across this solid wood dresser at a garage sale in my neighbourhood. The asking price? $15. Oh, and that $15 also included a wooden coffee table and a round table that I plan on eventually using as a kids craft table. So basically, it was [Continue Reading…]

how to: DIY embroidery hoop art

Time to dive in to some of the projects you spotted in Maya’s nursery reveal. First up? DIY embroidery hoop art. I have been wanting to do this project for AGES, and finally had the perfect spot – a corner of Maya’s nursery dying for a little colour and pattern. Here is what you need: -white paint + paintbrush (if you choose to paint the hoops like I did) -fabric scraps -scissors –wooden embroidery hoops of various sizes (buy them at your local craft store, keep your eye peeled for them in the thrift store, or order online – here are some from amazon that are a great deal!) It’s a super straightforward project. I wanted a bright and crisp look to mine, so I decided to paint my hoops white rather than leaving them wood. I used basic white acrylic paint – two coats. And remember – the smaller hoop [Continue Reading…]

father’s day gift ideas delivered

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I know I need to get my butt into gear. Dan is going to be away over the actual day, but I plan on surprising him with a make-up father’s day when he is back. In addition to some Maya crafts (handmade card anyone?), I want to get him something nice. Thing is, I don’t have much time to go shopping right now, so I plan on ordering something online. After browsing around, here are my favourite father’s day gift ideas that are all easily available to order online and so are DELIVERED to your doorstep. A-to-the-men. All products via either Amazon or Chapters/Indigo. Most are currently on sale and under $50 (except last one)! 1 >> Leather Grill Mitt by Outset. This mitt not only looks super stylish, but is handy for a dude who loves to grill. Plus at $10, it’s [Continue Reading…]

maya’s bright and cheerful DIY nursery

We have come a long way in this little lady’s room – from four bare walls to a room bursting with love, fun, colour, and cheerfulness. This space makes me instantly happy when I come in, and Maya seems to dig it too (thank goodness!). Here is the full scoop on her bright and cheerful DIY nursery. Just a reminder of what the room looked like pre-makeover. Fresh walls and floors… but dying for a little life! As you saw in last week’s post, we started out by creating an accent wall with paint and decals (paint colour is PARA paint’s “Flushed”). The ice cream cone decals came from Urban Walls (on etsy) and I LOOOOVE them. They definitely set the tone for the rest of the room. Usually I would always do drapes in a room like this, but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it for Maya’s room. We [Continue Reading…]

DIY painted driftwood hanger

I’m always on the look-out for eye-catching ways of hanging necklaces, scarves, and other favourite things. So much nicer than stuffing them in a drawer, right? I had a piece of driftwood laying around from a previous project, that I was dyyyying to do something with, so I put together a DIY painted driftwood hanger. It’s a crazy easy DIY… I promise that any of you could pull this off no probs. First step is to find your piece of driftwood. Got kids? Make it an activity on your next walk in the woods! “Who can find mummy the best piece of driftwood?” Ha! Once found, next up is to smooth out your piece with some sandpaper, if necessary. Mine had a few gnarly, flaky spots, but turned into a lovely soft piece after some sanding. Then you want to use some painter’s tape to tape off some stripes. I did different widths and [Continue Reading…]

how to create an accent wall in a nursery

Last week you saw the pink and mint nursery moodboard for Maya and the items I was keeping and nixing from her first room. Let’s dive in next – how to create an accent wall in a nursery. We’re talking pink and ice cream cone decals, folks. Holla! Before any of the fun stuff, I first needed to get the room painted. I LOVE myself some white walls with fun bright colours in accents, so I got to work painting the trim, baseboard and walls in a bright white – PARA Paint’s “Whitewash White” – using an eggshell finish for the walls and PARA’s door & trim paint for the trim. It’s a really cool, bright white, which works in this space because we have two windows which let in tons of natural light. Did you catch Emily Henderson’s post recently about when NOT to paint walls white? If not, you should check it [Continue Reading…]

new in etsy shop: pouches

I have been working on expanding the line of goods that I’m carrying over at my etsy shop, THE SWEETEST DIGS CO., which you might have already spotted over on instagram or in person (if you’re local). The latest in my collection? Some really sweet and fun pouches. I’m really excited to introduce these! They feature my graphic designs that you might recognize from some of my art prints. A little gold and glitter? Got it. “everyday i’m hustlin” pouch Some cool black and white graphic pattern? Check. “you got this, girl” pouch Minty turquoise? Yep. “girlboss” pouch You can use them as a pencil case, jewelry, to hold makeup or keys, for your phone and cords, whatever! They also make really sweet gifts. I think they would be PERFECT as bridesmaids gifts. Cute AND affordable at only $15 USD. If you’re looking to order 6 or more, I can also do custom designs. You [Continue Reading…]

a day in the life of a blogger

I love the day in the life of a blogger posts that I read from time to time on other blogs – it’s fun to get a glimpse into the regular life. Not the instagram life, or the blog life, just the typical everyday. Curious to know what a day might look like at casa sweetest digs? I documented one of our regular weekdays here: 6:55am >> Start to hear little sounds coming out of the nursery. 7:00am >> Major chatter happening now. I can hear her talking about her “boo-boo” (she got a mosquito sting on the weekend that swelled up and is very proud of her war wounds). 7:15am >> After a few “Dada!!!”s, Dan goes in to get her, changes her out of her diaper, and brings her into our room. We let her stomp around our room getting into all kinds of things as we lay in [Continue Reading…]

maya’s room: pink and mint nursery design

Maya’s nursery was the last room in the bungalow (our house pre-reno) that we re-did. She was born in August and we started our renovation in July the following year, so she lived in her first room for just under a year. It was a sweet little space that I had loads of fun finishing while my belly grew bigger and bigger. Some snapshots of that room: That last photo was the day we started packing up our stuff to move out. Where did that little baby of mine go? With Maya’s new room, I have carte blanche to start over again. Thing is, I really loved the pink + mint + white scheme and the DIY projects I had done. So, without replicating the room entirely, I have decided to do her room as the 2.0 version. It’s already a nicer room in terms of the bones: bigger, more windows, a waaaaay [Continue Reading…]