I wanted to share the latest photos with you guys at our renovation site. Everything on the interior has been demo’d as you saw in-action in this post, and now that the debris has been removed (two huge dumpsters worth!) and everything cleared out, we were able to really get an idea of what this new ground floor space is going to feel like. It’s totally crazy to see it like this. The house already feels completely different. No more… Read more »

gold sprayed mason jars

Alright guys. This is an easy one. And if you love gold spray paint like I do, you’re gonna like these gold spray painted mason jars. I have an obscene number of mason jars. Most are vintage – both clear and blue – that I use for decor rentals (my side biz), but I also have some regular jars without lids. Just gathered over time for one reason or another. I wanted to do something with them, and so started… Read more »

gold jewellery stands via the sweetest digs

Since we moved out to my parents’ place, I don’t have my jewellery bulletin board to hang up all of my necklaces, and I threw out the tray that held my bracelets and earrings as it was toast. I needed something to put my jewellery on – otherwise it was all going to be staying in ziploc bags for the foreseeable future. Not good. Enter some gold and white jewellery stands with a sweet plus sign pattern. I grabbed two… Read more »


If you read my post about my experience with breastfeeding, then you will know that I am long-overdue on my second part with tips for pumping and bottle feeding. So – here it is! This post is seriously wordy, so if you aren’t a parent going through this stuff, then you should probably just call this one read!   On Pumping >> Ahh, pumping. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who actually really likes pumping, but for me when breastfeeding just wasn’t working,… Read more »


Well, shit just got real. This renovation/addition we have been dreaming about since we bought our house in 2009, and planning and drawing for the last year, is legit happening. Right after we got back from our trip to England mid-May, we packed up our house in lightening speed (thanks to some lovely family members who helped out!), and hired movers to get the majority of our stuff into a rented storage unit. Then we packed up a truck and car worth, and headed on… Read more »

month 9

Well, Maya turned 10 months on Monday – 10 months!! – I can hardly believe it. We’re into the double digits. Soon I won’t even be talking in months anymore. This girl is growing like a weed. 8 months >> Maya’s 8th month had some highs and lows. It began with the tail end of her first real illness - a virus of some kind that came with sniffles, a tummy bug, fever, and the WORST diaper rash (her poor bum was… Read more »

vintage window turned picture frame

You guys know I have a bit of a problem with collecting – hence why I started renting things out for weddings + photoshoots (see that here). Makes the whole collecting thing somewhat legit. Right? Ha. I love the thrill of the hunt. Finding something old that is perfect on it’s own, or something that I can make over into something I love. This is the story of a vintage window turned picture frame. Over the last year or two,… Read more »

DIY letter via the sweetestdigs

One little project I have been wanting to do ever since Maya was born was to find a letter ‘M’ to put on the outside of her door – you know, one of those DIY monogram door letters. It’s not like in our wee little house there was any question as to which room was hers (ha – we have 3 interior doors – total!), but I liked the idea of marking her room in some way. And plus, once… Read more »


Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you know me, I love to hunt around on Etsy for my favourite gift ideas. Sadly, Dan is going to be away on business in Europe for his first Father’s Day (I was away for my first Mother’s Day too!), so we’ll be making it up for him when he gets home. That buys me a little extra time, but if I’m going to order anything off Etsy I need to do it soon to… Read more »


You guys! We’re back! Sorry for the radio silence for the last 3 weeks. Woah it has been busy. So I packed Maya and myself up, and jetted off to England with my parents. Dan sadly had to stay home for work – and we missed him! – but it was a lovely trip. Maya was great on both plane rides (one red eye, and one daytime). We used our trick of booking the two aisle seats (leaving the middle one… Read more »