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project nursery: a gallery wall

Progress on the nursery has been pretty steady going. We just have a few small details to get to that finish line!

I had hinted before that I wanted to do a gallery wall above the pink + gold dresser that I refinished. It was a great big blank piece of white wall – perfect for a mish mash of frames.


My first step in creating a gallery wall is to always take stock of my frame situation. In this case, I had some leftover white IKEA frames (the Ribba series) and had purchased a couple of silver frames from a garage sale for a buck a piece.

The silver frames got taken apart and given a coat of gold spray paint – the same stuff I used on the little lamp.


Then I cut some wrapping paper to the size of each of my frames, and laid them out on the floor. I played around with the arrangement until I came to a pattern I liked, and then transferred it up onto the wall. The one space in the bottom right corner that’s empty was for a canvas (I just held up the canvas so I knew the spacing was right, instead of cutting a piece of paper for it). When it came time to hang, we just took off each sheet and hammered them in as we went – that way you get the placement just right.


Then it was just a matter of filling the frames with artwork. This is where you can totally personalize a gallery wall – fill it with photos, a favourite piece of artwork, some DIY artwork, postcards, pretty paper, sheet music, whatever! There are so many artwork ideas out there – you really can’t go wrong.


For our wall, I wanted a mixture of things. In the top middle frame I took a page out of a calendar I had bought ages ago and had been stashing in my “someday make this into art” box. I liked the yellow, the elephant, and the cute saying (“a smile is a curve that sets everything straight”).


Then I grabbed some really pretty gift wrap paper for the two other square white frames. I had actually picked this stuff up at a paper shop in Chelsea Market when we were in New York City and brought it home… as carry-on on the plane – hello, crazy lady!



I popped a few of our recent maternity photos into three of the other frames.


A winnie-the-pooh print from an old book made it into one of the small gold frames. This had been a gift from my Mum – I think she found them on a trip in England. Winnie the pooh is a bit of a family love, so it has some sentimental attachment for me. Next to it is the “everything grows better with love” chalkboard print from my own little etsy shop.


And lastly, a canvas I painted in the colours of the room made it in. I wanted something original up there, and signed the back of it with a little note to my sweet baby girl.


And that’s it! A gallery wall always adds so much personality to a room, and I’m super happy with how this one came out. I think the key here was to mix up the frames (white + gold) and the style of artwork, but to keep the gallery fairly rectangular and with mostly large frames. Sometimes gallery walls with frames that are too small get a little too busy or things just get lost, you know what I mean?

In terms of the other stuff on the dresser, we have a change pad with cover (both from Babies R Us), the little gold lamp that we had spray painted, and a basket for diapers and wipes. Simple, but it works.   DSC_0397

Have you guys done a gallery wall lately? Into gold frames like I am? I used to be a purely black and white frame kind of gal, but gold has totally won me over lately. It’s just so warm and pretty, you know? Have you used a dresser as a change table? Any tips about what you do and don’t need on there?

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  • Congratulations! I am expecting too (not due until January). I love the refinished dresser idea, I definitely want to do this. Paying $300+ for a “new, baby dresser” is totally ridiculous to me. Not to mention totally out of my budget! We find out the gender of our baby in three weeks and I can’t wait because then I can start planning for the nursery!
    I love the gallery wall idea and I definitely want to incorporate it into our nursery. I was thinking of doing it above the crib but what if a frame falls into the crib or something!? Eek. I also have a good sized wall right at the bottom of my stairs that I want to turn into a gallery wall. My idea for that is one BIG frame with either wire going horizontal or chicken wire and then mini clothespins to hang things. I want that area to be where I can easily change stuff out. Pics and what not but in the holidays it can hold Christmas cards. =]
    Anyway, your gallery looks great and I’m looking forward to your nursery reveal! Do you mind if I ask what color you used on your walls?

    • gemma

      Sounds like you have lots of fun plans!! The wall colour is just the off the shelf white by the Sico brand (no actual name).

      Good luck with your projects!!