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project nursery: finishing details

Alright, we’re in the last stretch of project nursery! Here are some of the little details – none of which really required a separate post – so I just sort of jammed them into one.

After I had painted the room a crisp white and installed my Chasing Paper polka dot wallpaper (love!), I knew I wanted to do a little something with the window frame. It was just kind of getting lost in the sea of white.


So I taped off the trim, broke out some grey paint I had leftover from other projects, and gave the frame two coats. DSC_0931

And all of a sudden, this window totally became a feature of the room. It seems bigger somehow, and definitely adds a little something dynamic to the space. Plus, tying into the grey and white wallpaper on the other wall helps it all look more cohesive, too.DSC_0423

And you know I got pretty happy with the gold spray paint (like on this little lamp, and on some picture frames), but I didn’t stop there. This silver garbage can was screaming for a little gold-i-fying.DSC_1049

See? I had a little gold spray factory going on here. Sorry for the fumes, neighbours! DSC_1057

And the shelves that I wanted to put above the desk also got the gold treatment. The shelves and brackets were the same ones that had been in this room previously (back when it was an office/guest bedroom), so I just gave the brackets a shot of gold, and the shelves a coat of white paint (hubby cut them down to size and did the install – love that goofy guy). The brackets are from IKEA, and the shelves were just wood purchased from Home Depot.


Because we’re pretty tight on space in our pad, we needed to use these shelves for some office storage that we weren’t able to re-locate elsewhere. Some magazine files and boxes from IKEA (all of which we already owned), did the trick. Plus I threw in a few little pieces of artwork, some vintage children’s books, and my old music box.




Oh and the rug. So back when I was planning the nursery, I had included our green trellis rug from the living room — you can check it out in my original moodboard here. Well, once we moved it over to the space (and after we had already bought the new neutral guy for the living room), we realized the dimensions just weren’t quite right. It did fit the room (I hadn’t totally flubbed on the measuring), but we didn’t want it under the desk, and didn’t like that it stretched almost the entire length of the room. See what I mean?DSC_0962

Soooo… when I spotted this yellow and white chevron guy at HomeSense for less than $30, I was sold. The dimensions worked, I liked the idea of injecting a little bit of sunny yellow, and it’s super thin and easy to keep clean (it’s a flatweave).

DSC_0440So that just about wraps up the nursery projects. Full before + after photos to come on Monday. Holla!

What’s going on in your neck of the woods lately? Getting close to finishing up any room makeovers yourself? Doing any spray painting or window frame painting? Got any sweet plans for the weekend? I want to hear about ’em!

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  • I may have missed this in a previous post, but where did you get the dresser? Did you have it, was it used or did you buy it new somewhere? I really like it!

  • Everything looks super cute. Are you going to hang any curtains? I don’t have any children yet but I’ve heard from others that you pretty much want it to be dark in the room for nap time or babies won’t sleep.

    • gemma

      We do have a blackout blind that we are going to hang. The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few months (which has blinds), so we haven’t felt a rush to get them up in the nursery. Another thing on the to-do list for sure, though! :)


  • Everything looks so great! I love those wall brackets for the shelves! I will definitely be looking into those. =]

  • Megan

    I actually bought those same brackets and shelves for my nursery. I have gone to multiple stores to find gold spray paint. None of them seem to be a pretty gold. Do you remember where you got this spray paint? Or the brand?