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the christmas twig “tree”

19th December 2012

We haven’t done a Christmas tree this year (I know – grinchy!), so I had to come up with a different idea for some sweet ornaments that I had ready to hang somewhere. The alternative? A twig “tree” in a vase. I was originally going to just grab some twigs from one of our trees outside, but then I came across these faux pussy willow stems at the dollar store. I thought they might turn out to be rather pretty, so I shelled out 3 bones and grabbed a couple.

pussy willow 1

First up was to place the stems in a tall vase (sorry for the crappy light time lighting – it gets dark too early these days!).

pussy willow 2

Then you just hang your ornaments. This two-step “project” reeeeally doesn’t require much!

I didn’t pull out all of our ornaments (they are stashed away in a tupperware bin in the garage), but these few crafty ones are totally quaint.pussy willow 4

pussy willow 6

pussy willow 7

pussy willow 8
pussy willow 9

Just a little splash of christmas for our pad. It’s feeling downright festive now with the decorations we’ve added (without pulling out our huge tupperware) – mason jar snow globes, a rustic chic wreath, and other recycled decorations from years past. It’s a Christmas miracle! Ha.

Doing any last minute decorating at your place? Done all of your holiday prep? Still have anyone left to buy/make a gift for? We just mailed out our Christmas cards (hopefully they make it in time!) and have all the gifts ready. Still some wrapping to do, but we’re getting there! 

colour me pretty: gorgeous gray

13th April 2012

I’m all about soft grays and neutrals right now as we get close to the home stretch of our bathroom reno (I’m thinking I’m going to keep the walls white and paint the ceiling gray, but I may change my mind..). If you happen to follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I’ve been pinning a bunch of rooms in this colour all week. I love gray as my go-to neutral. It can be soft, moody, and have undertones of various different colours (violet, cool blues, yellows/greens, etc). It’s one of those colours that can be really hard to choose, but when you get the right one is oh-so-satisfying and lovely (I have painted our master bedroom three times in search of the perfect gray – landing on Coventry Grey by Benjamin Moore as my fave). I also recently painted a chevron ceiling in gray which you can see here. See what I mean about loving this hue? So, without further ado, here is some pretty pinterest inspiration to feast your eyes on.

Source: google.com via gemma on Pinterest

Source: google.com via gemma on Pinterest

Source: tinyurl.ms via gemma on Pinterest

Source: bit.ly via gemma on Pinterest

Source: bit.ly via gemma on Pinterest

Pretty, right? What do you think? Are you a gray lover like I am? It’s funny how gray is associated with gloom and rain, but totally reads cozy and fresh in a home (in my opinion, anyway!).

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a splendid spring weekend. We are up for more bathroom work, but plan to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Hope you do, too!