the DIY files: mason jar faux-snow globes

DIY mason jar snow globes - a cute and easy christmas craft

Okay guys, I have found another use for mason jars. You know how much I love them, right? (check out here, here, and here, if you're not convinced). I saw some mason jar snow globes floating around on Pinterest and was totally swooning. Love of mason jars + love of christmas + love of all things crafty = a lot of love. So I thought I would try my hand at these bad boys to amp up the festiveness around here. I decided to take the easy route and nix the real snow-globe with water and all that jazz (I did see tutorials out there for those though), and just decided to do little winter scenes. Here are my easy DIY mason jar snow globes. First step was to do a trip to the dollar store for ... CONTINUE READING