DIY clothespin wreath

Alright you guys, I have something fun for you today. I’m part of the ‘great canadian wreath hop 2013′. A bunch of us blogger gals got together to all DIY some holiday wreaths. I had tons of fun putting together my wreath, and I’m pretty pumped to check out what everyone else got up to! Here was my criteria for this year’s wreath: not super time consuming, no need to shop for materials, and something fresh and fun. The result?… Read more »

After making my little mason jar faux snow globes and throwing up a few decorations, I still felt like I still had a holiday craft or two in me. We haven’t ever had a winter wreath, so I figured this was the year. I wanted something that wasn’t too colourful (it would be nice if it would match with any year’s holiday colour scheme) and something that had a rustic vintage vibe. My favourite. Then I saw this tutorial on… Read more »

So two of my all-time fave blogging gals, Sherry from Young House Love and her pal Katie from Bower Power, have brought back their super popular pinterest challenge for the fall season. The scoop? Basically we all go and check out the various things we’ve been pinning on pinterest, and quit-pinning-start-doing. A blogging kick in the butt to do one of those projects on your “to do” list. Oh, and if you have no idea what Pinterest is, check it out… Read more »