painted sliding closet doors: faux trim effect

painted trim on closet doors-feature

Do you have any of these closet doors in your house? You know, the sort of flimsy sliding kind? Well I do. And they happen to be in our master bedroom. I couldn't handle looking at these ugly things anymore, so I decided to paint the sliding closet doors with a faux trim effect. First step was to wash down the doors to remove any residue or dust. I didn't need to sand since these doors aren't wood, but if you have wooden closet doors you would want to use a medium and then fine grit sandpaper to prep the surface for paint (like these 3M Advanced Abrasives). To wash down the doors I just used some basic soap and water. If they had been glossy or had some other finish, a de-glosser ... CONTINUE READING

colour me pretty: gorgeous gray

I'm all about soft grays and neutrals right now as we get close to the home stretch of our bathroom reno (I'm thinking I'm going to keep the walls white and paint the ceiling gray, but I may change my mind..). If you happen to follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I've been pinning a bunch of rooms in this colour all week. I love gray as my go-to neutral. It can be soft, moody, and have undertones of various different colours (violet, cool blues, yellows/greens, etc). It's one of those colours that can be really hard to choose, but when you get the right one is oh-so-satisfying and lovely (I have painted our master bedroom three times in search of the perfect gray - landing on ... CONTINUE READING

master bedroom mini-reno update #3: dressing up the windows

So, after re-painting the master bedroom (see post here) and adding some DIY artwork (check it out here), we still needed to do something about our bare windows. Remember what they looked like?: Not only did we want some curtains for aesthetic reasons, we were also getting woken up super early every morning by the beaming sunlight that pours into the room. As you can see, there are two windows. Since the one on the right hand side in the photo above is up next to the closet and sits right above the nightside table, there wasn’t enough room to add curtains there. The other window however, had plenty of room! Since blocking the sun out in the morning had become a fairly high priority, ... CONTINUE READING

choosing the right gray paint


When we first moved in to our bungalow, I went on a painting frenzy throughout the main floor of the house. We choose a dark gray for the master bedroom – a striking colour. Both Dan and I loved it. However, after several months of searching and searching for the right curtain, accent pillow and headboard fabrics for that room, I started to love the charcoal grey less and less. Because it was such a dark colour, it was really difficult to match, unless you used white (which we have enough of already with all the white furniture). I found a few fabrics online that I thought would work nicely, but they were super expensive designer fabrics. Nothing was coming up in our “sale bin” budget. So, ... CONTINUE READING