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houston, the chairs have landed

7th December 2012

So you guys remember those white eiffel chairs I bought a few weeks ago from HomeSav? Well, they arrived over the weekend and I am in love. Seriously over the moon.

The story of how they arrived is kinda funny. I got home one evening to find the puralator note saying that they had been and I had something to pick up at their outlet. I had ordered a couple of calendars, so figuring that that’s what they were, the next day I just strolled down to our ‘hood to pick them up (probably a 15 minute walk). I handed the guy my slip, and he proceeded to go to the back and bring up two huge boxes. The guy totally laughed at me when he saw the bug-eyed look on my face (and then my total squealing when I realized they were the chairs). These boxes weren’t really of the stroll back to my house with them in hand variety. Whoops. I went back the next morning with hubby and car in tow… to bring home two of these bad boy boxes.

I couldn’t wait even two minutes before ripping these boxes open and getting started on putting them together. Luckily, hubby didn’t mind my over-excitement and was happy to help.

The legs and chair tops came separately, all wrapped really well. No damages or anything to worry about.

Dan screwed the bases to the tops (it was SUPER easy – like 2 minutes per chair)..

.. and then I stuck some of those felt bottoms to the four legs. I don’t know about you guys, but I use these on everything. Not only does it mean less damage to your floors, but the chairs just slide so much more easily, too.

And here they are put together! The white is a beautiful rich white, and not too creamy coloured.

The bases are gorgeous too. I love the contrast between the black metal and the light wood legs. They have so much interest and dimension. Come to mama.

And one of the best parts? How easily all 6 tuck under our table. They take up so much less space than our 4 old big ones (way shorter and more narrow), and actually make the whole room feel bigger. And just more sexy. Ya, I said it. These chairs are hot little tomales.

We had some friends over for a little Christmas celebration last Saturday (the same day the chairs arrived), hence the cookies and things. But see how nicely the chairs work with the table? The juxtoposition of rustic table + modern white chairs is totally my bag.

Oh and the comfort is amazing. I sat at the dining room table this week for several hours in a row doing work and my backside was happy as a clam. They have a nice amount of give to them, but keep your posture nice and tall.

Alright I think that’s enough oohing and ahhing over the chairs. They aren’t for sale anymore on HomeSav, but I know that they come up from time to time. Make sure you sign up for HomeSav and keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested. Plus they have lots of great deals on other stuff there too.

Have a favourite chair of your own? Do you love the Eames ones as much as I do? Their designs  were just so smart and so comfortable, don’t you think? Have any big weekend plans? We’re doing some Christmas celebrating with Dan’s side of the fam. Food, laughs, tree decorating. Can’t wait! 

friday finds

9th November 2012

I know, I know.. you’ve seen my table a gazillion times already (let me milk it a little longer, k?!), but did you happen to notice that plush little gray thing underneath in all of the ‘reveal’ photos? Yep, a new rug! I knew from the moment I started building my rustic farmhouse table that I was going to need a rug to go underneath to break up all of that wood. Wood table on wood floor with a wood cupboard right behind it. Wood, wood, wood (which is surprising for a painted furniture lover like me).

I wanted something casual, durable, easy to clean, non-patterned, and in a gray, so when I came across IKEA’s Morum rug I felt like I hit the jackpot. Not only was it the right size and the right price ($99), it’s a flat woven rug that is “suitable for use in the dining room because it is easy to keep clean and chairs can easily slide in and out”. Cha-ching!

I was a little worried about the colour of the rug when we were in the store. It looked really beige with almost a pink undertone, and I worried that it wasn’t going to be gray enough to go with the rest of the gray and blue vibe in the dining and attached living room. We took a chance though, since we knew we wouldn’t beat the price elsewhere. Luckily when we got it home and laid it out, it was perfect. The colour seemed so different than it had in the store, and fit our room perfectly. Don’t you love it when stuff like that works out? I have definitely had my fair share of bad luck with buying the slightly wrong shade of something and being super disappointed after getting home (case in point: I still don’t have shams or throw pillows on our bed since I can’t find the ‘right’ gray and yellow… ugh).

We are super pleased with the rug so far. The texture is great and it doesn’t seem to be attracting dust or piling in any way (I guess it wouldn’t since it’s not wool..?!). I am really happy with the way it grounds the room and lets the table shine.

And the other ‘friday find’? Picture me totally squealing over here… we bought new dining room chairs! I have been lusting after the rustic table + modern white chairs combination forever — I have saved and pinned tons of photos like these ones for years. Here are a few from my collection…

via Designer Vincente Wolf

Via Coastal Living, Photographer: Lisa Romerein, Writer: Brett Bralley

I find the combination so fresh, and the juxtoposition between the rough table and slick chairs is the bees knees for me. My favourite chairs are the Eames Eiffel chair. They are ridiculously comfortable, easy to maintain (no upholstery to worry about), and I just love the design. The story of Ray and Charles Eames is so sweet.

I had been pricing out different options for months and the cheapest I had found in Ottawa was $115 a chair (these are of course knock-offs and not the real deal, which can run $350/chair and up). The hubby and I had talked it over and since we have both been working like crazy over the last few months and saving our pennies, and since the table and rug had been so affordable (under $300 for both), we decided that we could spring for the chairs. I still couldn’t quite pull the trigger though (over $100 a chair just seemed like too much).. so imagine my delight when I found out that HomeSav had some of my dream chairs for $88 a piece! If you haven’t heard of HomeSav before, they are a flash sale site that have great, new products daily (you can become a member here).

Clearly it was a sign. Hubby agreed, and so after checking that the height and dimensions of the chairs would work with our table, I quickly hit the “order” button. It cost $596 bones for 6 chairs, squeaking just under the $100 a chair mark. It’s still a ton of money for us (the only time I remember spending that much on one thing – other than reno stuff – was our bed and mattress), but they are ultimately a great deal and will last for ages. And down the line they don’t have to just be dining room chairs – these are great for a desk, on their own, at a smaller table, whatever. The design is an absolute classic.

 The sale for the chairs is still on (and there are other mid-century modern styles), so head on over to HomeSav if you want to check ’em out. It has only been a day since I ordered and clearly I’m dying for them to arrive already. Patience is not my middle name.

Any great finds for you guys recently? Got any fun weekend plans? I am heading to Toronto (sans hubby) to see some family members and one of my best gal pals, and then going to see John and Sherry (the duo behind Young House Love) at their book signing on Monday night. So. Excited. Anyone else going to be there?

**Just in case you’re wondering, this post was in no way sponsored by HomeSav. I was just super stoked by my recent find on their site!