This upcoming weekend in my Ottawa hood, one of my absolute favourite jewellery stores – Magpie Jewellery – is hosting the final weekend of their bridal month. I actually had my own engagement ring designed and by the lovely folks at Magpie. It was a great experience from start to finish, and ever since I have bought the occasional bauble (or hinted at Dan to!), to add to my collection. For their grand finale weekend, they asked to use some… Read more »

I’m not new to the bunting world – check out this burlap one and this paper one from the DIY archives – but I haven’t done a fabric one before. I do have a sewing machine, but am totally afraid of it and haven’t quite figured out the whole sewing thing yet. It’s on the to-do list. In the meantime, I am very familiar with no-sew options… so here we go with my latest bunting – a no sew fabric… Read more »

After making my little mason jar faux snow globes and throwing up a few decorations, I still felt like I still had a holiday craft or two in me. We haven’t ever had a winter wreath, so I figured this was the year. I wanted something that wasn’t too colourful (it would be nice if it would match with any year’s holiday colour scheme) and something that had a rustic vintage vibe. My favourite. Then I saw this tutorial on… Read more »

So the other weekend when I met sherry & john in Toronto (you can read about that here), I had a great couple of days in Oakville with one of my BFFs, Jenn. We had some fabulous meals and browsed around the little shops on the main street. Jenn (who has known me since high school), casually mentioned that she had to take me into Bluboho — a boutique jewellery shop. As much as I love jewellery, I was a… Read more »