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burlap and ribbon DIY table runner - the sweetest digs

pretty in pink: DIY burlap and ribbon table runner

14th November 2014

I have been wanting to make a table runner for a while now and thought that leading up to Christmas would be the perfect time. I was feeling totally bored with the usual Christmas, or generally winter, colours though, so I went with my current favourite: sweet pink! Keep reading to see how easy this DIY burlap and ribbon table runner was to make.

burlap and ribbon DIY table runner - the sweetest digs

These are all the materials you need:
-Ribbons (all of mine are from May Arts)
-Burlap table runner (I bought from Michael’s, but you could easily just purchase a piece of burlap elsewhere and trim to size)
-Hot glue gun and gun


Don’t mind the terrible photos here — I was doing this project at 9pm. Seems to be the only time  these days when I can ever get any kind of project done?! #ParentingProblems ;)

I rolled out the table runner and discovered that it was hugely long. I cut it in half and rolled up the other half to save for another project. So remember that about the Michael’s burlap table runner – makes two!

Then I pulled out my various ribbons from May Arts and laid them down until I got the spacing and colours right. I wanted a mixture of pink and creams/white. Really sweet and feminine.


Then it was really simple. Just a matter of hot gluing the ribbon down onto the burlap.

A word of warning: Since it’s burlap and therefore hole-y, the hot glue does seep through. In order to deal with this I took some old towels and laid them out on the ground and did all the work on top of them. Then I would lift the table runner up off the towels periodically so that it wasn’t getting stuck. It seemed to do the trick!


I realized quickly that with some of the more satin and light ribbons, you could see the hot glue underneath. I decided that I didn’t really mind that look – kind of adds to the whole shabby chic thing – but if it did bother you, then you’d want to stick with thicker ribbon. That pink velvet one and the lacy one with opaque center line were perfect. DSC_1252 DSC_1254

I set the table with my Mum’s lace tablcloth underneath and all over her lovely silverware and dinnerware. I really wanted it to feel sweet and shabby glam (is that a thing?). Anyway, I think I got there. I would love to sit down to this table for a Christmas lunch!DSC_1256 DSC_1261

Okay so now for the fun part. I teamed up with some of my Canadian blogger friends for a whole Christmas series. You guys, there are some ridiculously good project ideas in here!! I’m feeling totally like I the GPA down in comparison to this group. Ha! Go check them out…Christmas

Santa Cookies from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
Deer Head String Art from Clean and Sentsible
Vintage Door Advent from The DIY Mommy
Rag Ribbon Christmas Trees from Craftberry Bush
Rustic Christmas Tree from Fynes Designs
Christmas Window Box from Echoes of Laughter
Ribbon Napkin Rings from Suburble
Vintage Table Setting from The Sweetest Digs (me!)
Twig Stars and Snowflakes from The DIY Dreamer
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Rustic Wreath from North Story
Wood Block Presents from The Happy Housie
Winter Swag from Satori Design for Living

A big thank you to May Arts for sending the ribbon to be used for this project. They really have some goooorgeous stuff!

pieces of love @ magpie jewellery

26th April 2013

This upcoming weekend in my Ottawa hood, one of my absolute favourite jewellery stores – Magpie Jewellery – is hosting the final weekend of their bridal month. I actually had my own engagement ring designed and by the lovely folks at Magpie. It was a great experience from start to finish, and ever since I have bought the occasional bauble (or hinted at Dan to!), to add to my collection.

For their grand finale weekend, they asked to use some of the vintage items from my Pieces of Love business, and of course I was only too thrilled to be a part of the event. We setup a little vignette, and dotted a few other pieces around the store.






The bridal month events are coming  to an end with Megan Thorne. Magpie is the only store in Canada that carries her pieces and they are thrilled to host her first show in Canada! Megan will be at Magpie in Westboro on Saturday from 11-5 and at the Glebe store on Sunday from 11-5.


Magpie (the Westboro location) is really a gorgeous store – lots of white, glass, beautiful light fixtures and high ceilings – all setting off the beautiful jewellery pretty perfectly. DSC_0876



Victoire and White Elephant are showcasing some vintage wedding gowns at the event. I browsed through them last night and there are some seriously fun dresses at great prices. One of these short dresses would be perfect for the reception/dancing part of the wedding (if you wanted to wear a long, more formal dress for the actual wedding). The lace and detail work is pretty spectacular on these retro frocks.





You can find out more about this weekend’s events here on Magpie’s blog, and check out all the gorgeous baubles from Magpie on their main site here.

*FYI – I was not compensated in any way to promote Magpie Jewellery. I just love the store and was super excited to be a part of their finale wedding weekend!*

What are you guys doing this weekend? Any big plans? Getting out the garden or doing some garage organizing now that the weather is warming up? We’ve got a couple of house projects on the “to do” list — including getting started on a little someone’s nursery!!

the DIY files: a fabric no-sew bunting

22nd February 2013

I’m not new to the bunting world – check out this burlap one and this paper one from the DIY archives – but I haven’t done a fabric one before. I do have a sewing machine, but am totally afraid of it and haven’t quite figured out the whole sewing thing yet. It’s on the to-do list. In the meantime, I am very familiar with no-sew options… so here we go with my latest bunting – a no sew fabric one!

First step was to gather up my supplies. I cut out a cardboard template so that my flags/triangles would be the same size, fabric-tac (this is super bond fabric glue – bought at Michael’s), some wide ribbon (1 inch +), and scissors (I was originally going to use this scalloped scissors, but then opted for regular guys).


Then I just got to cutting triangles. Over and over…


…until you get a little pile that will work for the length of bunting you want. My fabric was actually a pillow case that I had picked up at the thrift store. It was two-sided — one side was this sweet floral and the plaid on the other. I loved the vintage vibe, and it was clearly budget-friendly (I think 49 cents?).


Then it was a matter of breaking out the ribbon, iron, and fabric-tac. First step was to iron down the length of the ribbon in half — this gives you the fold in which the triangles will be glued. Then you line the inside of the fold with some fabric tac, position your triangle in place, and press down. I smoothed mine over for 15-20 seconds before moving on to the next triangle, just to make sure it was all in place securely. Only do 1 triangle at a time (don’t try to put the glue all the way down and then place a bunch of triangles down at once) — I envision a big sticky mess.


Then just keep going until you get to the end of your triangles. Make sure to leave some loose ribbon on either end for tying the bunting on whatever you’re decorating.

I laid my bunting out on the table afterwards and just left it there overnight. You can feel the fabric-tac gets pretty hard under the ribbon – it was my first time using it, and I was pretty surprised at how sturdy it felt. Totally just makes me put off actually learning how to sew….


Storage of buntings can be a little tricky cause you don’t want them to get all intertwined and creased, so I just folded mine up accordion-styles and clipped the top. I used a clip that was not too tight – you want it to be kinda loose so it doesn’t make any creases in the ribbon.


And here’s the bunting in action at my table at the Wed by Hand show (more on that here)!


Cute, right? This little guy is totally going to make an appearance at my bashes and dinner parties.



You guys tackled any buntings before? Any other non-sewers out there who do everything they can to avoid learning? I know I just need to sit down one weekend with my machine and figure it out, but I keep putting it off. I blame taking wood-working in school and not taking any kind of home-ec class. One day I’ll figure it out.  Have a good weekend, friends! 

the DIY files: winter wreath

14th December 2012

After making my little mason jar faux snow globes and throwing up a few decorations, I still felt like I still had a holiday craft or two in me.

We haven’t ever had a winter wreath, so I figured this was the year. I wanted something that wasn’t too colourful (it would be nice if it would match with any year’s holiday colour scheme) and something that had a rustic vintage vibe. My favourite. Then I saw this tutorial on Hostess with the Mostess and was totally sold.

Materials? A twine wreath I grabbed at the thrift store for $3, some white paper doilies, and one fake stem of berries. I had the doilies and berries already, but both can be found for peanuts at any crafts store.

First up was to take the doilies and create little flowers out of them. There is no very clear step-by-step instruction for this, but basically you want to fold the doily in half, pinch it in the middle, and then continue folding and fluffing the ends until you get it to look like a flower. Twist the bottom (where you pinched it in the middle) around to create a bit of a stem.

I did six of these and then started to place them onto my wreath. Since my wreath had lots of nooks and crannies, I was able to just twist the stems in and around until they were firmly in place. You could also easily put a dollop of hot glue on the stems to attach the flowers. I put my flowers all down one side of the wreath, but you could do little groups of two or three if you wanted a different look.

Then to give the wreath a hint of colour, I added in the berries. I had one big stem which I cut up into individual branches and just wove them into the twine of the wreath, wrapping them around one another.

Here is the finished project. I love that it feels wintery and sweet, and not too fussy. The texture and natural vibe make it simple, but pretty.

What about you guys? Got any holiday crafts up your sleeve? Made a wreath lately? Use the same one every year?  Got any plans for the weekend? We are gearing up for more Christmas festivities this weekend – dinner party at our place, a family breakfast, and a party at a friends place – woohoo! Happy weekend, guys :) 

the inspiration files: bluboho, oakville

19th November 2012

So the other weekend when I met sherry & john in Toronto (you can read about that here), I had a great couple of days in Oakville with one of my BFFs, Jenn. We had some fabulous meals and browsed around the little shops on the main street. Jenn (who has known me since high school), casually mentioned that she had to take me into Bluboho — a boutique jewellery shop. As much as I love jewellery, I was a little stumped as I wasn’t really in the market to be buying any new bobbles. But as soon as I took a peek inside the window, I couldn’t wait to get inside.

Seriously, how cute is this shop? I was totally giddy. Too many sweet things to look at all at once. It was a beautiful mixture of vintage finds, crafty things, lovely pieces of furniture, and beautiful jewellery.

Did you spot this DIY light fixture at the cash? I have seen these on Pinterest, but never one in person. It was gorgeous! Rustic wood + mason jars = my jam.

It was all in the details at this shop. Everything had been done thoughtfully and it was just pretty. So pretty. I totally felt like I had found my people.

Rustic wood crates, blue mason jars, simple but stunning flowers, and a vintage mint mirror? Come to mama.

There were so many vignettes around the shop, that even though it was quite small, it took a while just to take it all in.

I loved that they had taken old finds (like that door, wheel, and table in the photo below) and used such fun, bright and eclectic colours to paint them.

And did you notice that whale? This guy was made entirely out of recycled leather. Amazing, right? He reminds me a little of the watercolour whale from my etsy shop!

This old black and white photo in the mason jar was so sweet. It would make a great display piece on a mantel, a shelf, or even at a wedding (old photos of your parents and grandparents on their wedding day). I was smitten.

They also had vintage honey tins dotted around the shop (you can see one in right side of the photo below, and on the left in the photo above). I have picked up a few of these over the last few months – they usually have some great graphics, fun colours, and sweet typography.

And let’s not forget the jewellery. It was gorge. I was dying over the gold ‘love’ necklace on the rock in the photo below, that silver skull necklace, and the turquoise ring (in the second photo down).

Check out more from Blu Boho here. They ship to Canada and the US. And if you’re in the Oakville area, you have to pop in!

Have you guys ever stumbled upon a shop that felt like it could have been your own? I felt like all of the sweet touches in bluboho were so up my alley. Like finding my dream shop soulmates.  Haha. I can’t wait to get back there (and save my pennies to buy a piece of jewellery next time!).

** In case you’re wondering, this post was in no way sponsored by BluBoho. I just fell hard for their shop! **