houston, the chairs have landed


So you guys remember those white eiffel chairs I bought a few weeks ago from HomeSav? Well, they arrived over the weekend and I am in love. Seriously over the moon. The story of how they arrived is kinda funny. I got home one evening to find the puralator note saying that they had been and I had something to pick up at their outlet. I had ordered a couple of calendars, so figuring that that's what they were, the next day I just strolled down to our 'hood to pick them up (probably a 15 minute walk). I handed the guy my slip, and he proceeded to go to the back and bring up two huge boxes. The guy totally laughed at me when he saw the bug-eyed look on my face (and then my total squealing ... CONTINUE READING

friday finds

DIY farmhouse table

I know, I know.. you've seen my table a gazillion times already (let me milk it a little longer, k?!), but did you happen to notice that plush little gray thing underneath in all of the 'reveal' photos? Yep, a new rug! I knew from the moment I started building my rustic farmhouse table that I was going to need a rug to go underneath to break up all of that wood. Wood table on wood floor with a wood cupboard right behind it. Wood, wood, wood (which is surprising for a painted furniture lover like me). I wanted something casual, durable, easy to clean, non-patterned, and in a gray, so when I came across IKEA's Morum rug I felt like I hit the jackpot. Not only was it the right size and ... CONTINUE READING