I think I have mentioned before that some of our best pals, Shannon and Andy, are expecting a baby (any day now!). Well, instead of the usual baby shower gift, I thought that it would be fun to help them out with their nursery design. Obviously, this is somewhat selfish as this “gift” is super fun for me (hello, a whole room to help decorate!). Here is how the room started out. It originally had a desk in it (which… Read more »

Do you have any of these closet doors in your house? You know, the sort of flimsy sliding kind? Well I do. And they happen to be in our master bedroom. Did you know you can paint sliding closet doors and transform them? Not pretty, hey? Oh, and want a glimpse into some real life at the sweetest digs casa? Here is our bedroom in all it’s unmade bed and strewn laundry glory. Just keepin’ it real. Well, I was ready… Read more »

It’s been gray and rainy here today, so I couldn’t help but be inspired by these bright yellow rooms.  Notice that the yellow is just in bits and pieces, so it’s not *too* overwhelming. Don’t these rooms just cheer you up? I love the bright yellow against the white background. So refreshing!