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Last August, I posted about the new gallery wall in our hallway (not so new anymore!). I did the one main wall at the time, always with plans of adding additional frames on the opposite wall. Well, I finally got around to it. Better late than never, right?

Reminder – here is the wall ‘o frames phase 1.


And here was blanky blankerson wall on the opposite side, staring back at me every day saying “gimme some frames, yo!”.


I grabbed two more large Ribba frames on a recent IKEA trip (Hi I’m Gemma, and I’m addicted to Ribba frames), and paired them with two smaller ones I had lying around. It was a pretty tight squeeze, but we got all four of these guys in. As usual, I planned out the arrangement using newspaper (cut to size of the frames) before sticking any holes in the wall.


Framed are a few personal photos from our travels, a personalized wedding poster that I bought for Dan for our first anniversary, and a typewriter poster I already had.


It now feels so much more balanced with the other side of the wall. Oh, and don’t look up at the ceiling… I still have to do some serious patching, painting, and straightening up of the light fixture up there and owe you a post about it.




There is still an even narrower slice of wall between the bathroom door and the linen closet which I might try and plaster with frames too at some point. You know, just to drag out this project some more…. phase 3!

You guys hanging any artwork lately? Into the mixture of prints and photos, like I am? Love Ribba’s? C’mon… I know there are others of you out there.  

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  • jackie

    Hi Gemma,
    I saw the ribbas on sale at ikea over christmas for 50% off. I was too sick to go get em and now i’m sad:( Looks great, love the artwork. Still think you could have a daring dark wall that would pop them more, but at the same time I want to ask what colour you have up there haha. Everyone’s a critic.

    • gemma

      Sorry for the late reply, Jackie! I couldn’t remember what the name of the colour was… it’s Silver Drop by Benjamin Moore!


  • Ashley @ The Freckled Redhead

    I love a gallery wall but a gallery hall is even better! The frame sizes fit perfectly and look like they were meant to be there. I can’t wait for the details on the light – I really like it.

    • gemma

      Thanks Ashley! We were lucky that the frames fit in that little space. Details on the light to come! :)


  • Christine, just bella

    I have a few gallery walls planned that also need some finishing, thanks for the inspiration. This looks awesome!

    • gemma

      Good luck with your gallery!!


  • Stephanie

    Could you post how you plot out the frame placement with paper? I love this idea but when I tried, I always screwed up the hanger placement with the wires. I’d love to be able to get this right, finally!

  • Betinah Luna

    Thanks for these tips! I might change my home so this would be really helpful

  • valerie

    Love the gallery hall!
    And your light fixture would look awesome with one of those edison style light bulbs!

    • gemma

      Totally!! An edison bulb has been on my “to buy” list for ages .. thank you for reminding me!! Need to get on that.. :)