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wedding anniversary – numeros dos

Today is quite the day – it is our baby’s due date (no sign of her arriving – I think she’s nice and happy in there!) and it is our wedding anniversary!

It fills me up with so much joy to think about our wedding two years ago. It was a beautiful day in the Adirondack mountains, surrounded by so many wonderful people, so relaxed, and felt just like us. Here are a few shots from the day, but you can go check out the ‘wedding‘ page on the blog for more photos and project posts if you’re interested.

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 57

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 90 (2)

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 256 (2)

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 421 edited

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 286

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 294 edited

Gemma & Dan's Wedding 2011 505Damn that was a good party. I can almost still feel how sore my legs were the next day from all that dancing. My brother-in-law’s feet were numb for about a week (true story). SO fun.

Thanks for two stellar years of marriage, DB! You are just the best. So much love. XO.

And here is how I look as of this morning… 40 weeks pregnant! Thinking about how different life will be on our anniversary next year..!!

due date

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  • jackie

    Hey Gemma! Lookin’ good. I think I have the same duvet as you but in grey and another in light blue. Is it pottery barn?

    • gemma

      It’s actually from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (it’s DKNY). Lots of similar ones out there though (including one from West Elm)! :)


      • jackie

        so i probably overpaid:( Good luck with the birth, hope it’s quick and painless! Can’t wait for a baby post!

  • Hey, we share a wedding anniversary! No worries if the little one shows up late – Hannah’s birthday is the day before our anniversary so we have yet to celebrate. Last year we were in the hospital and this year, with the excitement of Hannah’s first birthday we forgot all about our anniversary!

    • gemma

      How funny, Amelia!! Our little ladies could’ve shared a birthday too! A festive time of year apparently :)


  • Mandy

    You look GREAT! Looking forward to reading about the little one. Good luck!

  • Happy 2 Years! Andrew and I just celebrated 3 years in June.

  • Jodi Nichols

    Wow you’re looking fab! Pregnancy looks good on you, hope you’re feeling fab too.
    Can’t wait for the posts after baby girl has arrived. I just love your blog :)
    Goodluck with the birth, hope you’re getting LOTS of sleep now!

    • gemma

      I am trying to for sure! Lots of sleep and quiet afternoons are high on the priority list right about now, as I know they will be few and far between soon! Thanks Jodi :)


  • Jen

    Congratulations! And you look fantastic!! Looking forward to hearing about her arrival :-)

  • Teri

    Best of luck for an easy labor! You seem like such a happy individual I am sure your new baby will have the same disposition!

    • gemma

      Aww – that’s very sweet of you to say, Teri! I hope she is a cheerful little being with her Dad’s calm, cool, and collected vibe :)