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babymoon: the recap

Okay, so time for the full scoop on our trip to NYC!!


We stayed with Dan’s aunt and boyfriend who live in the Upper West Side (uptown Manhattan neighbourhood that is just west of Central Park).  It was so nice to stay with family – not only to get all caught up and do lots of visiting, but it was so comfortable, fun, in a great location, and good on our pocket books!




We had great weather while we were there. It was beautiful spring – warm and tons of sunshine. Perfect for a lot of strolling around.



On this particular day, we spent a bunch of time in the Park – including lunch at the Boathouse (the restaurant in Central Park) – so yummy and scenic!








The blossoms were out in full swing and was just so pretty. I love the soft pink colour, don’t you?


We did a bit of shopping — some shoes for both of us from Designer Shoe Warehouse (that place has great deals!), a couple of finds from anthropologie, and a maternity top from Rosie Pope. Have you guys seen her TV show (called ‘Pregnant in Heels’?). I was mildly obsessed with the show, and therefore with Rosie! Her shop in the Upper East Side was small but gorgeous, and had the nicest sales girls, They even offered Dan a beer while I tried things on. Way to win over the dudes, Rosie.


Our week was kinda summed up by strolling and eating. A lot of eating. Here we are at Le Pain Quotidien (we don’t have one in Ottawa and LOVED them when we were living in London, England). Such yummy coffee and treats.

Brunch at Sarabeth’s. The lemon + ricotta pancakes were out of this world.


And bagels from Zabar’s. It looks like it was just Dan that did a lot of eating…. I promise I was very much involved in these activities! :) DSC_0783

We did a few evenings out on the town. One was to see tony-award winning musical ‘Once’ (fabulous music!!!), and to see a documentary at the Lincoln Centre called ‘No Place on Earth’ (highly recommended).DSC_0744


We spent another day visiting with Dan’s cousin and checking out the Chelsea Market, Highline, and the Chelsea neighbourhood.



The Chelsea market has this awesome industrial vibe, with some great touches that I fell in love with. How neat are these big orb pendants with paper butterflies?


Or this huge vintage clock? Love, love, love.


Highline is an area of old rain tracks that have been converted into long stretches of garden and walkway. Such a neat way to use the unused space.DSC_0768


Another day was spent out in Brooklyn – walking along the water, checking out the architecture of the Brooklyn streets (I think we were in the ‘Brooklyn Heights’ neighbourhood), popping into the shops, and sitting at cafes.








For $3 at a Brooklyn thrift store, I found these hilarious flash cards. They are all slang words – words that Dan and I embarrassingly use far too often (ex – bling, cheddar, tight, etc) – with the definition and photo with quote on the other side. We had such a good chuckle going through them. I see an art project in their future!DSC_0821


On one of our last days we popped over to 5th Avenue and down to the Plaza Hotel for tea.





The ‘Eloise’ shop in the Plaza is hilarious (remember the Eloise books + movies?). The tea party room was a total pink dream! DSC_0851

There are few things I love more than a good afternoon tea, and the Plaza didn’t disappoint. Yummy scones, sweet desserts, and great ambiance (though the devonshire cream for the scones was way too meagre for this English clotted cream loving gal!).




All in all, an absolutely fabulous babymoon! So nice for Dan and I to unwind, take a bit of time out for each other, and plan and dream about this little baby girl of ours.

Have you guys had any really memorable NYC trips? Ever go on a babymoon? Got any trips planned for this summer?

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  • Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell

    Looks like you had a great time! I hope to get back to NYC again soon….last time we went was in the winter and it was cold, cold, cold! You have made me want a really chewy bagel now…..thanks :)

    • gemma

      You definitely need to go in the spring or fall! It’s great in the winter (esp at Christmastime), but there’s nothing like Central Park in the spring. And chewy bagels? YUM!! I’m in withdrawal.


  • Ashleigh

    We are going to NYC at the start of our honeymoon in a month, I am SO excited !! Looks like you had an awesome time xox

    • gemma

      Oooh have so much fun!!


  • jackie

    Sorry to be a downer, but my first thought was “omg, she was there during the whole boston thing” but I’m glad you didn’t get wrapped up in that emotionally while visiting. I think “babymoon” is too cutesy of a word, but I *did* tell my family we were taking a late honeymoon when I was 3 months prego and no one knew yet. Everyone was a little confused by that, and now I wish I had babymoon in my vernacular at the time. We went for a week to Nelson, BC and stayed in a little cabin. Unfortunately I was very tired, emotional, and had a lot of allergies from an overactive immune system (damn you babies!) so it was pretty quiet. But I enjoyed a week of coffees and lazing around with my husband. I’m so jealous you got REAL prego clothes as that was a huge complaint, only having crap clothes for so long. And looking at that pink store, omg, I wish I had a girl again! Grr!

    • gemma

      Jackie -your trip sounds lovely (though too bad you were feeling crappy). I have heard that Nelson is a gorgeous spot!!

      The Boston stuff was pretty scary. We actually have family who live in Watertown, and they had the SWAT team in their backyard multiple times that day. The photos they were posting on facebook were insane. So sad…


  • Kaileigh

    Highline is the one thing that we missed that I wish we had done. I guess it’s just a reason to go back!

    • gemma

      There will also be a reason to go back to New York! :)


  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators

    Looks like a really fun babymoon! Sarahbeth’s Lemon Ricotta pancakes are my favourite!!

    • gemma

      That makes two of us!! Amaaaazing, right? I’m going to try to make them at home..


  • Kala M.

    Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you two (and a half) had a blast! Lemon Ricotta pancakes sound amazing, I love lemon.

    • gemma

      They were to die for!! :)


  • Alana

    You’re an off the hook gorgeous mama!!
    So happy to see that you guys had an amazing trip :)
    Love love XXOO

    • gemma

      aww thanks darling!! so nice to hear (esp when i’m feeling frumpy!) :)


  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Looks like an awesome time. So many beautiful photos and you look fabulous.
    (I love NYC trips too ;)

  • Suzanne

    I was in NYC last year over Easter weekend. We did all the touristy stuff as my travel partner had never been before and it had been 13 years since I was last there. I will definitely go back again (maybe venture during Christmastime as I’ve been in the spring and summer). There are always more things to do on your next trip and you provide some great ideas, Gemma. I love teatime as well. Speaking of which, it’s about that time of day!
    To answer another question you posted, I actually have 3 trips planned for this year – B.C. in a week and a half, Las Vegas in July (I know – I’ve been warned!), and Rhode Island (and surrounding area) in September.
    Happy baby planning!!!

    • gemma

      Oh my goodness Suzanne, all of those trips sound fabulous!! Such great (and diverse) destinations! You should definitely go see a Cirque du Soleil while you’re in Vegas (if you’re into that kind of thing) — my parents saw ‘LOVE’ and said it was spectacular.

      Have fun!!


  • Michelle (from KY)

    WHat a fun post! It takes me back-I was just in NYC last October. Glad you had a good time!

    Oh, and we went into the lobby of the Plaza, but not all the way back to the tea room…that lobby was out of control with all the glamour, I could only imagine the ‘Elois’ tea room was pinklicious, lol!

  • jules

    I think we are taking a babymoon to your neck of the woods this summer! We live in Barrie (north of Toronto) and have never been to Ottawa. We wanted to do something driveable and have heard lovely things. I picture it being a lot like your babymoon…walking eating and picture taking. Bliss!

    • gemma

      Sounds lovely!! Let me know if you want any tips or recommendations! Maybe I should do an Ottawa guide to post on the blog…. :)


      • jules

        oooh that would be lovely! Yes I have no ideas of the hidden treasures Ottawa has to offer. Fab idea for a post