the DIY files: painted patterned ceiling

hallway pic 1

A couple nights ago I was at home by myself, vegging in front of the TV while surfing pinterest, and got a sudden burst of energy to paint our ceiling in our front hallway. I was totally inspired by these patterned beauties: sources (left to right): from here, here, here, and here So I changed into my paint clothes, grabbed all the supplies from my stash of paint in the basement, and got to work. We haven't done much (other than hang a few things) to our entryway since we moved in, so I was starting with a completely blank slate. I loved the gray and white herringbone pattern posted above (top right), so since I had some light gray paint kicking around (and was starting with ... CONTINUE READING

the DIY files: a chevron canvas

chevron canvas pic 1

I'm always on the hunt for some new DIY artwork ideas, so when I got my hands on a big canvas recently I perused pinterest for some inspiration. I came across one of my favourite ombre dresser (I have had this dresser DIY in the back of my mind for months..) and the ever popular chevron trend (check out the original sources here and here): So I decided to combine these two trends on my canvas, which I picked up for about $15 from my local art supply shop. I cut out a chevron template out of cardboard (a leftover cereal box), which I used to pencil the pattern onto the canvas. Then it was just a matter of taping out the lines with painter's tape. The tape actually didn't ... CONTINUE READING