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our DIY harvest table: the after!

Here is our DIY harvest table in all it’s after-glory. For the full scoop on how this table came to be, check out the post on building our DIY harvest table, and then the second post on how we stained and sealed it. After struggling a bit to move it into our dining room (man, this thing is solid!), I got to the fun part – styling.

How we built a DIY harvest table for less than $150 - using Ana White's building plans!

This is how the dining room was looking a couple weeks ago. We liked our white table (it’s a hand-me-down from family), and hope to use it again down the road, but I had always dreamed of having a rustic farmhouse style table.

And… now we do!

I love the honey colour that the stain gave the table. It’s warm and really ties in nicely with the other elements in the room.


The knots really came to life with the stain, and the screw holes that we filled and stained over look totally fine. They just add to the character of the table.

With our old table, even though it was the same size, we could never comfortably get 6 chairs around it. The way the legs crossed underneath meant you could only tuck in 1 chair per side. With our new table, we can definitely accommodate 6 (hence my setting for 6 in these pics). You know what that means? We need new dining room chairs. Help me convince the hubby, k?

The whole room seems more grounded now, somehow. It’s still a small space and ultimately it would lovely not to have to squish in so much furniture, but living in an 800 square foot house, we really need the storage from those cabinets behind the table. It works for now!


The budget breakdown for the table?

  • $95 on wood (construction grade spruce for the legs and pine for the top)
  • $7.50 on screws
  • $45 on wood conditioner, stain, and polyurathane (and there is tons of this stuff left over for future projects!)
  • sandpaper and safety equipment provided free of charge by 3M
  • all tools needed to make the table were already owned by my lovely Daddio

TOTAL: $147.50

Definitely not bad when you compare it to what farmhouse tables cost from furniture stores. Plus the other really great thing, that is totally priceless? I got to make this with my Dad. Just he and I, in his workshop. That’s the best.


Alright guys, have I convinced you to go build something? Just go check out Ana White to get inspired. Holy moly, that gal is amazing. I need to go browse her site and plan our my next build project!

Products from 3M were received free of charge for this project, however opinions are all me! 

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  • Courtney

    It looks AMAZING! Congratulations – all of your hard work means a BEAUTIFUL result!

  • Wow – that is super impressive! It is soooo crazy how much they can charge for similar tables. I wish I were so handy!

  • Another thing you could do instead of buying all new chairs is put 2 chairs on one long side and get a bench for the other side. I’ve never been a huge fan of sitting on benches but it could be really cute. Maybe if you found the same fabric that you have on the chairs you could make a cushion for it.

    • gemma

      Great idea, Kala!! We’ll see what we decide. I have my eye on some modern white chairs :) Haha


  • ginny


  • Looks amazing Gemma! Love the new table in the dinning room, looks perfect!

  • Alana

    So… you’re going to start making these for Christmas and birthday gifts, right??

    I love it – looks amazing!!!!

    • gemma

      Hahah that’s exactly what my family said :) Thanks lady!


  • Farrar Brodhead

    Well done Gems and G! What a beautiful piece to add to your home**

  • the table is beautiful gemma!! and it must feel so good to look over at it and know that you made it yourself. awesome stuff!

  • Gwendy

    The table looks like it was meant to be there Gemma! Gorgeous. And the grey rug sets it off really well. It’s hard to believe the table was made so quickly and for so little, amazing!

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  • Wow! This is AWESOME! Great job Gemma!

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  • Nicole

    Love your blog, and I love this table! I can’t believe the price, especially if you compare that against new tables in store! Please keep up the great DIY projects!

    • gemma

      thanks so much Nicole!! I am definitely really pleased with how budget-friendly the table was, too!


  • Leslie F.

    The table looks fabulous! My hubs and I are hoping to build one soon from the same plans.

    • gemma

      Amazing!! I’d love to see how it turns out, Leslie!


  • Alex @ northstory

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this for sometime now and every time I get a new blog entry from you on my phone I think to myself, oh damn the table! This is an amazing project. I would put that in my kitchen in a nano second. Mind you my current kitchen isn’t worthy of such a pretty outcome just yet. Great work! Really.

    • gemma

      Aww – thanks Alex!! I so appreciate it :)


  • Cecilia Bramhall

    I’m coming over from HomeTalk…I love how your table turned out. As for chairs, why not look for two arm chairs to use on the end? That’s what I did. They don’t have to match the others. You can unify them with paint. You can see mine at http://www.thebfarm.blogspot.com (look for the host chairs post) if you’re interested.

  • Lan | MoreStomach

    in process of planning to build a table… where did you purchase your piece of wood?