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project nursery: the wallpaper

Back in my original nursery moodboard (which you can see here), I mentioned the Chasing Paper wallpaper we were going to be using in this room. Every now and then, I am contacted by companies who are willing to send samples of their product for me to try out. A lot of time though, the product isn’t really something I’m interested in, or is something that I don’t think will be relatable to any of you lovely readers, but when Chasing Paper contact me a few months ago I jumped up out of my seat with a big “Yes, yes, yes!”.

Chasing Paper is a brand new company that specializes in removable wallpaper. It’s basically like huge decals. No awkward wallpaper installation, and no regrets if you decide to change your style a few years later or move and want to take it with you. So smart, right? As they say on their website, “perfect for serial movers, stylish mamas, DIYers, and commitment-phobes“.

There are so many fun prints to choose from – some of my faves are the antlers, anchors, and vintage flowers. Since I am crazy for polka dots and wanted to inject colour with the furniture and other accessories in the room, I ended up choosing this grey + white small scale polka dot for our accent wall. Neutral but tons of fun.

When the package arrived in the mail I opened it up and laid out the pieces (the lovely folks from Chasing Paper also sent me a sample sheet of the chevon, which I plan to use for another project!).


There aren’t many instructions as it’s pretty simple, really: peel, stick, smooth.

I laid out the sheets on the floor and peeled off one at a time. One little suggestion for peeling the sheets off their backing is to have a partner who can hold the backing while the other peels. I had a few moments of getting pieces all stuck to each other (but they came apart again really easily – phew!).


Then I just got started in the top corner of the wall. It took a bit of trial and error to figure out the best way of lining it up and smoothing the paper down, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. The really nice thing is that you can peel the sheet off countless times until you get it perfect. The seams of the polka dots had to match so that I didn’t have half dots anywhere, so I went really slowly and lined up the edge and the top lines first, then smoothed the rest of the way down.



Bubbles can appear, so you really want to smooth it out well. I used a library card and my hands to get it totally smooth. DSC_0673

For the bottom edge of the wall and around the one outlet, I figured the best strategy was to smooth the paper down as much as I could around them. DSC_0666

Then I came with my exacto knife and cut as closely to the outlet and along the trim as I could. Somewhat nerve-racking, as I thought I would screw this part up for sure.DSC_0667

Luckily though, the paper was really pretty easy to cut. Look at that outlet with its nice edges.DSC_0668


The trim was equally simple and the excess piece just popped right off.DSC_0670

The whole process is just about adding more and more rectangles until you fill up your wall. From start to finish, I think the project took a total of about 3 hours?


Oh and I made sure to save all of those excess pieces (I stuck them back onto the backing) for a future project. You can use the paper on furniture, trays, vases, whatever! Not just for walls, folks.DSC_0677

And here is the wall all finito. I’m really digging the scale of the dots – it’s this nice subtle pattern that adds so much dimension to the room but doesn’t totally steal the show.DSC_1029



The seams are barely (if at all) noticeable. 



Hmm catch the little piece of furniture in the corner of that last pic? Yep, we have been busy adding a few more things to this room! Deets soon, promise.

So go check out Chasing Paper if you’re thinking of adding some pattern or colour to your pad. There are so many sweet options to choose from, and some great other ideas for how to use the paper!

Disclosure: Free product was received by Chasing Paper for this project, however the review and opinions are all me! And for reals, I love this stuff!

Ever tried installing wallpaper yourself? Or removing it? Man that can be a brutal job. Any other news going on in your neck of the woods? How was your weekend?

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  • jackie

    i’m impressed. i like this product.

  • Jeanette @ This Dusty House

    Polka dots! I love it.

  • Vicky @ Little Loves

    AH-MAZING! Totally going to check out Chasing Paper :)

  • Christine r.

    Omg! I’ve been looking for something like this since forever! I’m in love with their website, thanks for sharing .

  • Olga@StardustDecorStyle

    The wallpaper is awesome and you did a great job yourself! And only in 3 hours…wow!

  • modern jane

    Wow! Looks pretty simple! Love the polka dots:)

  • Amelia @ House Pretty Blog

    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that wallpaper! Totally wish I could decorate another nursery (though one baby is more than enough for me right now haha). Can’t wait to see more!

  • Stephanie

    What a great idea! Love how easy it seems to be – like a giant post-it note :)
    Checked out their site and they seem to be somewhat limited in their selection and colours available. Shame.

    • gemma

      Totally like a big post-it note.. haha! They are a brand new company, so are coming out with new designs and colours all the time. Be sure to continue checking back!!


  • Amanda – Small Home Big Start

    What an awesome way to add an accent wall! Love that it can be taken down if you move, kid’s tastes change as they grow. The polka dot would be a great pattern to update a picture frame mat or recover a book.

    • gemma

      Absolutely! Love the idea of updating a picture frame matte… clever! :)


  • Gilit

    I Love it! Subtly awesomepants. What more can you ask for in a nursery?

    • gemma

      Hahah awesomepants… I might have to start using that :)


  • Rachel

    Hi Gemma,

    Just starting on our nursery (similar size to yours, 1950s house in Alta Vista). How many sheets did you need for one wall? It looks great and easier than painting!

    • gemma

      Hi Rachel! Amazing!! I had so much fun doing my nursery, I’m sure you will too. To be honest, I can’t remember how many panels I used (can I blame pregnancy brain/memory?), but there is a calculator on the Chasing Paper website that should be able to help you out: http://www.chasingpaper.com/.

      Good luck and let me know how it turns out!


  • Your nursery looks great! I mentioned your site today in a hint on Chasing Paper :) http://hintmama.com/2014/03/10/todays-hint-easily-removable-and-affordable-wall-decor-giveaway/

    • gemma

      Aww thanks so much, Jennifer!! I so appreciate it! Popping over to check out your site now…!