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project bathroom: demo

Step one in project bathroom reno? Demolition, baby. We need to still be able to use the bathroom during our re-model (we only have one, after all!), so we didn’t rip everything out all at once. We knew the bathtub had to be the first thing to tackle (messiest and biggest job), so that’s where we started.

Let me tell you, that grimy old tub of ours was cast-iron and reeeeally well installed. It took a whole lot of hammering, and help from one of Dan’s friends (my muscles just weren’t cutting it), but we got ‘er out.

Luckily this friend is a carpenter/plumber, so he also helped us install the new tub. Changing a toilet is one thing, but doing the plumbing for a new bathtub was one of those things that we didn’t want to just wing ourselves. A few hours of soldering and some heavy lifting, and the boys called me back in to see the new beauty. Success!

Ain’t she pretty? Just a basic pure white tub from Home Depot for a mere $269 (plus tax). The brand is Mirolin and the tub is called the Sydney Acrylic. It was exactly what we wanted – basic, white, no frilly stuff, and comfortable. I’m so looking forward to a few evenings in there with bubbles and a gossip magazine. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually ever taken a bath in this house!

So here’s how it’s looking. A bathtub, but not much else.

The other side of the room is still in tact so we can use the toilet and sink.

And here’s the new tub celebration we had going on. Just partying in the bathroom, no big deal.

The house is a crazy mess though. I forgot how major reno’s in one space totally take over the rest of the house. There is a layer of dust on everything, and piles of supplies everywhere. Oh, and there is no door on our bathroom.. so everything is pretty “out in the open”, if you know what I mean… !!

Drywall and tiling are up next. We’ve picked out a subway tile and gorgeous glass tile accent that I’m SO excited about. Wish me luck!

You folks done any demo recently? Don’t you feel like your whole house is a construction zone? I feel like I’m going to be dusting for months and months…

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  • Courtney

    I laughed out loud at the “partying in the bathroom” picture!

  • I think it is a blessing that you only have one bathroom (well, in terms of renovations anyways). I am helping my parents reno their 20 year old massive ensuite, and since they have another bathroom down the hall, the pace of this remodel is, well, let’s just Rosie O’Donnel could win the iron man before this bathroom is complete. Because they don’t *need* the bathroom, my mom is taking her sweet time making up decisions. I guess I don;t help either, because everything she decides, I change, lol. Anyways, good luck with the rest of your reno! It is going to look fab and can’t wait to see some pics!

    • gemma

      Ha ha – good point Jen! Good luck with your project :)


  • I’m so jealous that you get to gut your bathroom (I wish I could do that with mine, but I just don’t have the funds)
    I’m looking forward to see what you accomplish :)

  • I think you’re brave. I really need to reno my kitchen and bathroom (and have needed to for the seven years I’ve owned this house), but I’m scared. First, only having one bathroom is a challenge. How are you handling that? Also, I’ve never done a major reno and am petrified it will drive me beserk with the dust and mess. Ours would be a DIY job too, which puts all the skill work squarely on my boyfriend. I’m afraid of how long it might take as well.

    Sometimes I think I should just jump in and get it over with but…

    I’d love to see any living through a bathroom reno tips you have!

    • gemma

      I can absolutely understand your trepidation, Candi. Sometimes you just need to dive right in! On the other hand, if you haven’t done too much DIY/handy-work of that nature before, then it’s smart to make sure you have a bit of money saved up in case you need to hire professionals to get it done.

      Good idea about the “living through a reno” tips… I think I’ll make that a blog post :)


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