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the DIY files: a paper bag halloween bunting

I haven’t cracked open my box of halloween decorations yet, but I was jones’ing to do a craft the other day and whipped up a little trick or treat bunting.


This bunting was made using all materials I already had kicking around at home – paper bags, jute string, a sharpie, and some stickers. Hollaaa for zero dollaaa projects (just call me rhyme masta G). If you didn’t have these items though, the paper bags can be picked up at the grocery store, and the string and stickers from the dollar store.

I cut the paper bags apart into rectangles, folded them in half, and then cut a little triangle from the bottom to give them that flag look.


Then I needed to glue together the two sides of the flag and weave my string in at the same time. Could you believe that all 4 of my little glue sticks at home were totally dried out? Annoying! Anyway I broke out the double sided tape and used pieces of it instead.

I just kept on going until I had all of my flags strung. Then I used a black sharpie marker and wrote out ‘trick or treat’. I looked up the Matilde font online, which I knew I liked, and copied the lettering.DSC_0651

To add a little za-za-zoom I used some glitter stickers I had – the black ones were perfect for this little project.DSC_0653

I cut them into pieces of 7 and stuck them down on the bottom flaps. Easy peasy.DSC_0676

Giving the ‘or’ a little something different with the silver ones…DSC_0678

I sort of didn’t realize how big I was making the bunting until it was done… so the best place for it to hang was across our front window. I closed the curtains to get these shots, but the lighting is still pretty bad. You get the idea, though, right?

I like the rustic vibe of the paper bags and jute string – makes it seem a little fall/thanksgiving-y and not just meant for halloween.DSC_0683

Oh and if you haven’t hung things like this from the window before, it’s super easy as you just need to leave enough string to tie around the rod on each end. I just do a simple loop – easy to take down when you’re done with it. DSC_0686

Oh and on the off chance anyone else has a two month old at home, this is one of those easy-to-do crafts – I worked on it mostly sitting on the floor while Maya was playing on her mat (all while telling her in great detail about what I was working on… here’s hoping I can influence her to be a crafty little gal with her mama!).

Any halloween decorating happening in your neck of the woods? My nieces and nephews did a little pumpkin carving at my parents’ cottage this past weekend. So much fun. Did you all have a nice Canadian thanksgiving? We celebrated 3 days in a row and ate ourselves silly. There is still turkey and pumpkin pie as leftovers for this week. Not great for my whole “trying to lose the pregnancy pounds” thing… but oh so yummy! 

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  • Great idea! I wish I had your handwriting!

    • gemma

      Thanks Amelia :) The trick is to pull up a font first and then copy it! I typed this out in Word first and then used it as a guide.


  • Sara

    Fellow Westboro mom of 1 and 3 year old boys. I just made my first spur of the moment cheesecloth ghost this morning! I think having kids has made me craftier, seeing their little faces light up in pure “Wow” adds so much fun. I’m sure your little girl will love it!

    • gemma

      Oooh fun – great idea! And hello, fellow neighbourhood’er :)


  • That was an innovative idea..!!!

  • Jenn

    That is super cute! And so simple! I’m definitely going to try it out. Hopefully my three month old will be equally enthralled!

    • gemma

      Hahah – I’m not sure that enthralled was the right word for Maya… but tolerant anyway :)


  • This is so cute! Great idea Gemma!

    • gemma

      It was so, so easy! Thanks Laney!