So after proclaiming that the time had come to do something about our dated and dull bathroom on March 26th, we have done a complete overhaul of this small-but-important room in our pad. One month, a lot of elbow grease, a few dolla dolla bills, and we can (almost) call this one officially done-zo. The *almost* refers to still having to install the overhead fan and put in the floor transition (both on handy hubby’s to do list!). In case… Read more »

So after demo’ing the bathroom and installing the tub, next up was tiling the tub surround. Like all of the projects in our casa, we are doing this on a budget. We looked around a bunch at different tile options. I knew carrera marble somewhere in the room (a girl can have a bit of luxury, right?). So after humming and hawing at many different options and laying all kinds of tile out on the floor at Home Depot (we… Read more »