easy dinners: cheesy spaghetti squash recipe

The weather has started to cool down, the trees are hinting at red and orange, and the air feels crisp. It’s officially Fall, and I love it. The boots. The sweater + bomber jacket combo. The apple picking. The pumpkin patch visits. The lattes that somehow seem to taste better in this weather. And the renewed interest in cooking and baking that always seems to happen for me at this time of year (after doing BBQs and salads all summer long). It’s a whole lotta good. I thought I’d pop in today with this easy dish I made recently. It’s cheap, easy, and got DEVOURED. Seriously, I was expecting a healthy tupperware container full of leftovers and there wasn’t one shred of it left.   I was craving a casserole style dish of some kind, and had this spaghetti squash I needed to use up. I looked around online at a [Continue Reading…]

make these: DIY flower letters

When I made a bar cart a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to make a little ‘BAR’ sign to go with it. Ultimately my permanent spot for this whole little bar cart setup will be my third floor loft studio (for you know…. clients?… ha!). I thought it would be really cute to have a little sign to make my bar area, and had the supplies on hand to do it. Here is the scoop on how I made some DIY flower letters out of wire, tape, and dollar store flowers. First up is to create a wire background to use for your letters. We had a coil of wire in our workshop, but you can get some from any hardware store for next to nothing. Use pliers to cut the wire to the lengths you need, and then bend it around until you get the right shapes. Wrap [Continue Reading…]

how to create an organized kids closet

I’m back today with the ‘afters’ of Maya’s closet. We tried to keep this one on budget, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It is pretty but also packs in function. And the best part? We still have some room to grow into it. She definitely has the nicest closet in the house – lucky little lady! After wallpapering the closet in Graham & Brown’s gorgeous Isabelle Blue paper – you can catch all my wallpaper 101 tips and tricks in that post – it was time to finish putting the closet together. Here is a reminder of what we were starting with. We built that top shelf using MDF and purchased the railing from the hardware store. And here it is post-painting and wallpapering, below. The whole scheme of the closet is colourful, pretty, and reminds me of an English garden. Graham & Brown’s September trend, “Horizon”, was [Continue Reading…]

it’s a ___________!!!

If you follow me on social media (here I am on instagram and facebook), then you will have seen some pretty fun news I posted this week! Daniel and I had our second trimester ultrasound last week (man do I ever love those – so fun to see our little person moving and growing in there!). Anyway, we asked our ultrasound technician to write down the sex of the baby and put it in an envelope for us. Later that day, I dropped off the envelope at my BFFs house and she whipped up some gender reveal cupcakes for us. The next evening, with my parents, Dan’s parents and uncle, and my brother and sister in law (sadly my girlfriend who actually made the cupcakes couldn’t come as Maya was running a fever and she didn’t want to expose her kiddos), all came over for dinner and a fun little reveal. [Continue Reading…]

our digs: the fall 2015 version

It’s been a while since we’ve done a bit of a recap on where things stand with each room in the house, so I figured it would be the perfect time to take you through a little tour. Just to remind you guys: we basically started from scratch with our house summer of 2014 – ripping the roof off, and adding a second and third storey and attached garage. We have been back in our home since January of this year. When you look back on the last 8 months, it’s amazing to see the progress… but then at the same time there are still SO many spaces that are a total disaster. Thank goodness that you can close doors, you know? Sometimes I get all overwhelmed by how much we have left to do, but then that’s all part of the fun… Keep in mind that this is a [Continue Reading…]

how to: a DIY cedar lined porch ceiling

There have been a lot of outdoor projects on our “to do” list this summer. After (more or less) completing the renovation/build on our home over the winter, once the snow melted, there were so many things in our front and backyard that needed addressing. Grass, for instance. A new driveway. A porch. You know, pretty crucial stuff. You can always close the door on an unfinished room inside your house, but when the exterior is in such rough shape, it is hard to hide! When we were completing the reno of our house, we had our main contractor build the structure of the porch, lay composite decking, install railings, and the columns. I’ll get into more details about those choices in another post soon, but one of the elements of this porch that we DIY’d (that “we” is pretty liberal… it was all Dan and my Dad on this [Continue Reading…]

be inspired: mediterranean beach house decor

I have something fun for you guys today. I recently got an email from a reader named Tori – a mama of 3 who just completed a full house remodel on her mediterranean beach house. I was so inspired by the photos she sent, that I couldn’t help but swoon and totally wanted to share them with you guys here. Tori lives in Florida and they basically touched every single room in the house to turn it into their dream home. And boy, it is dreamy. Wanna take a tour? How amazing is this rounded entryway and unbelievable wood doors? I love the accent of the patterned tiles, too. I adore the mixed gallery wall up the staircase. I have this sort of thing in mind for our own home. I love the way it personalizes the space. Key lessons here? All of her photos are black and white or sepia, bringing [Continue Reading…]

fall faves on etsy

It’s officially September and although we are still in a bit of a heat wave here in Ottawa, I know that the days of sweater weather, boots, warm drinks, pumpkin patches, and red leaves are around the corner. And that makes me so happy. I love summer, I really do, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. Especially as I’m starting to get larger with this pregnancy (18 weeks), pregnant + being super hot = not my most favourite combination. There is a reason I’m having a winter baby this time and not planning on being 9 months pregnant at the peak of the summer like I was with Maya (we were lucky this baby and actually were able to get pregnant in our “ideal time”… if there ever is such a thing). Anyway, with back-to-school happening and my mind shifting toward the fall season, I thought I would do a little round-up of what [Continue Reading…]

easy DIY rope coasters

I have a really easy little DIY project for you guys today. It’s one of those ones where you need very few supplies and can do in front of your fave Netflix show in an evening. Speaking of Netflix, what are you guys binging on these days? We just started Wentworth (like the Australian version of Orange is the New Black). Sans Dan, I’m re-watching all of Party of Five. DAMN I love that show. Loved it when I was 14, love it now. Nothing like a good, angsty teen drama, right? I’m always on the lookout for new good shows to watch though, so give me the scoop. Anyway, back to the project: easy DIY rope coasters. What you’ll need: // some thick sisal rope (you can get this from any hardware store – it’s the stuff you’d picture boaters using) – you could use 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2 inch .. depends on [Continue Reading…]

life lately: end of summer, a sick toddler & comfort foods

Can you guys believe we are coming to the end of the summer? It’s always that way, I find. Zips by in a flash. We have been trying to keep a balance of soaking up the season with fun activities and outings to our family cottages, mixed with some weekends at home dedicated to exterior projects around the house. We have had a stone pathway to lay, our porch to work on, a deck to build, etc. Lots going on – all of which I’ll update you on soon! We did our annual summer holiday down to Dan’s family’s cottage in the Adirondacks (where we got married). Maya LOVED getting to hang and play with her cousins every single day. Even though we’ve been back for a few weeks, she still talks about each of them when she’s going to sleep at night. So funny. While we were there, we [Continue Reading…]