So you saw the other day the exterior finishes we chose for the workshop-turned-bunkie at our lake. Now I’ll get into what we’ve got going on for the cottage bunkie interior finishes. Remember, it looked like this? As a workshop, this space had never been drywalled, so we were really starting from scratch. To make it a little easier on my parents and staying true to a traditional cottage look, we went with a beadboard for the walls. The beadboard is… Read more »

CIL Photo 1

Are you itching to do a project around the house? Definitely the fastest and easiest way to fix up a space or piece of furniture is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Seriously, works wonders. Sometimes you can get into a bit of a paint paralysis situation where you deliberate and deliberate on what colour to go for – I have been known to do this for sure – but it’s always best to just bite the bullet… Read more »

etsy road trip

This is more of a local post, but for any of you from the Ottawa,. Kingston, Toronto or Montreal and areas, listen up. is hitting the road and embarking on its first ever road trip! You know I love all things Etsy – an online marketplace full of amazing handmade and vintage goods – so an Etsy roadtrip just sounds like one amazing time. There are going to be local sellers, live music, and food trucks at each stop. They… Read more »

bunkie exterior 2

Last summer my Mum and I started gathering ideas and a few items to decorate the new bunkie at my parents cottage (remember, I gathered some inspiration from Pinterest here?). Anyway, we got part way through things and then I went and had a baby and the bunkie got put on the back burner – you know, wasn’t a huge priority when caring for a newborn, healing after birth, and all that. When this summer rolled around we were totally keen to… Read more »


About a month ago I had the pleasure of styling a wedding at a local restaurant and brewery here in Ottawa – Mill St Brew Pub. It is a beautiful historic building with tons of exposed stone and views of the river. The bride was referred to me by a friend, and we clicked right off the bat. She explained her vision, and I could instantly picture exactly what she wanted. In the end, we executed some seriously beautiful gold and pink… Read more »

the sweetest digs - industrial chic bathroom design

The IKEA kitchen and bathroom events are on right now (for us anyway, not sure if that’s coordinated across the country or North America?). But anyway, we have some serious shopping to do for our renovation. We are planning on going with IKEA for our kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities – we have heard such good reviews, like the look, and obviously the price is right. Custom or higher end stuff just ain’t in the cards for us right now…. Read more »


A new niece arrived into our lives a few weeks ago – little miss Mae. She is so sweet and cuddly and we are smitten. Her parents’ are Dan’s younger brother, Doug, and his wife, Ginny. They also happen to be some of our besties and live in the same neighbourhood as we do (we talked up the neighbourhood for years to them, so when they finally came back to Ottawa they were sold!). Actually, you might remember Doug and Gin… Read more »


So my sister-in-law Alexandra and I always love talking home decor and crafting. We chat about our favourite blogs, she introduces me to new ones, and I oooh and aaahh over her lastest sewing creations – she makes the most gorgeous blankets and pillows, when she has a free second as a mama of 3 seriously cute kiddos. Anyway she and my brother-in-law John have a great house in Toronto, but the outside has been a lacklustre since they bought it… Read more »


It’s Wednesday and it feels like we are only just starting the week. Gotta love that. Dan took Monday off work and had Tuesday off for Canada Day, so we had an extra extra long one. Did some cottaging and lots of relaxing. So lovely. I got some cute photos that I’ll share later this week. I have been having so much fun creating new art prints for my etsy shop lately. I haven’t had as much time to do… Read more »


I wanted to share the latest photos with you guys at our renovation site. Everything on the interior has been demo’d as you saw in-action in this post, and now that the debris has been removed (two huge dumpsters worth!) and everything cleared out, we were able to really get an idea of what this new ground floor space is going to feel like. It’s totally crazy to see it like this. The house already feels completely different. No more… Read more »