Sorry for the radio silence this last week, guys. Maya had the stomach flu, and then on the day she started to feel better, mama was down for the count! It was a doozy. Thank goodness for Dan’s strong stomach and grandparents nearby. Happily, we seem to be all recovered here for now, so life is getting back to normal. Okay so I know I haven’t given you guys a renovation/addition update lately and thought it was definitely about time…. Read more »

makemoremakeover staples contest

You guys know I love a good contest. Staples has one running right now for Canadians – all the deets are here. Basically you need to come up with a wishlist of Staples products for your home office, and you you could win $1000 in Staples products. Not bad, huh? In our renovation plans, I have a whole office/studio to myself, which is ridiculously dreamy. Not having to use the dining room table for DIY’s, or have to pack up… Read more »

easter egg- edited

The fact that I’m very much a “real time” blogger means that on weeks like this, when the baby has been sick for 6 days and I have been bogged down with trying to get permits and paperwork in order for our reno (+ taxes, etsy business, and other regular life stuff), I just don’t have any content to post. Ugh – sorry guys! My poor monkey has had a fever, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, and a crazy terrible… Read more »


There have been all kinds of lovely things popping up on etsy lately that are all spring-y and easter themed. I love this time of year, when everyone gets so happy with the warm weather and lack of heavy winter coats and boots (finally!). Especially after this seriously long winter we’ve had in Ontario, everyone has seemed extra chipper these last few days. On that happy note, I have rounded up some of my favourite things that I have been… Read more »

month 6

I have been terrible about these monthly blog updates on my little lady – hence having 5, 6, and 7 months all jammed into this one post. I have, however, been still doing the monthly photoshoots with Maya — although often it’s the day that she is turning the next month and I remember that I need to get on it! Whoops. Plus it’s getting trickier now that she doesn’t just lie on her back and let me shoot away…. Read more »


So in follow-up to the post I wrote the other week with tips on flying with a baby, I thought I would give you guys the scoop on what we packed. Like I said before, we are by no means experts, but having done two trips with the bambino now, us newbie parents have learned a couple of things.   >> For Sleeping A surprising number of hotels or apartment rentals actually have pack and plays available, so it’s definitely… Read more »

DIY stair runner

Remember back when I gave a little makeover to our side entryway? We painted the walls and door, added a thrifted light fixture, and some artwork. It made it way more attractive — which is especially nice for our tenant who uses that entry all the time (we only use that area when we are going down to the basement to do laundry). Here it is to help jog your memory. Anyway, the one thing that we left was fixing… Read more »

easy easter wreath - via the sweetest digs

So I know we are still a few weeks out from Easter, but I actually got on top of things and did some decorating ahead of time. For once, I am like those organized bloggers who post well in advance, instead of the day-of (or week after!) the holiday. Winning! I’m a big Easter fan.  So many good things – chocolate (!!), spring weather, setting up egg hunts (we do ones with elaborate clues in my household), and pretty pastel… Read more »


You guys, this past weekend Dan and I had our first overnight weekend date since Maya was born, and oh my goodness – it was heaven. Lounging over a lovely meal for a few hours, hitting up the spa, and getting to sleep in (until 8:10am !! haha). It was serious luxury. We went to Perth, which is about an hour west of Ottawa, and is such a sweet little town. Fun little shops to stroll around to, gorgeous old… Read more »


So now that we have done our trip to Florida over Christmas when Maya was 3 months, and our recent trip to Puerto Rico for my girlfriend’s wedding when Maya was 6 months (we got lucky with hot vacay’s this winter!), I feel like I can pass on some tips and tricks for flying with a baby. I’m definitely no expert, but both were long enough travel days and used different airlines, so I feel like we had a bit… Read more »